10 Best turkey decoys 2022 – Perfect way to lure turkeys

Are you planning to get into turkey hunting? If you are, there is a possibility that you will encounter a variety of new terms that you have never heard before. Turkey hunting is not all about the best turkey decoys, bird calls, and bows. However, these three things are a must when it comes to turkey hunting.

The best turkey decoy should be one that comes with the resemblance of a live turkey and all other features that can attract, deceive and draw the attention of all other turkeys closer to your shooting range. The Avian-X HDR Hen Turkey Decoy boasts all features you ever need from a decoy to be successful with turkey hunting.

Turkey hunting is one of the most challenging hunting activities, and it requires the use of some tools, which decoy is an important one. Turkey decoys aren’t just for catching turkeys’ attention but also for creating a sense of safety in a flock.

But with so many turkey decoys available on the market, it’s difficult to know which is best for you. However, we’ve narrowed down our top 10 picks, and after reading this, you will find it easy to make your perfect choice.

Best turkey decoys

best turkey decoys

1. Avian-X HDR Hen Turkey Decoy

Avian-X HDR Hen Turkey Decoy | Realistic Hen Decoy...
  • Avian-X Turkey Decoys | The Most...
  • Hen Decoy with Heavy-Duty Realism (HDR)...
  • The HDR Hen features an upright body...
  • Pull A Mature Tom in range with the HDR...

The Avian-X HDR Hen Turkey Decoy is made with a PE outer that helps it move in the wind direction for lifelike performance. The body also has a concave keel to help make it a great decoy to trick other turkeys close within your shooting range too.

It boasts of strong, durable construction with texture and color that mimic the real thing and a realistic head, neck, and leg movement synchronized to replicate a fleeing hen.

The turkey decoy is designed for use during the spring season when flocks of turkeys will come to feast on your property. It has helped increases the chances of turkeys visiting your fields. The decoy uses this natural instinct as a tool, allowing hunters to utilize it as a more effective strategy.

In addition, the decoy will fit all of your turkey season needs. Combining realistic design with high-quality materials, the HDR Hen Turkey Decoy is the epitome of a good setup. Also, it has a lifelike posture and vivid feather patterns for increased realism. With careful positioning and strategic calling, you can fix your wild turkey hunting problems for good.


  • Compacta lightweight decoy
  • Mimic the coloring of a real turkey
  • Bully Stakes for easy ground mounting
  • Combine the realistic design with high-quality materials


  • It has no setback

2. Avian-X Breeder Hen Turkey Decoy

The Avian-X Breeder Hen Turkey Decoy is made using a durable plastic body designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The decoy’s design features 3D printing, making it appear more lifelike and increasing its ability to attract turkeys.

The decoy also features realistic colors, a broad tail that flutters in the wind for increased effectiveness. Also, the Avian-X Breeder Hen Turkey Decoy is great for spring and fall turkey hunting. It sets up quickly and easily, either back in the corner of a field or tucked out of sight in the woods.

In addition, it is designed with a built-in movable head to give the appearance of a real turkey from every angle. Its realistic appearance will help attract the attention of gobblers to your fieldset. It also comes with an adjustable height stake which allows it to be used on the ground or in elevated areas like a tower blind, tree, or fence post.

Also, the turkey decoys are very effective tools used to draw gobblers in for a closer look. It is painted in realistic hen colors and lifelike poses to attract an early spring gobbler.

Therefore, the Avian-X Breeder Hen Turkey Decoy is just the thing you need to lure in spring gobblers without wearing them out. The setup of this decoy allows for it to be used as a ground blind as well. Also, with its UV-resistant design and flexible stake system, it is easy to set up just about anywhere.


  • Highly durable
  • Designed to imitate real turkey
  • It is made of lightweight material and easy to install
  • UV resistant
  • The color doesn’t fade


  • None

3. Avian-X HDR Strutter Turkey Decoy

Avian-X HDR Strutter Turkey Decoy, Multi
35 Reviews
Avian-X HDR Strutter Turkey Decoy, Multi
  • Avian-X Turkey Decoys | The Most...
  • Avian-X Strutter Decoy with Heavy-Duty...
  • Unprecedented Level of Realism and...
  • Customize setups with two...

With the Avian-X HDR Strutter Turkey Decoy, you can create the illusion of a larger flock with its lifelike appearance to encourage gobblers to come within range, while its built-in motion wings add to its realism.

The Avian-X HDR Strutter Turkey Decoy is an innovated decoy with a wingspan of 50″ and a height of 20″. This decoy can be used on land, in water, or mounted on a tree. It’s made with a pliable rubber for good movement and feathers to help give it the look of a real turkey.

