Wildgame innovations feeder

Wildgame innovations feeder review

The wildgame innovations feeder is one of the best investments a hunter can make. While some of the game feeders perform below one’s expectation, the innovation feeder from wildgame offers evenness of the spread of feeds automatically and delivers a high level of reliability.

Irrespective of your reason for getting an automatic feeder, the wildgame feeder is the right choice for you. Due to its convenience, efficiency, and reliability, it is the most sought-after feeder by hunters. However, the Wildgame Innovations W270D Tri-Pod Deer Feeder walk straight into our heart with its design and operational qualities.

Our focus on this page is beyond innovation feeder as we also have some parts and feeder control unit that you can consider below. Our aim is to make life easy for you if you ever find yourself in the midst of decision-making and you still don’t know what choice to make.

Wildgame innovations feeder

1. Wildgame Innovations W270D Tri-Pod Deer Feeder

There are only a few feeders out there that can match what you enjoy with the use of Wildgame Innovations W270D Tri-Pod Deer Feeder. It comes in two different colors with the platform for you to choose the one that fits you perfectly. 

It is a quick set feeder that has 30 feet and 360-degree range. It is undoubtedly one of the best for deer hunting. It takes just 15 minutes for you to set up the feeder, and it can a 40-gallon poly barrel which has the capacity to hold 270 pounds of feed.

Also, it has a built-in funnel design that ensures the feed doesn’t waste. The feeder also comes with four available feed times, galvanized steel spinner plate, and has digital power control unit. 

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2. Wildgame Innovations Pail Feeder

From the family of the 50 quick sets, the Wildgame Innovations Pail Feeder appears to be the smallest in size, but it has its own uniqueness in its design which makes it a great choice to attract game. The setup is short, so you do not have to use the whole day setting up a feeder.

It comes with a user-friendly timer that helps in distributing feed up to 30 feet during dawn or dusk. The ability to move the pail from one place to another is the reason most hunters love the feeder over any other in the market. Also, moultrie gravity feeder is also one to consider as an alternative. 

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Wildgame innovations feeder parts

Our focus on this page isn’t to share our experience with the feeders and leave you to sort out the rest. It is the reason we have to share with you some of the feeder parts that you can consider for replacement if any gets damaged.

3. Wildgame Innovations battery charger

It is quite impossible for you to run a feeder without a battery that is fully charged. It is advisable that you should only run a feeder once it is fully charged, and that is the reason you need a quality battery charger to keep the charge up at all times.

This battery is a versatile one that is compatible with all brands of 6 volt and 12 Volt batteries. When using it, you get to know if your battery is full through the charge light indicator to ensure you do not overcharge the battery.

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4. Wildgame Innovations 6-Volt Feeder Replacement Motor

Here is a replacement motor for wildgame innovations feeders. There are many reasons your feeder will fail to respond or work, and one of them is when the motor is faulty or damaged. You can always replace a faulty motor with the one here as it is a quality one at an affordable price. 

It might be quite hard for you to do the replacement, and that is the reason you need to commit it to the hand of an expert to help you do the work. It is a 6 Volt motor, and you should only opt for it if your faulty feeder motor is the 6-volt type. In all, getting the best wildgame innovations feeder motor is the right thing to do. 

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5. Wildgame Innovations TREEHUGGER

The Wildgame Innovations TREEHUGGER is a great feeder accessory that you can use to monitor or control the spread of the feed. The tree hugger can hold as much as 100 pounds of protein, mix, or corn, and it is made of PVC material which makes it last longer.

It does great work by naturally replenishing feeds as it is consumed. One thing you will love about it is that it is very easy to set up within few minutes, and it has a weather-tight roll lid with an integrated strap and heavy buckle for secure attachment. Also, it is easy to move from one place to another. 

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Wildgame innovations feeder control unit

6. Wildgame Innovations Digital Directional Power Control Unit

Not all-timer is dependable, and if you are in search of one you can use with your wildgame innovations feeder, the Wildgame Innovations Digital Directional Power Control Unit is the right choice for you. It operates with either 6 volts or 12 volts, and it has the capacity to provide up to 6 feed times per day.

You can be in total control of the feeding system, time, style, and strategy. Also, it has a test button where you need to press to confirm it is doing what exactly you require it to do. You’ve got the easy-to-read LCD where you can view all that goes on with the feeder. 

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7. Wildgame Innovations 6V Digital Power Control

The Wildgame Innovations 6V Digital Power Control is a complete feeder kit with a timer, drop funnel, spinner, motor, and protective housing. It comes with a 360 degree and 30 feed range, and it makes it easy for evenly distribution or circulation of feed.

It is powder-coated, and the galvanized steel case makes it very strong for it to withstand heavy use. The digital meter allows you to control the time feed and all that the feeder has to do. 

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8. Wildgame Innovations Analog Power Control Unit

The analog electronic is a great power control you can consider for your feeder. It has up to 24 available feed times, which makes it a good bargain for any hunter. It saves you the stress of going to your feeder to check if you have feed there or not.

Also, it has feed time durations from one to twenty seconds, and the feeder control is made of galvanized steel that can withstand any rigor or weather condition. It has 30 feet dispersal range, and it can disperse at 360 degrees for evenly feed distribution. 

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How do you program a Wildgame deer feeder?

How do you put a Wildgame innovations feeder together?


If you intend to use a feeder for hunting, especially deer, then you should consider wildgame innovations feeder. There are different types in the market, and sure they offer nothing but the best performance with getting the prey engaged with feed and then make it easy for you to kill the animal.

Also, we have more than the feeder for you on this page as we also include some parts and accessories that you can consider for replacement.