5 kenetrek Boots Reviews 2022 – Reviews and guide

Seasoned hunters have preference for hunting gears, but when it comes to quality hunting boots, the kenetrek boots have common voice among seasoned hunters. The truth remains that the joy of using one of the boots from kenetrek to hunt is second to none.

Indeed, there are many boots you can choose for hunting from other brands, but only a few can offer you the feel and confidence you need to hunt with comfort and convenience. You can only look elsewhere if you hunt for fun, but if hunting is your profession and you care much about your safety, the kenetrek boot is the right choice for you.

“We start designing and building quality boots just after a ten-day hunt in the Mackenzie Mountains of the Northwest Territories in 2002. Our feet got tested in unimaginable ways, but it was the toll on our feet that made me want to lay down and die. When blisters became freakish gashes, we knew we had to design and build a better boot that could keep up with the needs of a high-country hunter. “KENETREK 

How does that sound to you? It shows boots from kenetrek were produced out of the passion to meet the needs of hunters that want to prevent blisters and enjoy every second of their time hunting in the field with comfort and convenience.


Without much delay, let’s get through boots from kenetrek reviews to know the ones you can consider without regretting your decision.

Kenetrek Hunting Boots

kenetrek Boots

1. Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Insulated Hiking Boot

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Insulated Hiking...
289 Reviews
Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Insulated Hiking...
  • 10" tall leather uppers made from 2.8 mm...
  • Custom K-Talon Outsole provides...
  • Forged boot hardware offers corrosion...
  • Durable Windtex waterproof membrane and...

From its design to its features, you can tell the Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Insulated Hiking Boot is made with hunters’ intents in the heart. It delivers the proper protection you need for your feet, and it comes in different size options for you to choose the one that fits you perfectly.

It has an upper made from 100 percent leather material, making it very comfortable to wear for a more extended period. It features double and triple stitching to ensure the boot remains durable for the years you will have to use it. Indeed, its durability is not to be compared with some other boots from different brands.

The inner part of the boot has a durable windtex waterproof membrane and 400-gram Thinsulate insulation, which plays a significant role in keeping your feet warm and dry all day. It makes the boot your best companion for winter season hunting adventure.

Also, it has a reinforced rubber sole and custom K-Talon outsole that helps deliver the right level of traction and grip you need to remain stable. Furthermore, the outsole helps prevent slipping, and with the extra abrasion resistance of the boot, you can be sure it will last longer.

Please note that the boot is true to size as you need to check the size chart to choose the right one for you. Also, it allows you to wear your socks, and it thus takes little time for you to break in with the boot. Never be discouraged if you feel pain at first; it is just for a few days.

If you are really on the hunt for a winter boot, getting the one with 1000-gram Thinsulate insulation is the right decision for you to make.

For the non-insulated of this particular boot, here is one that you can consider. It has similar features, with the only difference being the non-insulation which makes this particular one an excellent choice for summer hunting. It is best for seasons with warmer temperatures.


  • 400-gram Thinsulate insulation
  • Nylon midsole for extra comfort and stability
  • Double and triple stitching
  • Custom K-Talon outsole for exceptional grip and traction
  • Forged boot hardware to prevent corrosion
  • Rubber sole guard for abrasion resistance
  • 100 percent leather material

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2. Kenetrek Men’s Hardscrabble Hiker Boots

Hardscrabble Hiker Hiking Boot, 7 Medium
1 Reviews
Hardscrabble Hiker Hiking Boot, 7 Medium
  • 7" tall leather uppers made from 2.8 mm...
  • Custom K-Talon Outsole provides...
  • Forged boot hardware offers corrosion...
  • Durable Windtex waterproof membrane and...

The Kenetrek Men’s Hardscrabble Hiker Boots is a versatile boot that you can always rely on for the best hiking, mountaineering, and hunting performance. It is one of the best that you can depend on to deliver the comfort and convenience you need to remain stable every time you hit the field to hunt.

Any form of discomfort can indeed affect ones hunting performance, and with this boot, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The boot has all the features required to nominate it as one of the best from Kenetrek.

It is made with top-quality material, which makes it deliver the proper performance rain and sunshine. It is tough to handle any pressure, and it will still appear as fit as ever. The leather materials boast of good texture and are appropriately stitched together for extra support and durability.

That’s not all about the boot. The boot also has hardware that helps to resist corrosion and breaking. Plus, it has a reinforced rubber sole guard, which delivers extra abrasion resistance.

The outsole is made from a non-slip material, and it thus delivers the maximum grip and traction to remain stable even if you have to walk through muddy or wet surfaces. Also, the boot is resistant to water with its inner membrane that also boasts of 400 gram Thinsulate insulation material to keep the feet warm and dry.


  • Full-grain leather material
  • Double and triple stitched
  • Corrosion resistance hardware
  • Rubber sole guard for abrasion resistance
  • 400 gram Thinsulate insulation 

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3. Kenetrek 13 inch Northern Insulated Pac Boot

Kenetrek 13' Northern Insulated Pac Boot, 5 Medium...
25 Reviews
Kenetrek 13" Northern Insulated Pac Boot, 5 Medium...
  • Super thick 6 ounce oil tanned leather...
  • Snut-Fit lacing system with Taslan laces...
  • Removable 6 mm thick three part liner...
  • Hand-made rubber outsoles are vulcanized...

My love for the Kenetrek 13 inch Northern Insulated Pac Boot results from the design and how easy it is to wear and take off. That’s not all, as the boot offers a greater level of comfort and convenience you will ever need to hunt in confidence. It thus ensures you have nothing to worry about regarding your feet whenever you go hunting.

Mind you, and it is not just a boot for hunting alone. It is a versatile one that can be used for a wide range of applications such as hiking, mountaineering, skiing, and many more. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for most hunters that engage in more than hunting.

