15 Inexpensive way to feed deer in 2021 for deer hunters

Deer is one of the animals that offers lots of benefits to humans. They serve as food and also a source of income for those who sell their meat. It will never be a wrong decision to have a deer feeder in your backyard, but how can you go on with an inexpensive way to feed deer without emptying your pockets?

If you have a feeding point in your garage or a feeder to attract deer to a position you can easily have, you must think of the feed you will add to the feeder. It might be a good thing to get some commercial meals such as corn, acorn, alfalfa, berries and many more, but does it worth it at all? There are many ways you can feed the deer without you emptying your pocket on getting feed.

You can find out some inexpensive ways you can feed deer, and that is all we will share with you on this page. For you to feed deer, you must first get to know what deer loves to eat. They can only get attracted to provide that they love to eat.

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What do deer love to eat?


inexpensive way to feed deer

To start with, you need to know the food and other things that deer loves to eat.

  1. Acorn

Deer love to feast on acorns, most especially the ones that fall without their caps. The ones that fall without caps have delicate and firm flesh. So if you are scouting for acorns for your deer, you should ensure you pick those without their caps.

They find it so hard to resist the acorn, which makes an excellent lure for deer. Most seasoned hunters know this secret. Also, it doesn’t cost much to acquire.

  1. Alfalfa

If you spot any alfalfa on anyone’s farm, you can discuss with the person to get enough of the feed for deer. Deer love perennial legumes, and you can only lure them with such.

  1. Corn

Deer eat corn for the same reason cows eat grass or goats eat leaves; it is their natural diet. And like other animals, deer need to eat every day. They cannot afford to not eat for more than a day or two. After that, they lose their ability to see, hear, run, jump and most importantly, breathe properly.

  1. Soybeans

Deer will continue to eat soybeans because soybean plants attract deer in the spring when spring food sources are short and in the fall when other food sources become scarce. Soybean plants are excellent forage for deer during these times, but they also produce a hard fruit for other animal predators to access.

Also, Deer browse on the leaves of soybean plants early in the growing season and often gnaw at the ever-increasing tips because this is where energy stores are highest and most palatable. Then deer return in the fall and eat pods and beans to get ready for winter.

  1. Berries

Berries are one of the things that deer consistently eat. They’re almost like deer candy. You can harvest berries in any field or farm to make available in your feeder. Interestingly, the smell of berries attracts berries, and they find it quite hard to resist or ignore.

  1. Honey locusts

Deer will eat almost anything in its path, but there is a tree about which they have a particular fondness. It is called the tree of honey locusts. Honey locusts grow quickly and have a sweet taste to graze on.

Honey locust trees also go by shagbark, sweet locust, bee tree, simply split stem, and wild tamarind. The seeds are eaten by several species of birds, including finches, jays, titmice, nuthatches, wrens, grosbeaks, cardinals, and woodpeckers. The mature fruits are eaten by white-tailed deer, black bears, and foxes.

  1. Sumac

Sumac is the only thing I know of that attracts deer like a magnet, and it can be used as a deer snare. Once you start searching for Sumac, you will be surprised you can find deer on your path. They love it so much, and you can opt for them by picking them on the farm or buying them to add to your deer feeder.

  1. Wild grape

If you have a grapevine growing in your yard, be sure to protect it from deer. Deer will browse your yard regularly and strip away the leaves of your grapevine. This can kill the plant to tell you how much they love it.

  1. Ash

Deer eat Ash trees. They eat the leaves and the bark. This is because the trees are soft when they are young, and deer loves them so much. They can feast on them any time of the day.

  1. Aspen

The aspen leaf is an important food source for deer. The aspen trees grow in the Great Western Woodlands and are a good food source for deer and other wildlife.

  1. Bitterbrush

Most of you have probably not heard of bitterbrush. A relative of the Sunflower, bitterbrush is a bushy shrub that grows wild in most parts of America. Bitterbrushes can be eaten raw but will range from being bitter or very bitter.

