Mesa Gun Safe Reviews in 2022 – Our Top 5 Picks

In terms of gun safe, with no doubt, I can suggest you the mesa gun safe for the strongest safety of your gun. I have suggested this gun safe as one of your best bets but I don’t want you to take it forthwith before checking what it brings for you, what are the products and their features, and of course comparing with others.

I have described all the selected mesa gun safes with their features and compared them with a prominent brand and finally selected a single one according to my Research. Firearms can be used for both destructive and protective purposes. But the history underlying in making firearms is generally related to protection actually.

Purchasing a firearm is neither a little deal nor a onetime investment. In that note, it deserves strong security as it is for the security of your life. You may know the process how to protect yourself from any rushing catastrophe with the gun but you may not know how to protect it from mishandling or something like that.

Straight forward words regarding this point: there is no better alternative of gun safe for ensuring gun safety and in that case mesa gun safe can be your best selection against any rushing catastrophe.

Mesa Gun Safe Reviews in 2022

Mesa has brought some incredible gun safe in the market recently. But you know they are not beginner rather they have been doing business successfully since 1981. It was founded by George L. Vincete who was an apprentice to a small locksmith. Later, he founded Mesa after he had flown away from the safe industry.  From their founding year they are still being considered as a safest brand for manufacturing gun safes since they do not compromise on quality. Some of their best qualities are as follows-

Mesa gun safe Mbf5922e

Mesa gun safe Mbf5922e


  • Overall exterior dimensions: 59”hX 22W” X 20D, Approx.
  • Overall interior Dimensions: 55 3/8” h X 18 1/4 “W X13” D, Approx.
  • Solid still locking diameters for extending security with two story impact
  • Thick door and strong wall with the fully adjustable shelving system
  • Four point locking system including Drill resistant hard plate
  • Anchor kit and four pre drilled anchors holes
  • Large capacity ( 14 large rifles can be stored as well as others necessaries)
  • Thick door and body and fascinating outlook

This cubic foot Mesa 14 gun safe has some alluring features and tested quality that can be an unwavering guard of you when any unexpected happens. The fire rating is magnificent. 1 hour 1750° fire rating with the heat activated fire seal.

Don’t worry about the authenticity as all of these are factory tested. Twelve ½ solid steel locking diameters and 2 story impact rating. No chance for the intruders to drill the safe as drill resistant hard plate is strongly placed. The locking system will give you ease as there four point locking system with the spring loaded re-locker are available to lock the safe tightly and unlock it quickly when dangers come.

The intruders may get angry when he fails to unlock the safe by all means and then he may think of removing the lock as whole. If it is so yet you need to be worry about that as there are also 4 predrilled anchor holes and anchor kit attached that cannot be detached until you wish to.

You can protect 14 long rifles with the safe and you can also store your important files documents or others necessary accessories. The Door is 5-1 /8” thick and the body is 1-3/4”. The inside view is a beauty. Upholstered shelves, thick wall, door panel, magnificent black finished and durable textured with brass trim and well designed brass 3 spoke handle.

This Mesa 14 Gun safe is beyond a safe as it can extend furnishing standard of your house. The outlook is similarly attractive.

Mesa gun safe Mbf6032e

esa gun safe Mbf6032e


  • Solid steel made body construction with fire resistant materials
  • Huge capacity and up to 20 rifles can be stored including other valuables
  • For easy access punch activated spring loaded re-locking device
  • For extending security 1“ live locking solid steel bolts
  • Adjustable and well designed interior shelves
  • Drill resistant hard plate
  • Exterior Dimension: 59”(H), 32”(W) and 22” (D)
  • INTERIOR Dimension: 55”(H) 28.5 (W) and 15.75” (D)
  • Interior space : 14.4 cubic feet
  • Weight: 670 lbs

This 14.4 cubic foot safe has possessed all the requirements to keep safe your firearms from burglary and any other unexpected.

The construction of the safe is an aegis. All steel constructed door having 1 ½ -inch thickness can successfully preserve your valuables from fire as fire-resistant materials are included. For extending security four 1 inch solid steel diameters live locking bolts will definitely make the burglar or introducer disappoint. When disappointment grasps them they might think of removing the door but still their forced attempt would bring them nothing as there are also three huge 1 inch diameter solid steel made hinges to resist their attempt.

Not only the door but the whole body of the MBF6030E is solid still constructed with an overall thickness of 1 ½”, 21 Inch (D), 59” (H), and 30” (W). 1 hour factory tasted 1750° fire rating. The safe has possessed large inside capacity and can hold up to 20 rifles along with other accessories.

