8 Best tree climbing spikes 2022 – Top climbing spurs for hunting

Tree climbing spikes may seem a bit extreme if you’re just a casual hunter, but they are an excellent way to keep your footing while aiming for the bullseye shot. The majority of them are easy to attach and stay on tight. Also, they have quality prongs that allow you to dig into the bark and maintain your stance.

Also, climbing spurs for hunting are perfect for those hunters who hang from trees in their quest for the perfect shot.

When it comes to climbing spikes for trees, there are various reasons an individual might want to know which tree climbing spurs to buy. Such reasons could be for deep hunting, hunting for shed antlers, bow hunting, and even doe harvesting.

No matter your reason for purchasing tree climbing spurs for hunting, many things need to be considered before purchasing a tree spike. We will share all that you need to know on this page without holding anything back from you.

We have our top pick, and it is the Notch Gecko Steel Climbers w/Tree Gaffs because it comes with tree gaffs and straps that make it easy for hunting. There are others too, but the comfort and convenience of using the climber influence one’s climbing ability and performance.

Notch Gecko Classic Aluminum Climbers (Tree Gaffs)...
71 Reviews
Notch Gecko Classic Aluminum Climbers (Tree Gaffs)...
  • Uniquely effective and easily sharpened...
  • The lightest aluminum climbers currently...
  • Meets the ASTM F887 standard
  • Comfortable, integrated and washable...
Top Pick

1. Notch Gecko Steel Climbers w/Tree Gaffs

2. YKPPKY Climbing Spikes

3. sportuli Tree Pole Climbing Spike Set

4. Klein Tools CN1907ARL Tree Climber Set

5. TWSOUL Tree Climbing Gear

Climbing spurs for hunting

tree climbing spikes

1. Notch Gecko Steel Climbers w/Tree Gaffs

Notch Gecko Steel Climbers w Tree Gaffs

Notch Gecko Steel Climbers w/Tree Gaffs (Pair)
682 Reviews
Notch Gecko Steel Climbers w/Tree Gaffs (Pair)
  • Steel leg iron construction with rust...
  • Adjustable high impact plastic molded...
  • 4” wide upper calf strap provides...
  • 350 lbs. weight capacity with gear

Looking for the best steel tree climbers on the market? Are you tired of those cheap aluminum ones that bend and are constantly breaking? Or you want something that is made to last and holds steady under the most demanding conditions? The Notch Gecko Tree Climber is a great choice for anyone looking to get into tree climbing. 

The Notch Gecko Steel Climbers w/Tree Gaffs are the ultimate heavy-duty steel climbers that can be used in combination with gear gaffs. The multi-pin Notch technology allows you to easily clip it onto trees and make quick adjustments without removing your pack. 

Also, it features rubber grips, an adjustable tether, and a belt clip for comfortable portability. Its high-strength carbon alloy steel makes it appropriate for use on various branches, from gummy to thick.

The innovative system and design of the Notch Gecko make it easy to install and will not damage the tree. In addition, its design makes it easy to anchor your line quickly from trees, poles, or concrete surfaces without having to make numerous holes to get your anchors set up.

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  • Appropriate for use on various branches
  • Adjustable design for comfort
  • Easy and safe to use 
  • Perfect for climbing trees without making numerous holes


  • It has no significant setback

2. YKPPKY Tree Climbing Spikes

YKPPKY Tree Climbing Spikes Stainless

YKPPKY Tree Climbing Spikes Stainless-Steel - Tree...
8 Reviews
YKPPKY Tree Climbing Spikes Stainless-Steel - Tree...
  • High Quality: Climbing tree spikes are...
  • New Design: After years of research, we...
  • Wide Uses:Climbing spikes are light and...
  • Safe use: Tree climbing spikes can...

You can always get a better grip on your tree-climbing adventure with YKPPKY tree climbing spur. The climbing spikes allow you to conquer slippery tree trunks like never before and stand tall on wobbly branches. 

Without a doubt, the YKPPKY tree climbing spur are a necessity for any avid hunter, hiker, or adventurer. Great for hanging your belongings in trees while camping, setting up hunting blinds, or even securing yourself to a tree. 

Its construction boasts of stainless steel and only weighs 1 oz. Each makes them lightweight and easy to carry with you on any hunting adventure.

Also, they come with protective sheaths for use on vertical trunks, stumps, or logs. Their sharp points pierce bark easily, and their large lanyard holes allow easy pull-through of rope, fiber, or line. 

Furthermore, the YKPPKY Climbing Spikes are portable and designed to grip the tree bark. It helps you climb up the tree easily with the help of its superior material for reliable and adequate performance.