This decoy features hand-applied UV Hi-Duras paint for exceptional durability and a baked-on enamel finish to reduce glare. Two built-in bracket mounts allow for multiple setup options.

One of the best ways to take advantage of the turkey hunting opportunities in parts of your state that have no defined open-zone regulations is to use a decoy.

The Avian-X Strutter Turkey Decoys give you that added edge for successful hunting with its design and appearance. Tricking the eyes of turkeys is what it is designed for, and the result of doing that is outstanding for turkey hunters.


  • Customize setups with two interchangeable head postures
  • The true-to-life paint scheme and feather detail
  • Alluring and well designed
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to carry and install
  • It comes with a carry bag for easy transport


  • It is expensive

4. Avian-X Laydown Hen Turkey Decoy

The Avian-X Laydown Hen Turkey Decoy is an excellent choice for fooling wary roosters and gobblers into thinking there is a hen sitting hunkered down to lay. The realistic legs, feet, and tail feathers used in the construction of this decoy help set up the perfect ambush opportunity for your set-up.

This decoy is easy to carry around the field with a durable poly shell and can withstand all weather conditions. Also, it features a realistic hen head with glass brown eyes and a rooster fan that reproduces the natural motion and behavior of this wary and elusive bird.

Also, the Avian-X LayDown Hen Turkey Decoy is a must-have for any serious turkey hunter. Its laydown design allows you to place it in the field without spooking wary turkeys. It has a true turkey profile and realistic lifelike details. It comes fully assembled and ready to use for the upcoming turkey hunting season.

In addition, whether you place the decoy in a field, on a farm pond, or along a river, this decoy comes with a stake so it can be placed in either standing or lying position. The Avian-X Turkey Decoys are hand-painted with lifelike details and come ready to use right out of the box.


  • It has a collapsible frame for easy portability
  • It is easy to transport
  • Perfect for tricking other turkeys
  • Mimics natural reflection of real hen feathers
  • Wings and head simulate a hen turkey’s authentic breeding position


  • It has no significant setback

5. PRIMOS HUNTING 69064 Gobstopper Jake & Hen Decoy

PRIMOS HUNTING 69064 Gobstopper Jake & Hen Decoy...
  • Premium, realistic detail and posture at...
  • Lightweight collapsible body for easy...
  • Jake's submissive strut posture pulls...
  • Hen can be used in three positions

PRIMOS 69064 Gobstopper Jake & Hen Decoy is a unique two-piece motion decoy that combines technology with natural instincts to help you with your turkey hunting efforts. This decoy features the Gobstopper technology, which uses a spring-loaded system to keep both the hen and gobbler in motion, keeping both visible to every passing turkey.

The Gobstopper Jake & Hen Decoy features lightweight, weather-resistant, and quiet polyurethane foam bodies covered with soft natural Thinsulate and hard, durable polyvinyl skins.

Also, the Gobstopper Jake & Hen decoy features a no-play mount that locks the decoy in place for quick set-up. The decoy mounts with stainless steel T-bolts and has a bungee cord leg retraction system that allows the decoy to function properly while in the field.

In addition, hunters using the GobStopper Decoys can easily call and decoy those big birds close to their favorite feed. It is built with superior materials and innovative technology that stands up to weather and climate changes.


  • Realistic detail and posture
  • Lightweight, collapsible body for easy carry
  • The hen can be used in three positions
  • It has two decoy stakes, and the hen can be positioned in three positions


  • It has no significant setback

6. MOJO Scoot-N-Shoot MAX Tom Turkey Hunting Decoy

MOJO Scoot-N-Shoot MAX Tom Turkey Hunting Decoy...
235 Reviews
MOJO Scoot-N-Shoot MAX Tom Turkey Hunting Decoy...
  • Allows you to hide your face and body...
  • The most exciting way to hunt spring...
  • Includes realistic artificial turkey fan...
  • Includes a see-through mesh window in...

The MOJO Scoot-N-Shoot MAX tom turkey hunting decoy is constructed of weather and wear-resistant materials. This low-profile, realistic decoy diverts attention away from the hunter by moving the head, tail, and wings through multiple preprogrammed actions to mimic natural movement.

Also, the MOJO Scoot-N-Shoot MAX is specifically designed for hunters to bring in a gorgeous Tom Turkey or Hun turkey into gun range. It’s rugged, built to last, and performs well with its new reinforced neck provides strength against the strong wind.

In addition, the MOJO MAX scoots across the ground or over objects and performs realistic sitting, strutting, and wing flapping motions, which makes it a great piece for turkey hunting. It is good for all weather conditions, and you can use it any time of the day.

