Stack-On Gun Safe Reviews in 2022 – Our Top 5 Picks

Are you realizing the importance of keeping your rifle or firearms safe? Or, does somebody want to know from you the best safe for firearms? Which purpose you are here, we can give you a most reliable and dependable solution which will be the best and long-lasting effort.

Not only you, every person keep firearms for a very important issue and that is why it is also very significant keeping the firearms in a place where it has the security. Gun Safe is the best way of keeping rifles or firearms safe and secure.

There are abundant manufacturers who are providing gun cabinets at different prices. But, if you have a minimum idea about the gun safe manufacturer, at least you hear the name “Stack-On”. 

This manufacturer provides several categories cabinets at a different prices with having so many beneficial properties. As we here presenting stack on gun safes reviews. 

If you always want such a product without negotiation with the product quality then you are the right person for using this company’s cabinet for your rifle, gun, or any firearms. How much rifle or firearms you have that doesn’t matter as we provide various categories product for storing of different number firearms. You can easily opt from our list as you need. So, no more late, let’s go on the core part.

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Stack-On Gun Safe Reviews In 2022

In spite of having many gun safes from a different manufacturer, why did we select only the “Stack-On” manufacturer’s gun safe? The answer is only for its best performance. This brand never negotiates with the quality and they always produce the best product.

Each and every user of this branded gun safe is satisfied and most of them have positive comments about this manufacturer’s gun safe. Let’s know descriptive information about each and every individual gun safe.

Stack On Armorguard 24-Gun Safe Review

Armorguard 24-Gun Safe comes with wide storage of 24 guns easily. Numerous features of this gun safe are compatible with a strong performance. How many large storage gun safes are found in the market stack on 24 gun cabinet considered as best of them?

Fire resistance for up to 30 minutes property makes the cabinet more reliable and anti-theft property makes it trustworthy. The Interior of the safe is divided into two compartments in where one side is free and another side has some shelve.

But the convenience is shelves are adjustable and for this reason, two compartments can be used for storing gun when you need. On the other hand, if you need the storage of keeping the small item, shelves are there. Are you thinking about the security system?

Your thinking is very logical but the gun safe provides you a strong electronic lock which gives you to use a security code that is your own created and code length from 3 to 10 digits. Here is not the end, to give more security a drill-resistant very hard steel plate is added to the back of the lock. 

The gun safe also needs batteries that are easily accessible from the anterior part of the cabinet and a backup key is also added to the gun safe.

Stack on 8 Gun Cabinet Review

Stack-on 8 Gun Cabinet ReviewThis part of the stack on 8 guns safe review is for that type of person who hasn’t so many rifles or guns. You can easily use the cabinet to hold 8 rifles or shotguns at a time. A three-point locking system with your own created code gives the security of your firearms.

Giving the extra security of the rifle or guns double bitted lock is added to the cabinet. Removable shelves are attached to the cabinet and after removing the shelves there is an option of holding up to 8 rifles. 

Foam padded surface works as an anti-scratching of any stored items. The cabinet also has pre-drilled mounting holes to the backside for easy adjustment to the floor or wall. There is an option to install a door/lock in order to open the cabinet in another direction but the reminder is its locking system is enough strong and durable.

If you need moderate size quality full gun safe Stack on 8 cabinets can be your first choice from Stack on gun safes reviews.

Stack On 16 Gun Safe Review

Another quality gun safe from the same manufacturer is Stack-On SS-16-MB-E 16 Gun Security Safe. This is designed for easily accessible and comfortable in using purpose but dependable for your firearms.

We said previously that the manufacturer is always looking for the best quality and its continuation this safe is high in quality and that is why the Justice Department of California approve the cabinet. The electronic lock is added to the cabinet and it is used to keeping safe firearms of the California Department of justice.

Two ways locking system of the cabinet has. 1” live-action locking bolts which up to 6 locking points. The external part of the cabinet is designed in such a way, there is no chance breaking of the lock and can be open the safe by external handy tools.

There is no area also where penetrating something is possible. These features give the cabinet more security. The inner surface of the cabinet is lined by the soft carpet which is scratch resistant. 

Stack on 16 gun cabinet is featured barrel rests that will never compress over time. If you need a cabinet which can accommodate near about 16 rifles, the safe can be your first choice. The safe is designed for the storage up to 16 rifles at a time. The safe also comes with black outlook, so don’t be late selecting a good quality gun safe.