In addition, they can support weight up to 270 pounds and have an anti-slip function. 

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  • The leg straps are made of high-density cowhide
  • It is designed to effectively reduce the friction
  • Suitable for high-altitude logging, fruit picking, garden building, field exploration
  • Rust-proof and wear-resistant
  • The climbing spikes are light and small
  • It prevents slipping and falling off from the tree branches while climbing


  • It has no significant setback

3. sportuli Tree Pole Climbing Spike Set

sportuli Tree Pole Climbing Spike Set

sportuli Tree Pole Climbing Spike Set,2 Gears 304...
52 Reviews
sportuli Tree Pole Climbing Spike Set,2 Gears 304...
  • Multiple Uses:This product is ideal for...
  • Scientific Design:This Tree Climbing...
  • Better Load Bearing Capacity:The product...
  • Easy to Carry:The tree climbing tool is...

The sportuli Tree Pole Climbing Spike Set has everything you need to get started with tree climbing. It is a lightweight aluminum spike set designed for tree climbing without damaging the bark.

They are a serious set of purpose-built climbing equipment that is safer and more efficient than any other means out there for your tree climbing task. They are made from aircraft-grade aluminum with the ability to support 500 lbs load.

When used with any optional rope system, they are the safest and easiest method to climb a tree and will allow you to raise platforms on your tree even faster.

Also, the spike is good for multiple uses, which makes it a versatile one. The design boasts of a thickened non-slip pedals which will fit the bottom of your foot to ensure you are stable and comfortable whenever you climb up the tree.

In addition, the spike is very easy to carry from one place to another because it is small and lightweight. Also, it has a better load-bearing capacity to accommodate 100kg, and with its hard stainless-steel claws, it is more safe and secure to climb the tree.

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  • It has a design that makes it stable
  • Non-slip pedal, which makes it safe to use
  • Lightweight and easy to move from one place to another
  • Strong and reliable to climb up any tree
  • Great bearing load capacity
  • Strong stainless steel claws


  • The strap and the buckle need improvement

4. Klein Tools CN1907ARL Tree Climber Set

Klein Tools CN1907ARL Tree Climber Set

Klein Tools CN1907ARL Tree Climber Set with Pole...
429 Reviews
Klein Tools CN1907ARL Tree Climber Set with Pole...
  • 8-Inch x 8-Inch (203 mm x 203 mm)...
  • Neoprene-impregnated nylon climber...
  • Secure sleeve and leg iron connection....
  • Steel split ring secures ankle strap in...

The Klein Tools Tree Climber Set is built with high-quality components for climbing all types of trees, including pine and cedar. The superior quality of these items will give you long-lasting reliability when it is needed most.

The Tree Climber Set is designed to assist you when working from a tree or other elevated locations. It is best for beginners and experts. It has two lightweight and durable aluminum climbers that are strong enough to support 250 pounds each.

Also, the CNC-machined non-slip fittings are ergonomically designed and provide maximum comfort for either right or left-handed users, and its anti-rotational safety hooks secure in place with a simple twist.

Moreover, the durable composite aluminum construction ensures lasting quality season after season. With the Klein Tools Tree Climber Set, you’ve got the maximum safety and convenience while tree trimming with less chance of falling off the tree.

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  • Extra-long gaffs for maximum penetration when climbing trees
  • Superior quality
  • Long-lasting reliability
  • Neoprene-impregnated nylon climber straps for long-lasting life
  • Safe and easy to use
  • The steel split ring secures the ankle strap in place and allows for quick replacement.
  • Non-slip surface for comfort and safety
  • Replaceable gaff


  • The screws to assemble and adjust the upper and lower part are too light

5. TWSOUL Tree Climbing Gear

TWSOUL Tree Climbing Gear

TWSOUL Tree Climbing Spike, 1 Gears Tree Climbing...
87 Reviews
TWSOUL Tree Climbing Spike, 1 Gears Tree Climbing...
  • 🌴 BEST DESIGN: the wider design under...
  • 🌴 Good Durability Ensures Safety...
  • 🌴 Non-slip Provides Stable...
  • 🌴 Easy to Operate and Carry: The tree...

The TWSOUL Tree Climbing Gear is a comprehensive and reliable package for tree pruning, hunting on the tree, or just climbing and enjoying the view of nature. It consists of 6 pieces, including a single rope, double rope, carabiner, pulley, belt, and harness.

The product is widely used in outdoor activities such as camping, traveling, hiking, hunting, etc. It doesn’t look like it could do much, but it has a surprising amount of strength that is enough to get you up a tree.