The good about the decoy is that its wing helps to conceal the hunter behind the decoy for an easy and accurate shot at the incoming turkeys. Also, both the fan and wings are removable, and its design allows you to use a real fan and wings for ultimate realism.


  • See-through mesh window in the fan
  • Built-in handle and sturdy ground stake
  • Ultra-realistic decoy
  • It gives the ultimate close-shot experience
  • It keeps the hunter concealed
  • Includes realistic artificial turkey fan and wings


  • It has no setback

7. Avian-X LCD 1/2 Strut Jake Turkey Decoy

Avian-X LCD 1/2 Strut Jake Turkey Decoy, Natural,...
  • Avian-X|The most trusted brand in...
  • Lifelike Collapsible Decoy| Easy...
  • Jake Decoy With Sub-dominant posture...
  • Includes pre-attached beard

The Avian-X 1/2 Strut Jake Turkey Decoy provides a lifelike image that the turkey can’t resist. This realistic decoy is carved out of durable polycarbonate and features double-jointed wings that make strutting decoy movements easy.

The innovative molded lip on the base of the decoy acts as an anchor once it’s in the field. Also, the Avian-X LCD 1/2 Strut Jake Decoy lives up to its name in realism and comes complete with cutting-edge technology that activates a lifelike fluttering effect.

Whether you hunt from a tree, use a ground blind, or hang your decoys, the Avian-X 1/2 Strut Jake can be used virtually anywhere. It has tail feather movement, which is built into the strut. It requires no batteries to operate.

It is a lightweight and easy-to-use decoy that will increase your turkey hunting success for years to come. With its lifelike, wide stance, and high-energy action, the Strut Jake is a favorite amongst experienced turkey hunters. Its round head shape deflects wind making the decoys more stable in heavy cover.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Realistic movement without unnatural spin
  • Durable feather construction
  • Fold-down feet for easy transport
  • Relaxed wings and sub-dominant head
  • Easy Transport and Storage
  • Collapsible design


  • None

8. Mossy Oak Turkey Thugs Turkey Decoy

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The Mossy Oak Turkey Thugs Turkey Decoy is a decoy with a realistic tail and head that floats, rotates, and quivers for the best feather faking action out there. It is ideal for using as an anchor to your spread or enticing gobblers in close range for an accurate shot.

The Decoy is a key element in your turkey hunting and turkey season success. This decoy will give you the advantage needed to lock down a gobbler without missing an inch. It gives your field a realistic look and brings more birds in for the taking.

In addition, it is specially created for avid turkey hunters. The Mossy Oak Turkey Thugs combines real cedar limbs with synthetic flocking and a hidden ground stake. It is easy to set up and store and big enough to attract a gobbler from far away.

Furthermore, the Turkey Thugs feature a realistic 3D sculpt that will attract gobblers into shotgun range and create more hunting opportunities. It also comes with a stake for easy placement. After your hunt, easily break down the decoy and pack it in your gear, while the soft collapsible fabric makes it easy to store.


  • Easy to setup design
  • Lightweight
  • Mimic real turkey to attract others
  • Good stakes for stability
  • Highly durable


  • It has no setback

9. Primos Double Bull Turkey Decoy

Primos Double Bull Turkey Decoy with Surroundview
  • 1 hub design for a quick and easy pop...
  • SurroundView material for one-way see...
  • Quick and easy removable handle for...
  • 44" x 27" dimensions and weighs only 1....

The Primos Double Bull Turkey Decoy is designed to add a new level of realism and fun to turkey hunting. It’s easy to use, and it comes with many features. This decoy comes with four different postures, and it’s adjustable in both height and angle.

With their lifelike, True-to-Life paint and feather details, the Primos Double Bull Turkey Decoys blend in with their surroundings regardless of lighting conditions. They push the limits of realism by sporting ultra-realistic head designs with lifelike eyes and natural feather positioning on their bodies.

The decoy is a must-have for any serious turkey hunter with its ability to create movement and catch a hunter’s eye from all angles. The patented TSM technology creates slow, natural-looking head movements in multiple directions, while integrated High-Definition fiber optics bring this decoy to life during daylight hours.

Instinctual in detail and refined in its design, the Turkey Decoy is designed for success. Also, the new body style delivers a wider range of movement and lifelike action, while the proprietary feather pattern creates incredible realism.


