Top moultrie feeders parts for hunting- Reviews and guide

The truth is maintaining a feeder for a very long term is a difficult task as some parts will easily become less potent as years go by due to consistent use. If you’ve got an issue with any of the Moultrie feeders parts, we have here for you some of the replacements you can consider that will fit perfectly to deliver the best performance.

Our focus on this page is to share our experience with you on some of the parts of the Moultrie you can consider if you ever find yourself in the scenario where you need to make a replacement of one part of another.


Moultrie feeders reviews

1. Moultrie All-in-One Deer Feeder Timer Kit

Moultrie All-in-One Deer Feeder Timer Kit | Metal...
  • Digital timer programs up to 4 feed...
  • Adjustable mount, metal spin plate and...
  • External power port, solar panel...
  • Test button for easy setup

If the feeder timer kit on your Moultrie feeder starts malfunctioning or shows a sign of damages beyond repair, you should consider changing with a better replacement. The Moultrie All-in-One Deer Feeder Timer Kit is a perfect option for consideration, considering it is all-in-one and it comes affordable.

The feeder timer kit comes with four months of field life span with the help of a quality battery that makes the timer kit efficient. The usability of the kit is straightforward as it flips down for the easy application. The timer has up to 4 times feed per day which is 1 to 20 seconds each.

For its installation, you’ve got nothing to worry about as it boasts of adjustable mount, metal spin plate, and funnel. Due to the fact it is made from ABS plastic housing material, it can withstand anything thrown at it.

It has solar power connectors, an external power port, a test button for swift setup and the good side of the digital timer is that it easily attach to any bucket size.


  • ABS plastic material
  • Test button
  • Solar panel connectors
  • Adjustable mount
  • Metal spin plate and funnel
  • External power port

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2. Moultrie Pro Hunter II Feeder Kit

Moultrie Pro Hunter II Feeder Kit, Black...
  • Improved design and function
  • New adjustable internal funnel for...
  • Easy Set programmable digital timer
  • External power port for Moultrie solar...

The Moultrie Pro Hunter II Feeder Kit comes with an improvement in its design and function. It comes with an adjustable internal funnel that helps in eliminating the need for additional assembly and also helps the feed to flow freely into the spinner plate.

Also, it comes with quick-lock modular technology, which makes securing the feeder kit to the hooper easy and simple to do. The feeder runs on one rechargeable six voltage battery which is enough to power the feeder for quality minutes.

Once the connection is right, and the battery is fully charged, it can run for months. The spinner plate that comes with the feeder is made from a durable galvanized metal, and it is very strong to resist wind and maintain a slick surface for a longer period.

The good side of the feeder kit is that it comes with a built-in programmable timer which allows you to take a glance at the digital display to know the feed level left in the hooper without you having to remove the lid or climb onto something to look inside.


  • Feed level estimator
  • Programmable timer
  • Spinner plate
  • Power supply
  • Adjustable internal funnel
  • Quick-lock adapter

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3. Moultrie Gravity Feeder Kit

Moultrie Gravity Feeder Kit, Black
  • Top performing and affordable
  • Tested and used by hunters
  • Used by both professionals and outdoor...

The Moultrie Gravity Feeder Kit comes with a design that makes it simple to attach to any barrel or Moultrie feeder. The kit comes with a quick-lock adapter that has twist-off installation. With the design and construction of the gravity feeder kit, it can be used for feeding corn or protein pellets.

It has a system or design that allows an adjustable flow of corn and protein pellets. With this feeder kit, you can easily and quickly convert your current feeder to a gravity feeder. It is best for feeding high-quality feed during the summer and spring antler growing season.


  • Quicklock adapter
  • Twist-off installation
  • Adjustable flow

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4. Moultrie 30-Gallon Leg Bracket and Pole Kit for Feeder

Moultrie 30-Gallon Leg Bracket and Pole Kit for...
57 Reviews
Moultrie 30-Gallon Leg Bracket and Pole Kit for...
  • 3 leg brackets
  • 3 collapsible legs (12 total segments)
  • All hardware included
  • 27" x 5.6" x 7"

If you have a drum or barrel you intend to turn into a feeder, the Moultrie 30-Gallon Leg Bracket and Pole Kit for Feeder will help you achieve that without any regret. It comes with all the kits and accessories that you need for the conversion, and they are all handy and easy to install.

It comes with three collapsible legs, a total of 12 segments, and you can use it to convert a 30-to-50-gallon drum into a sturdy tripod feeder if you do not have the money to spend on a complete feeder and you have a drum at your disposal.


  • Three collapsible legs 
  • Pole kits for feeder
  • All hardware included

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5. Moultrie gravity feeder kit

Moultrie Feed Station | Gravity Feeder |...
  • Gravity-driven trough design
  • Durable, UV-resistant plastic...
  • 40 lb. Capacity
  • Strap for Tree or post mounting included

The Moultrie Feed Station is a Moultrie gravity feeder kit that is made of plastic and can be used for all kinds of feeders. It is one of the best gravity deer feeders for those who love to hunt deer and decoy them using their feed. It is simple to install and use.

It is a gravity feeder, and you need to install it above ground level. You just need to strap on a tree while you fill up with deer feeds. It has a gravity-driven tough design, and it is very durable. It is resistant to UV, and you do not need batteries or any power source to use the feeder kit.


  • No batteries
  • No programming
  • UV resistant
  • Plastic construction
  • Strap for installation on trees

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6. Moultrie Feeder Power Panel

Moultrie Feeder Power Panel
  • Use with a rechargeable 6-volt battery...
  • Varmint-resistant, 5-foot-long cord...
  • Built-in battery indicator
  • Compatible with any Moultrie feeder with...

The Moultrie Feeder Power Panel is the right replacement for you if the power panel of your Moultrie feeder shows a sign of fault or it got damaged. The power panel runs with the help of the rechargeable battery of 6 Volt to power the feeder.

It is compatible with all Moultrie feeders with the use of an external power port. It has a built-in battery level indicator to keep you well informed of the battery level, and it is ever effective to be considered as the continuous power source you need to keep the feeder running.


  • Built-in battery indicator
  • Varmint resistant
  • Rechargeable 6-volt battery
  • 5-foot-long cord for placement in the sun

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Moultrie gravity feeder kit

Moultrie Pro Magnum Hanging Metal Feeder |...
  • Digital timer programs up to 6 feed...
  • All-metal housing, barrel, spin plate,...
  • Built-in feed-level estimator, battery...
  • Holds 200 pounds of feed


We have been able to share with you some Moultrie feeders parts that we know you can consider. They are of great quality and a better replacement to any area or part of the feeder that you ever wish to replace. You might also want to consider wildgame innovation feeder. You might also need scent killer for your environment and we have a post on that.