Most animals won’t eat this plant because they have not adapted to its defenses. However, deer can grind through the coating, which aids its indigestion.

  1. Dewberry

A dewberry (Rubus debeccarii) is a widely distributed species of deciduous shrub, grown for its sweet fruit and can be eaten raw or made into jam and has uses in herbal medicine. If you love to see deer in your backyard, you better plant dewberry and watch out for the magic.

  1. Dogwood

Dogwoods are beautiful trees with white flowers blooming during the early spring. The fruit is small and black. Among other things, it can be used for animal food. If you want to attract deer to your garden, you should consider planting Dogwood.

  1. Greenbrier

If you have a lot of greenbriers, you are likely to host a lot of deer. They love the fruit, and you get to see them move closer whenever they sight one.

  1. Apple

If you have an apple tree on your farm, you might want to start deer hunting. Not only will they eat the fruit, but they will also leave nothing behind for you.

inexpensive way to feed deer

What is the best thing to feed wild deer?

Many people have heard that it’s corn, but the truth is that there is no best food for deer. Deer are opportunistic animals, which means they will eat almost anything they can get their mouths on. They are most used to eating corn, though, because most people who live near deer will feed them corn.

Giving deer the wrong food can kill them, so it’s important to know what is preferred by deer across the board. So, we have a list of some of the food that you can get for deer. Those we have up there are safe for deer, and you can get them without going broke.

How do you make homemade deer feed?

The first thing you need to know about making homemade deer feed is that many people think that it is a waste of time and money. However, the other side of the argument is that people have had great results from putting together a homemade deer feed.

But first, you need to get a deer feeder. However, they do not come cheap, and you have to invest hundreds of dollars. So, you can choose to make use of a bucket to feed the deer. You should get any of the food mentioned above and add it to the feeder.

Also, not all food blends. If you ever want to blend food or fruit, you should ensure you do perfectly for each other.

What can I feed my backyard deer?

If you are here for what to feed deer in the backyard, we have got you covered. Feeding deer in the backyard is a practice many people enjoy. There are many things you can feed deer that are safe for them to eat.

Some of them include apple, dogwood, berries, acorn, corn, alfalfa, soybeans, bitterbrush, and many others, to mention a few.

What can you feed deer instead of corn?

Most people use corn as a quick and cheap option for feeding deer that come around their backyard. But the real question is, what else can you give deer to eat instead of corn? You can choose berries, dogwood, apple, honey locusts, beechnuts, persimmons, sumac, wild grape, ash, aspen, dewberry, maple, poplar, and many others.

So, if you are here to feed deer instead of corn, we have the answer on this page for you.

Should you feed wild deer in your backyard?

Most people see wild deer as a threat to their household, so it is never a good thing to host them in the backyard. Once they come and they find food, it becomes so hard for you to send them away.

On the other side, they are fun to watch if you sit to relax outside your home and you gaze at them munching the feed. In this situation, you should have a boundary in your backyard that will serve as a restriction to where the deer can get to.

Getting a garden or yard fence will do lots of good if you love to have deer around your home.

Is it illegal to feed deer on your property?

In some states, it is illegal to feed deer on your property. Some neighbors can report you and get you on the dark side of the law. So, if you ever want to feed deer on your property, you must contact the permit to do so.

If your state doesn’t have a regulation or law against feeding deer on your property, you have no cause to be afraid of anything. So, you can choose to provide deer or not.

Can deer eat bread?

The truth is that deer are not selective, and they feast on anything that comes their way. So, if you have deer that visit your garden or backyard often, you might want to throw some of your bread to the animal to feast on.

Can you feed deer apples?

Apples are one of the fruits that deer loves to eat. They can eat apples in any season. They love the taste, so if you have an apple tree on your farm, you are likely to witness often deer coming into your farm.


Are you looking for an inexpensive way to feed deer in your backyard? We have the answer on this page. We also have some other information you might be searching for. Also, there is food that deer love to eat, which you can use to lure them if you are a deer hunter.