  • Quick and easily removable handle for storage
  • It’s easy to use, and it comes with many features
  • It’s adjustable in both height and angle
  • Its design delivers a wider range of movement and lifelike action


  • It has no setback

10. Cherokee Sports Molded Head Decoy

Cherokee Sports Molded Head Decoy Flock Pack 3pk
  • Photo printed design
  • Easy to use and store
  • Small compact design
  • Good for Spring or Fall turkey hunting

The Cherokee Sports Molded Head Decoys feature a durable construction formed from a hard, durable plastic that makes the decoy the sure choice for long-lasting performance at a great price. Each head is hand-painted and detailed to look like a real turkey.

Also, it boasts of synthetic materials, which help in creating realistic feather patterns to help make your decoy look more authentic.

In addition, the decoy is constructed from a rigid polyurethane. They are designed to bring more realism to the hunting experience by making them form fit over actual hen heads. Also, the decoy helps you locate your decoy quickly in any cover.


  • Photo printed design
  • Easy to use and store
  • Small compact design
  • Good for spring or fall turkey hunting


  • It has no setback

Best decoy for a turkey hunting guide

Turkey decoys

You need to consider some important things when buying turkey decoys, and you need to know them, especially if it’s your first time buying one.

  • Design

The design of the decoy is one thing that you need to consider. Yes, most of them resemble a real Turkey, but their design is quite different from one another.

Some come with a design that allows them to take a standing position, while some will take a sitting or lying position. So, you just need to check to know the type that you want for your hunting task.

Also, some come with a design that allows the removal of some parts, such as the wings and feathers, some allow movement of the head due to the movement of the air, and some do not.

Those are features that make the design and more that you need to know. Choosing the right design will only make you fall in love with using the decoy more for your hunting performance.

  • Weight

The weight of the decoy is another thing that you need to consider. If you have to travel down from your home to the hunt site, you need to consider how easy it will be for you to convey the decoy.

Sometimes, you have to get more than one decoy to make it effective, and then you need to get those that are lightweight.

Also, it doesn’t have to be too light that it can be affected by wind and air.

  • Weather resistance

You must consider the weather’s influence on your decoy when buying one. Some come with a painting that will fade upon UV rays and sun impact, and some can’t withstand rain.

So, when purchasing your turkey decoy, You should get one that can withstand weather effects such as sun, rain, and UV rays.

  • Installation

You need to consider the installation of the Turkey decoy when buying it. Some come with a collapsible design, which you have to assemble before use and some come fully assembled.

Also, you need to know if you can use it as a hanging decoy, in water, or on land alone. It will help to ensure you do the right thing to prolong the lifespan of the turkey decoy.

How to use turkey decoys

Right positioning

There is a higher chance you might end up not killing any turkey if you fail to position your decoys rightly, even when you have the most expensive ones. It is an act you need to learn. You should get to monitor and understand your hunting environment.

Ensure you position the decoy where you normally see turkeys move around. Make sure that the turkey is facing the back, as most turkeys love to look into their eyes. Once they try to do that, you should have a better chance to make a good shot without missing an inch.

So, position it in a way that is not too far from you and one that will never make the real turkey suspicious of the danger around.

Use more than one decoy

Sometimes using more than one decoy can prove effective. If you have more than one, others will like to move closer freely with confidence, and then you are at a higher chance to kill your target.

Use turkey calls

Sometimes, your success with turkey hunting requires you to be skillful with your hunting tactics. When using a decoy, you should also make use of turkey calls. There are different of them in the market from the pot call, drum call, and mouth calls.

Calling the turkey will make it quite hard for them to doubt the authenticity of the decoy, and then you have all chance to become a successful turkey hunter.

Use the right clothing

You don’t want to wear anything red to hunt turkey. There is some specific clothing, such as a leafy suit for turkey hunting, that you can consider. They are perfect for hunting turkey as they help you disappear into the environment, thereby making it hard for a turkey to notice you.

Frequently asked questions

How many turkey decoys should you use?

Using up to four or five decoys is never the wrong thing to do if you are serious about turkey hunting. Turkeys will always love to move around where they see more than two or three turkeys. So, using more than one will help you get the best of your hunting performance.

Should you use turkey decoys in the woods?

Well, there is no place you can not use your decoy. Just find the perfect place where you do see turkey often and use it close to the place for effective results.

Can turkeys smell?

Turkey is not one of the animals blessed with high smell sense. So, you have nothing to worry about. However, to avoid any issue with smell, you can always make use of scent eliminators.

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Hunting season is right around the corner, and it’s time to start setting up your hunting spot. This means choosing the best turkey decoys for your area. Turkey hunting has never been easier, but much easier if you’re going to be using decoys to lure your bird into range.

There are a variety of factors you should consider when choosing turkey decoys for your next hunting trip. You want the decoys you invest in to be effective, but there’s also a price tag you should consider. To help you decide which decoys suit your needs best, above we have the right information on the various types and what is required of them.