It’s important to remember your climbing tree stand will be secured quite high up into the tree. At the same time, it will need to be comfortable and secure for you or whoever is sitting in it so, If you are faced with the task of mounting your hunting tree stand, then the TWSOUL Tree Climber is exactly what you have been looking for.

The carabiners have a built-in clip for your work belt or harness, so you won’t need any other clipping system. Also, it is made from high-quality steel with a ZG40A coating, which gives a longer lifetime and good anti-corrosion performance.

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  • Non-slip Provides Stable Performance
  • The climbing spikes is anti-rust and wear-resistant
  • It can withstand a weight of 100 kg (220 lb)
  • The foot straps can be resized at any time
  • Boasts of hard stainless steel claws
  • Easy to Operate and Carry
  • The Spikes adopts thickened non-slip pedals


  • None

6. Sookieng Climbing Spikes

Sookieng Tree Climbing Spikes 2 Gear with Harness Belt

Sookieng Tree Climbing Spikes 2 Gear with Harness...
128 Reviews
Sookieng Tree Climbing Spikes 2 Gear with Harness...
  • 【Scientific Design】Ergonomic...
  • 【Upgraded Claws Design】With safety...
  • 【Convenience】The tree climbing tool...
  • 【Multiple Applications】The tree...

The Sookieng Climbing Spikes are designed for use in tropical forests, jungles, bamboo, coconut palms, and crops. Its two-section flexible leg tips and foot spikes are made from non-slip rubber, which has been proven by tests to be the best material for gripping surfaces. 

The powder coating of the spikes prevents rust and corrosion. With the climber, you can climb virtually anywhere with ease. Also, because of their innovative design, Sookieng spikes reduce the strain on your hands and feet, allowing you to pump your tree-climbing energy into moving upward rather than lifting yourself up. 

Also, with a strong rubber-coated steel shank and tough steel spike slivers, the climbing spikes provide the perfect grip when climbing trees to reach out to a tree stand. 

Furthermore, the design of the Sookieng spikes helps to eliminate slipping and falling while climbing trees with their extra-large grips and non-slip texture.

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  • The tree climbing tool is small and lightweight
  • Sharp, not deformed, anti-rust and wear-resistant
  • easy to carry, operate, wear and remove
  • deal for practicing tree climbing, jungle survival, fruit picking, hunting
  • With safety, the belt makes you safer
  • Sharp and hard stainless steel claws
  • The maximum load capacity is about 220LB


  • They are literally held together with zip ties

7. Creproly Stainless Steel Climbing Tree Spikes

Creproly Stainless Steel Climbing Tree Spikes

Creproly Stainless Steel Climbing Tree Spikes...
69 Reviews
Creproly Stainless Steel Climbing Tree Spikes...
  • [High Quality Material] The whole is...
  • [Scientific and Comfortable Design] The...
  • [Multiple Uses] Very suitable for tree...
  • [Friendly Reminder] Suitable for trees...

The Crimpoly stainless steel climbing tree spikes are specifically engineered to give stability and support to different trees. These climbing tree spikes will effectively secure your climbing with constantly perfect tension and improve resistance against strong winds.

Without a doubt, they make climbing easier, safer, and more convenient. These stainless-steel climbing tree spikes supply traction which makes it easy to climb up a tree without slipping down. With the help of these stainless-steel tree spikes, getting to that hard-to-reach position on the tree is now easy to do.  

Also, the tree-climbing spikes are very sharp and can cut through the bark of most trees in seconds. The spikes will get you up and down your tree quickly, allowing you to take your powder shaking stand faster than ever before.

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  • Very suitable for tree climbing
  • Wear-resistant
  • The claws are very sharp
  • Very easy to install


  • Not an ideal option for heavy users

8. Trycooling Stainless Steel Climbing Tree Spikes

Trycooling Stainless Steel Climbing Tree Spikes

The Trycooling Stainless Steel Climbing Tree Spikes are lightweight, durable, and of high quality. They can be used to scale tree branches without damaging them, unlike others. The spike comes with a strong stainless-steel claw that is very sharp and durable to pinch into any tree bark.

It also has straps that are safe and strong for anyone to use. While the wider design makes it comfortable and convenient to use for a longer period, the tip of the thorn makes it quite easy to insert into different trees.

In addition, the spike has the capacity to accommodate a user with 220 pounds weight, and it has a foot strap that can easily be resized for a perfect snug fit. Without a doubt, the spike is perfect for tree climbing and some other activities that warrant you to climb the tree.

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  • Strong strap for safety
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Very suitable for tree stand hunting
  • Comfortable for users below 220 pounds weight


  • None

Tree Climbing Spurs buyers guide

climbing spurs for hunting

There are important things that you need to consider when getting a climbing spike for hunting. The factors are so important that they help in choosing the right spike without any regret.

