Top 6 most dangerous animals to hunt in the world?

Hunting is fun and exciting only when you have all things going on in your favor. All can end up be an experience you ever want to forget if you end up hunting the wrong animal. We will share with you on this page the most dangerous animals to hunt in the world.


The hardest animal to hunt in the world

most dangerous animals to hunt in the world

1. African elephant

We grew up to know elephants are fearless animals, and they can cause lots of havoc due to their size and weight. You never want to allow an elephant to run you over. The African elephant is different from others because it is more prominent in size, and its temper is different from the rest.

They are big, and the make can be as tall as 13ft with a weight of about 7000 pounds with large tusks that can measure up to 8ft and weighs 100 pounds for both males and females.

Anatomically they have a similar brain to humans, which makes them very intelligent. So, they can easily detect danger and swift into defense action. Apart from being dangerous because of their rage, they are pretty hard to move around if you try to kill one.

2. Rhinoceros

The Rhinoceros is one of the animals that are very dangerous to hunt. The size and speed make it very dangerous to go closer to running as far as 30 mph.

As big as they are, they are good at making themselves disappear, making them very difficult and frustrating for a hunter to kill.

3. Hippopotamus

One of the animals that you will find hard to hunt is a hippopotamus. If you watch more animal documentaries, you will realize that hippopotamus is an aggressive animal. It kills many animals more than some other animals in Africa.

They are highly territorial, very unpredictable, and well known for tipping boats that come across their path in the water. Whenever it opens its mouth wide, it is a sign that it feels threatened.

It thus has an 1821 pounds bite force, and its sharp teeth with the incisors can reach 20 inches in length as it can grind anything quickly.

4. Cape Buffalo

It is also regarded as the black death, and it is very dangerous. It is said to have killed more hunters than any other animal in Africa. You get to see the ferocious part of the animal when it is wounded.

An average shooting distance on the animal is between 20 to 60 yards, and if you miss the shot, you should be ready to run like hell.

If it happens, you hunt buffalo, and you miss the target. Be ready to run for your life. An angry one can stalk its prey and wait for the perfect moment to tear apart with its thick horns.

5. Nile Crocodile

If the report is accurate about the death rate caused by Nile crocodile yearly, it is one of the dreadful animals to hunt for hunters. There is a report it kills over 200 people every year.

It can move very fast in a short while, both in and out of water. It traps its prey using the 68 banana-shaped teeth and no one can survive the impact of the bite.

You can outsmart it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a trial. After all, those who catch it never have upon the mission to do so.

To outsmart a crocodile, you have to play to its weakness which is its mouth. The muscles responsible for opening the mouth are fragile, and the best chance you have for survival is to keep the mouth closed.

6. Bear

Considering the bear’s size, diet, and claws, it is one of the dangerous animals you don’t ever want to go close to. It is very strong and has a great sense of smell to track humans.

So the best chance is to get rid of all scents and be smart with your actions. You are at a greater chance of losing your life if you miss out on your shot.


Some animals are easy and safe to hunt, but we have a list of the most dangerous animals to hunt on this page. They are very dangerous that they can kill of which there is a record of loss of loves which is the reason you should keep away except you are an expert with excellent skills. There are many more too like a snake, tiger, lion and many more.