Ghost blind reviews 2022 – Perfect way to stay in ghostmode

Your best shot at being undetected by animals whenever you find yourself in the field to hunt is the use of any ghost quality blind you see in the market. With this ghost blind reviews, you’ve got every reason to appreciate every decision you take after going through this page.

With different ghostblind out there in the market, we have taken our time to share our thought and experience with ghostblind phantom and 4- panel predator blind, and we hope you can find it easy to make the right choice with this review.

GhostBlind Reviews

1. GhostBlind Phantom

GhostBlind Phantom, Camouflage, Laid Flat –...
43 Reviews
GhostBlind Phantom, Camouflage, Laid Flat –...
  • Ground Blind: Engineered for hunters who...
  • Complete Concealment: Our ghost blind...
  • Waterproof Design: Our lightweight...
  • Unbreakable Construction: Our ground...

The GhostBlind Phantom is the joy of every hunter that loves the easy way of hunting. It comes with a camouflage design that will almost match the hunting environment, making it quite challenging for some animals to see. It is such a great hunting piece for all seasoned hunters and novices if you look beyond the money.  

It is best for hunting deer and some other intelligent animals. The blind is very easy and effortless to strap and install for use. It is preferred by hunters that cherish portable hunting blinds with lots of room for both crossbows and guns.

One of the good sides of the blind is that it eliminates unwanted reflection as it deals with such by directing the light towards the ground, thereby making it a great blind for turkey and deer hunting. It takes just a few minutes to set up the blind, and it doesn’t get damaged easily because it is made using top-quality plastic.

The quality of the plastic makes it unbreakable, and it resists shatter, which means you’ve got yourself a long-term investment. Also, it is resistant to water, and overall it is comfortable in all kinds of weather.


  • Simple design for all-season use
  • It can be folded
  • Eliminates unwanted reflections
  • Lightweight and very easy to carry
  • Quick setup
  • Shatterproof and water resistant plastic construction


  • It has no significant setback

2. GhostBlind 4-Panel Predator Blind

GhostBlind 4-Panel Predator Blind, Silver
431 Reviews
GhostBlind 4-Panel Predator Blind, Silver
  • Ground Blind: Engineered for hunters who...
  • Complete Concealment: Our ghost blind...
  • Waterproof Design: Our lightweight...
  • Unbreakable Construction: Our ground...

The GhostBlind 4-Panel Predator Blind is another option that you can consider if you are seriously interested in a blind, but you do not have the fortune to spend on the phantom. Fortunately, this is quite affordable than a phantom. Mind you, they are of similar design, but I’ll always choose the four-panel over the former because of the design.

The blind allows you to fold and carry to your hunt field without wearing yourself out. It is lightweight and so easy to move from one place to another without hassles. Also, to make it easier for transport, the blind comes with a shoulder carry strap, and you can also make use of the optional backpack.

Fortunately, the optional backpack can serve many purposes, such as using it to convey your chair and some other hunting gear you have. All the necessary kits or tools you need with the installation are included in the package, and you will always find it easy to do within minutes.

The construction of the blind is of tough solid plastic that can withstand any weather condition. The design is all that makes the blind quite hard to overlook to decoy animals by ensuring they don’t get informed about your presence.

Also, maintaining the blind is nothing much to worry about. You just need to clean with water and wipe with a clean cloth to store for the next hunting trip.


  • It is perfect for all-season use
  • Lightweight
  • Camo pattern
  • Tough plastic material
  • Very easy to install


  • We’ve got no significant setback

Frequently asked questions

What is the ghostblind made out of?

Most of the blind you will come across are made out of twin-wall fluted plastic material. The plastic is of tough design to handle the rigor of each season’s conditions, and yet, they are lightweight and easy to move around. You need to fasten to the ground, so it doesn’t get carried away by the wind when in use. 

Are Ghostblind any good?

If you are referring to its effectiveness, then we can beat our chest to tell you that the blind is all but good for whatever purpose for getting it. The blind makes a good point for hunting, especially for the fact that it comes with a camo design. 

The blinds are just the best, as many hunters or users have given good reports and verdicts on using any of the ghosts blinds out there. The fact it is easy to install, and it’s lightweight is a turn-on for anyone. 

How do you set up a ghostblind?

For effective results, you should never install a blind right in front of bushes or grasses where it becomes prevalent to potential prey. You should position it in the middle or right behind some layer of the bush or grasses as the color will almost blend with the color of the bush or grass to ensure it is almost undetected. 

How do you clean Ghostblind?

When getting a blind, maintenance is one of the things that you need to consider. The way you use the blind thus have its way to determine the lifespan, which is the reason you need to care for it as much as you do with other hunting gear.

After each use or application, you can wash the blind using water and soap. You don’t have to add more pressure to it, and ensure you don’t use a brush or sponge that will leave a mark on the plastic. Spraying water on it and cleaning with a neat cloth is enough to keep it neat.

Once you’ve cleaned it, you can then go ahead to fold and store it in a safe place till the next day you intend to use the blind.


We do hope we have been able to do justice with the ghost blind reviews. We hope you find solace with the information we have for you on this page. The truth is there are many blind that you will like to purchase, but when it comes to hunting and getting the result of being undetected, the blind is the best to turn to, and that is never a sort of hype.