What animals can you hunt in Florida? – Tips and guidelines

What animals can you hunt in Florida? With over 38 million acres of state-managed public land, Florida is one of the best states to go on a hunting trip. There are many types of big game animals in Florida you can hunt. The state is home to almost 250 different species of wildlife and game birds.

Hunting in Florida is an activity that many tourists and locals enjoy. The majority of hunters in Florida participate in hunting for small game. Squirrel, rabbit, raccoon, and opossum are common targets throughout the state of Florida.

Also, bow hunting has become increasingly popular throughout the state, and gun hunting for some of the larger game species is available. Generally speaking, the most common type of hunting carried out in the state is for small game and waterfowl; however, there are several opportunities to hunt larger mammals in various parts of the state.

Rules of hunting in Florida

It can be good to know the rules for hunting in Florida if you plan on doing it. You don’t want to get into trouble as there are several different penalties you can face if you are caught hunting illegally, which could result in a hefty fine or even jail time.

There are rules and regulations that you have to follow. Failure to follow those rules means you will end up in one trouble or another. Also, getting a license is another thing you should never overlook.

There are places you can hunt, and there are places you can’t hunt in the state. Also, there are licenses on how and what you can hunt and when to hunt them in Florida state. So, you need to know where to get the license.

Permits and licenses for hunting are available online at GoOutdoorsFlorida.com. Also, you can call toll-free 888-HUNT-FLORIDA (888-486-8356). You should make your inquiries and be sure you have met the hunter safety requirement, and you have your license before hunting. 

Also, you can check the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and its regulations, as well as guidelines for applying for hunting licenses in certain areas of the state. 

If there is a specific question you have about hunting in Florida (whether that means do I need a hunting license to do this or that, and what kind, or what I can use on the game and how I can process it), the FWC website has answers for many such questions.

Note: You need to know about Florida hunting regulations and Florida hunting zones before you go hunting.

What animals can you hunt in Florida?

Which animals can you hunt in Florida? There are a lot of wild animals that contribute to the rich biodiversity of our state. Here is a list of animals that you can hunt in Florida:

Wild turkey

Hunting wild turkey in Florida is one of the most popular game bird hunts in the country. Wild turkey hunting is lots of fun if you do it the right way. The wild turkey season in Florida begins in October, and at this time of the year, many hunters are looking into this sport as a way to enjoy the outdoors.

The first thing that you will need to start hunting for wild turkey is a turkey hunting license. There are licenses for just the spring or fall season, and there are good for both seasons.

The Florida Fish and wildlife conservation commission (fwc) controls all of the hunting aspects in Florida. So, through this commission, you can get a lot of information on how and where to hunt turkey and check to see if a certain area is being hunted.

White-tailed deer

White-tailed deer are some of the most sought-after game animals in Florida. Bowhunters have traditionally had the edge on this game animal due to the ease of sneaking into bow range without spooking an animal.

However, some of the best whitetail bucks in Florida have been harvested by rifle hunters during the rut.

Deer hunting in Florida is a very interesting sport. The deer hunt is not easy, with many folks believing it’s just a case of seeing the deer and shooting it. Contrary to this belief, the laws in Florida are among the toughest.

Deer hunting in Florida is a difficult process that requires patience and persistence. Aside from that, you need to get the license and understand the best time for you to hunt deer in your location. Understanding the hunting season for deer can also help you get the best experience or performance.

Hunting deer on private property in Florida is not the right thing to do without the permission of those that own the property. You will surely need a tag or license to do that. If you are caught hunting in private property without the owner’s permission, you can end up in jail or have a huge fine to pay.

Wild Hog

Wild hog hunting in Florida can be an exhilarating experience. There are few animals like the wild from which you can derive the satisfaction of hunting them. Hog hunting is a 4-season event in many parts of the south and central Florida, with most hog hunting being done during the winter months.

Hog hunting in Florida has become a popular task for many residents across the state. Results from a 2009 survey show that approximately 35% of the hunters in Florida hunt wild hogs.

Although there is no closed season, most hog hunting occurs in late winter and spring when hogs are more active and have an abundant feed.

Furthermore, if you’ve ever thought about hunting wild hogs in the state of Florida, there are many great reasons to do so. Wild hogs are delicious and are destructive pests that destroy farmland. So, hunting them for any of the reasons is never a wrong thing to do.

Waterfowl hunting

Hunting waterfowl in Florida continues to be one of the most popular activities and draws for our state, with an estimated 300,000 ducks taken by waterfowlers every year. Florida provides great waterfowl hunting opportunities to a wide range of waterfowl hunters, including those who hunt as a means of subsistence.

Hunting seasons and limits are regulated by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). So, you can check their website to know the best time to hunt waterfowl, how and where to do so. Also, you should check the regulation the guide waterfowl hunting.

There aren’t many states that boast hunting opportunities like Florida. There are blue wing teals, shovelers, pintails, green wings, and many other species of waterfowl that can be found here. Not only is the population high here, but so is the quality of waterfowl.

Small game hunting

There are many species of small game in Florida. Whether your interest is in waterfowl or upland game, some commonalities apply to every quarry you hunt. Hunting small game includes squirrel, raccoon, and rabbit, to mention a few.

So, if you are interested in hunting small game, you should make your findings on the one you want to hunt and understand all you need to know about it for the best hunting performance.


This page on what animals you can hunt in Florida is a comprehensive information for anyone who lives in Florida or visits and is considering hunting in the state. There are many animals you can hunt in the state, and a few have been discussed above.

Above all, getting your license or tag for hunting is very important. You should make sure you have all it takes to hunt in the state before going out into the wood.