Vortex Crossfire ii 3-9×40 Review 2022 – Is it best?

The Crossfire II product line from Vortex Optics has one of many fame-earners under its name, as we will discuss in this Vortex Crossfire ii 3-9×40 review. And that is specifically important if you are looking for the best hunting scope on a budget, without sacrificing the quality.

Vortex Crossfire ii 3-9×40 Review : Should you buy this budget scope?

Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane



Eye-relief and eye box

And since we are on eye-relief, it falls under the natural range. If you did not know what eye-relief means, well, it actually means how far your eye should be from the lens of the scope to let you see the target with ease.

When you are magnifying at power 3, your eyes should be less than four inches away. And when you are at nine, the max for long-range shooting, you will be less than four and a half inches away. Your eye will be, that is.


Also, what you would obviously want from the lens, for it to be anti-reflective, is what you get; along with multiple layers of coating for extra protection and accuracy. Brighter images must mean better lenses and that is exactly what they are trying to provide.

And you know the reputation of Vortex when it comes to optics, don’t you? For the best understanding, it lets you see well even in the dark, thanks to the multi-coating we spoke of earlier.

This also prevents the annoying field curvature and other distortions in the image quality and color. While experts prefer multi-coating, there are other scopes in the same line that comes with a single coating, if multiple layers are too much to handle for you.

For some quick information, it has a 3-9 magnification power, objective on 40 and can shoot across short, medium and long ranges.


As we test it, it seems okay with rugged ventures and is even shock-safe. So whether or not it is durable falls out of the question. The construction is sturdy too, we must say.

Do you know the type of anodized alum they use to make airplanes?

Yes, that goes into making the 3-9×40.

The color of the solid billet is jet black. So another plus point on how it can camouflage well with the environment, if that is what you want.

Fog Prevention

Nothing is more disturbing than finding your lens objective getting all foggy in the middle of a hunt. Well, there may be other disturbing things, but is just really a common complaint. The 3-9×40 saves you from that trouble by acting as a fog proof scope.

Nitrogen or the heavily inert, argon gas is jam-packed in the scope to prevent this fog formation disaster to succeed. And it isn’t that the scope will be filled with both of them, it could be any two. But just don’t think that Argon being more expensive will mean the better.


 With a pupil range a little less than 7 mm, which obviously can be adjusted according to the comfort you seek, you are good to go. Again, the aluminum turret caps are a blessing for a better grip on them.

However, the focus rings take more force than you would need to apply on similar other scopes. Otherwise, it will be difficult to rotate the piece. Again, you have to be a little careful about not over-adjusting the elevated adjusters, to remove errors while shooting.

So, summing up, here are what we liked and disliked about the scope:


  • excellent quality maintained in material selection
  • durability of construction
  • waterproof and fog proof
  • it can be adjusted to get the right magnification and reticle focusing
  • easily controllable adjusters
  • great scope for hunting.


  • maybe a little too large for petite shooters
  • a little heavy
  • not for too fast shooting purposes.


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions that we get from the buyers of the scope:

  • Is it worth the money?

If you have read all the details we put in here, there is actually added a whole lot of features without upping the price level. To think otherwise, there has been a lot of discount in pricing the thing compared to the quality and service it renders. With so much on the plate already with this scope, we think there is much more than we should have paid for the scope. So yes, it’s surely worth the money.

  • Which shooters can use it?

We think if you are a beginner or an intermediate, you would benefit the most from buying this. Because in the starting stage everything matters from buying the right scope to knowing how to adjust a rifle scope. Advanced hunters may have seen better things already to play with it.

  • What type of gun should it be used with?

AR-15 and similar guns would do great with it. Bolt action and targeting platform shoot or hunting will be served best by this scope.

  • Can it work with scout-style rifles?

There’s quite a lot of debate on it actually. To some, it enhanced their scouting game and to others, it didn’t work so well according to plan. The magnification is where all the complaints lie. But for others, it was a spot-on recommendation for scout-style configurations. So we’d say it depends on your scouting style, truly.

  • Does it come with flip covers?


If you are looking for an unboxing and installation video of vortex crossfire ii 3-9×40 scope then here is the most popular video for you. 


This seems to be a perfect purchase for anyone looking for the right scopes to buy on a budget while maintaining quality. For advanced shooters, maybe not so much. But either way, you can purchase and give the popular scope a shooting trial! If you read my vortex crossfire ii 3-9×40 review, comment here your valuable questions.

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