  • Material

The common materials used for spikes construction are aluminum, steel or carbon. While there are others too, none is as reliable as the three mentioned.

The material helps to determine how you will get to use the spike and also its lifespan. Some materials can handle heavy usage and while some can’t. So, it is important that you consider getting the one made from top-quality material.

Also, irrespective of the one you get, your usage, or how often you take care of the spike thus determines how long and well the spike will serve you.

  • Gaffs

When it comes to hunting spikes, there are two types which are the long ones and the short ones. You can decide on the one you want based on preference.

However, getting a short one and realizing you need a long one is such a waste of money, and not everyone knows how to deal with such disappointment.

On this note, you will be doing yourself a lot of good by getting an adjustable or replaceable gaff which means you can easily change from long to short if the need arises.

  • Quality vs. price

Never should you compromise on the quality of a spike because of its price. Truly not all fingers are equal, which means what A can afford easily, B might find it hard to do.

Yet, buying a less quality spike is not the right option because your safety and its longevity are at stake. So, it is advisable that you save your money towards buying a quality spike irrespective of the price.

You shouldn’t break the bank for it but saving towards it is a good decision to make. Getting one quality spike is better than the frequent purchase of less quality one that gets damaged easily.

  • Heavy vs. lightweight

If I were you, I’d never have to opt for a heavy spike. A lightweight one is the best option, especially if you are a hunter and you have to climb the tree with some other hunting gear.

A lightweight spike will not be a burden to you as it will help you move up the tree easily. Lots of things could contribute to the weight of a spike, such as the weight of the material and other features of the spike.

  • Weight capacity

Every spike comes with its weight capacity, and you need to carefully know the capacity of the one you are about to buy. The average weight for most of them is 350 pounds.

If your body weight with the added gear you have with you will exceed the weight of the spike you have, it is not a good choice for you to climb any tree.

So, getting one that is above your weight is the right decision to make for safety and operational purposes.

How to use climbing spikes for hunting

  • Adjust the strap

The middle adjustment is always the best position to get a perfect snug fit. You need to ensure the spike is comfortable on your leg, and the strap will help you achieve that.

  • Adjust the toe position

Most people don’t get to know this part and end up having an issue with getting the right grip while climbing the tree.

To avoid slipping, you need to adjust the position of the toe. You should place the foot holder in the middle of your foot sole.

It is the only way you can get the balance required for smooth tree climbing performance with less chance of slipping.

  • Choose the right tree

We will rather say you should give attention to your climbing position on trees. There are different trees but locating the right place to climb the tree makes the difference with all. Also, when climbing, ensure you make use of the right hand gloves for tree climbing

Frequently asked questions

Is climbing spike better than climbing sticks?

The answer to the question all depends on your preference and style of tree climbing. Some will tell you that using a lone wolf climbing stick is the best.

But from my experience with the two, I can tell that the climbing spike is the best. You have limitations with climbing sticks.

You have to wait until you get to the last step, then attach another stick before you could continue to climb. Also, you can only go as high as the number of sticks you have.

But with climbing spike, you can climb up any tree without delay, and you can also reach any height you want to without any hassle.

Do I need a climbing harness with a spike?

You definitely need a climbing harness to climb a tree with a spike. Well, some professionals find it easy to climb without it. But for a beginner or a novice, it is important that you use a harness for easy movement and safety.

Do climbing spike hurt trees?

Climbing a tree using a spike will sure leave holes and marks on the tree. It thus happens that it is a permanent one, and any tree you often climb with a spike will surely lose its form and likely gets unhealthy.

Can I slip while using spikes?

It is avoidable, but some claim they’ve experienced slipping off the tree, and many things could contribute to that. Failure to strap the spike well, choosing the wrong gaff, and not adjusting to align the spike properly are some reasons you are likely to fall off due to slipping.

It is the reason you should always have a safety harness around you whenever you are climbing the tree with a spike, especially if you are a beginner.

Are climbing spikes good for tree hunting?

Climbing spike is one of the ways you can get on the tree to hunt. It has been an effective means for years, and I don’t think it is ever going to stop soon. You can read more on how to make climbing spike here if you are interested. 


The best tree climbing spikes are the secret weapon of any tree work operation. They are used in both ascending and descending trees and are part of the frontal protection system a professional arborist wears while working in a tree.

Some seasoned hunters also deploy the use of tree spikes to reach out to their tree stand. Some prefer it to the use of a climbing stick, and indeed it has proven to be the easiest, fastest, and safest to climb trees for any task especially hunting.