Stack On 14 Gun Security Cabinet Review

The gun safe is designed for storage up to 14 guns. Long list features make the cabinet best performing and it is one of the California departments of justice approved safety for the firearms which meet the requirements of panel code23655. 

The locking system is one of the most important parts of a cabinet and that is why 3 points locking system with key coded lock is used to the cabinet for the strong locking system.  A removable shelve present in the cabinet for the storage of smaller item.

Shelve is positioned at the front side of the cabinet and it gives the proper space for the gun storage along with the back of the cabinet. Up to 54” lengthy rifle can be held to the cabinet. Foam padded bottom added to the cabinet reducing the chance of scratching.

This excellent safe comes in two different colors Black and Green. Stack on 14 gun cabinet helps you greatly for the purpose of keeping your firearms secure and safe.

Stack-On GCB-910 Steel 10-Gun Cabinet Review

This gun safe has fulfilled all requirements of being approved by California as firearms safety device and also meet the requirements of California penal code section 12088 and the regulation issued thereunder.

So many searches are found in online mentioning stack on 10 gun cabinet review, and its quality is appreciable for this reason we are telling about this gun safe. Design of the cabinet made welded with high quality durable stainless steel. Its security system is 3 point locking system with a double bitted key code lock.

This locking property diminishes the confusion about its security system. Interior of the cabinet feature a removable shelve for the storage of your smaller items or any valuables. Removable shelve is placed on the back side of gun safe in order to store a long gun in the front along with the side wall. 

Foam padded bottom and barrel rests is highly inhibit the chance of scratching. You can easily store your 10 rifles in the safe. The safe is very able to protect your firearms and can keep your firearms preventing any damage. It allows keeping long rifle of about 52”. Overall, the safe is a wonderful device giving safety of your guns/ rifles.

Stack on vs Liberty gun safe:

The manufacturer “Stack on” never compromise with the quality and that is why it’s all devices are high in quality and the name of confidence to most of the people is “Stack on”. For your easy differentiation, we make a comparison with the brand Liberty. The differences Stack on vs Liberty gun safe:

FeaturesStack OnLiberty
Resistant to fireMost of the safe fire resistantThis feature is absent in maximum devices.
ShelvesAdjustableNot like that
Locking systemVery strong and reliableStrong but need to improve more.
ConstructionWelded carefully and no chance of opening by external tools.Fittings are not compact has the chance of penetrating external tools.
Water resistantMaximum safe is resistant to waterEven their many high-quality safes are not waterproof.
Interior spaceProvide more space for the firearmsProvide less space comparatively

Buying Guide of  Stack-On Gun Safe

So many gun safes are present in the market and you also find so many very high-quality cabinet of this manufacturer. You never buy all of them but you want to get a wide range of service. You need to select a cabinet which can fulfill your expected services.

In order to help you, we recommend you to analyze some facts before finalizing a gun safe. 

First of all: you need to fix a balanced budget getting a good gun safe. The manufacture always tries to keep the price affordable but for a good cabinet, you must expend a minimum standard of money. So, fixing the budget is the first requirement. 

Secondly: The Size of the gun safe is also important. Which size of the cabinet you need is dependent on how many rifles or guns you have. We suggest you think of a cabinet which has storage one or two more rifles than the number you have. Think, you have 10 rifles today but some days later you may have another one. So, what will you do then? 

Thirdly: another most important topic is the locking system. Security of your firearms is proportional to the quality of your gun safe’s locking system. Never choose a cabinet that included a weak lock system so that a burglar can break your lock easily. 

Then: Constructive materials and durability. The materials used to make the cabinet and how long the gun safe can provide you services are also important because you obviously don’t want to get a cabinet that will damage soma day later! 

Warranty and support: You may face unfortunately some problems after long-term use of the cabinet and the time you need support from the manufacturer and within short-term use, if you face any problem then you need the warranty. So, select the manufacturer who provides you these services cordially.


You are going to reach the end of this Stack-On Gun Safe Reviews content. But, we hope you already realized that this manufacturer’s goal is to provide good services through their product at a decent price.

This iconic brand believes, negotiate with money can be done but never negotiate with the quality of the product. Stack-On always tries to make their product keeping this theory in mind. The manufacturer provides enough more space, customization, safety, and also protection compared with the other brands at the same price range.

Individual Stack-On safe offers its own package of features in order to different types of people. You can opt for anyone thinking as your needs but without unnecessary thinking of their quality. All the cabinets are such good in quality even they are water and even fire-resistant.

If you are a sincere person who thinks about the safety of your firearms, you can get anyone you need. We just say you these products can introduce you to the new experience of services.

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