The first thing we love with the boot is that it comes with brown color, making it easy to maintain and keep clean to retain its original look. The boot is made entirely from skin-friendly leather material. Its super thick 6-ounce oil-tanned upper is contoured to fit your leg precisely.

Also, it has a snig fit lacing system complemented with Taslan laces and a power D-ring lace anchor for you to adjust the boot to fit you perfectly easily. The inner material is of three thick parts, making the boot breathable since it has a wicking design.

The outsole is handmade, and with the design, you can tell it has a deep and open tread to deliver the maximum traction and grip you need to remain comfortable and stable even if you walk through a damp or slippery surface. Also, the 400 gram Thinsulate ultra insulation helps to keep the boot warm and your feet dry at all times.


  • Breathable wicking inner design
  • Double thick midsoles
  • 400 gram of Thinsulate ultra insulation and an additional 600-gram piece of Thinsulate material
  • Oil-tanned rubber upper
  • Handmade rubber outsoles
  • Snug-fit lacing system
  • Deep and open tread design K-Talon outsole

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4. Kenetrek Desert Guide Non-Insulated Hiking Boot

Kenetrek Desert Guide Non-Insulated Hiking Boot...
42 Reviews
Kenetrek Desert Guide Non-Insulated Hiking Boot...
  • 7" tall leather uppers made from 2.8 mm...
  • Custom K73 outsole features a deep, open...
  • Forged boot hardware offers corrosion...
  • Featuring a interior Cambrelle lining...

The Kenetrek Desert Guide Non-Insulated Hiking Boot is also one of the boots you can consider if you look for one built to take the challenging task in grand style. The boot is made entirely from leather material, with the upper is 7 inches taller and boasting double to triple stitching, making it very strong and durable.

The boot is made with users’ interest at heart, so your comfort and convenience were considered during the construction. Also, it has offered you the chance to carry on with whatever task you’ve got for a whole day’s use without feeling hurt, blister, or any form of discomfort.

It has an interior cambrelle lining that helps to get rid of moisture and ensure your feet remain dry without or without socks. It is a non-insulated boot and sure will fit for any warmer temperature, and it doesn’t have a membrane that resists water, so it should not be considered for any damp area hunting.

Furthermore, the boot has a protective rubber toe cap for added abrasion resistance, and it has a design that helps to conform to the shape of your feet. It comes with just one single design and different size options to choose the one that will fit you perfectly.


  • Protective rubber toe cap
  • Rubber sole
  • Interior cambrelle lining
  • Completely leather
  • Custom k73 Outsole
  • Deep open tread design
  • 360 degrees traction
  • Single piece vulcanized rubber sole
  • Corrosion resistance hardware

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5. Kenetrek Bridger Ridge High Boots, Coffee

Kenetrek Bridger Ridge High Boots, Coffee,...
42 Reviews
Kenetrek Bridger Ridge High Boots, Coffee,...
  • Reach for the bridger Ridge high boots...
  • At only 2.6 pounds per pair, you get the...
  • Heavy duty toe bumpers and reinforced...

The Kenetrek Bridger Ridge High Boots has a coffee color and comes in more than one size for you to choose the one that will fit you precisely. It will be fair to say the boot is one of the best, but it has its significant setback, which is the seam that is not of good quality.

So, if you are getting the boot, you are advised to get it to your cobbler to sew it all around with good stitches, and then you can then use it for a more extended period without having to complain about anything. The boot is so comfortable and convenient on the feet.

Also, it is built with rigid quality material to handle the toughest challenges. It offers the proper protection you need to hunt with confidence, and it is breathable to keep your feet comfortable. It has a breathable membrane with extra padded uppers.

Also, it is waterproof, and so you can use it anywhere with the confidence your feet will remain dry and nowhere it is; it revealed it has Thinsulate material, so it is never going to keep your feet warm. With the support and balance you get from the boot, you can mount on any mountain with grand style.


  • Heavy-duty toe bumpers
  • Reinforced K straps
  • Breathable membrane
  • Resistant to water design

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Frequently Asked Questions

How heavy are boots from kenetrek?

Most of the boots from kenetrek are made with heavy-duty materials that are lightweight and easy for anyone to move quickly. The primary aim of kenetrek with producing boots is to make life easy for hunters, and their boots prove that without a doubt.

The boots are pretty lightweight and very easy for anyone to move from one place to another. Sometimes, it can get to you, not feeling you have anything on your feet. Mind you that is not a sort of hype but the truth of the matter.

Are boots from kenetrek worth the money?

If your comfort and convenience are on top of your priority lists with hunting boots, boots from kenetrek are worth every investment. With no sore foot, blisters, and pain, boots from kenetrek are such a great bargain.

How good are boots from kenetrek?

If you refer to its performance, I can tell you that boots from kenetrek are the best. They have all it takes to serve you for a more extended period, and the boot is excellent on all fronts, such as in its materials, construction, performance, quality, and lifespan. 

Do boots from kenetrek run true to size?

Most of the boots from kenetrek run true to size through the Brannock device. However, most important is that you go for the right size and have a lacing system to adjust to conform to your feet shape quickly.

Do all boots from Kenetrek have Thinsulate insulation material?

Not all of the boots from kenetrek come with Thinsulate insulation material. Some go with it, and some do not. However, the ones with the Thinsulate insulation membrane can always keep your feet dry and warm, which makes them perfect for the winter season. In contrast, the others can be ideal for hot temperature conditions because they don’t have an insulation membrane.


This page on kenetrek boots reviews details all that you need to know about choosing the right hunting boot. With different brands out there, one can easily fall into the trap of making the wrong choice. However, that is not possible anymore with this post right in front of you. Kenetrek Hunting boots are just the best, and you have nothing to lose, trust me.