The interior view was designed magnificently measuring 55.5” (H), 28.5” (W) by 14.25” (D) and possessing average 13 cubic feet of storage. To accommodate your unique storage demands this safe has been designed with the upholstered shelves and to ensure the highest degree of security the four interior walls are been carpeted by the long lasting grey fabric to connect the door panel. Like all other MESA GUN SAFES the accessing process of this safe is battery operated electronic lock protected by a spring loaded relocking device and for easy and quick access in the crucial moment this spring locking device is punch activated. After all this Limited lifetime warranty is there for you as well.

Mesa gun safe Mbf7236e

Mesa gun safe Mbf7236e


  • 3 huge dead bolts to avoid the risk of removing door and hinges
  • A battery headed electronic lock for high protection system.
  • 11/2 inch thick steel made door that can sustain with no harm in the time of fire.
  • A fascinating interior with several shelves for guns and documents
  • Large storage. Up to 32 rifles can be stored including other valuables.
  • Whole steel made body and four 1-inch diameter solid steel live locking bolts.
  • A total of 22.9 cubic feet of storage.

With the 3 huge dead bolts this MBF7236E offers a strong security against removing the door. An electronic lock which is driven by a battery is one of the most unique parts of this safe. This lock is headed by a device which will manage an extra safety by its punch activated spring loaded re- locking system.

When the question is about any out breaking fire which can be threatened for the weapons, This MBF7236E gun safe is ready to handle it as it has possessed the quality of facing 1 hour fire rating experimented in 1750 degree Fahrenheit temperature. Its 11/2 inch thick door made by steel also mixed up with fire protective material is an extra addition to it.

Four 1-inch diameter solid steel live locking bolts have confirmed the security strongly against risk. Mesa safe MBF7236E reviews are saying how much satisfied the customers having it as their gun gourd. Another individuality of MBF7236E gun safe lies in its internal storage which holds several shelves for your rifles and guns and also for documents.  This safe can bear up to 32 rifles. The internal walls are furnished in enduring grey fabric which keeps the rifles and documents clean and safe. A limited lifetime warranty is a bonus reward for you.

Mesa gun safe Mbf1512c review

Mesa gun safe Mbf1512c


  • L listed group 2 combination lock.
  • An overall capacity of 1.7 cu. ft.
  • A drill resistant hard plate attached with lock.
  • 4-1/2 inch thick steel made door.
  • 4 pre- drilled anchor holes
  • 1-3/4 inch fat body mingled with fire resistant material.
  • 2 story impact rating and 1 removable shelf.
  • Hammered grey finish.
  • Strong steel construction.

Let’s meet Mesa Safe MBF1512C.This Mesa safe MBF1512C has owned the ability offering you the most dependable security system with its strong, fire resistant body and locking method.

U.L listed group 2 combination lock is an upgraded feature of this gun safe made to rely it with full confidence in case of security.  Its 4-1/2 inch thick door can be another trustable department of it preventing from the burglary and nasty guys’ hand. All steel made body will save the weapons with hard and strong defense. 1-3/4 inch thick body built with fire resistant material of mesa gun safe MBF1512C is always eager to face a fight against fire. 2 hours 350 degree Fahrenheit factory rating examined in up to 1830 degrees Fahrenheit points also the capacity of this safe in a worse fire condition. Heat activated seal is an extra advantage of it.

Drill resistant hard plate with 4 pre-drilled anchor holes have added a bit more protection for the peace of mind.

2 story impact rating and 1 removable fascinating shelf is a key feature of this safe. Hammered grey finish increases the beauty of decoration of house as well.

Mesa gun safe company model Mbf3820e

Mesa gun safe


  • Overall exterior dimension: 40.00” (H)X 22.00(W)X 22.00”(D)
  • Overall interior dimension: 36.50” (H) X 19.OO” (w) X 16.00” (D) with 6.42 cubic feet storage.
  • 2 hours fire rating, factory tasted temperature ( up to 1830 °F)
  • Fully upholstered interior with removal shelves for extending capacity.
  • With the power source cord 3 electronic sockets including USB ports
  • Strong steel made body and 4-1/2” thick solid steel made fire resistant door adjusted with heavy steel hinges.
  • Steel deed bolts for preventing door removal
  • With 4 pre-drilled anchor holes extending security and avert burglary.

After evaluating so many mesa gun safes reviews those five I have listed are quite similar to each other having all but similar features. This MBF 3820 Burglary is one of the supergun’s safes of the MBF series. This safe has possessed all the expected demands and requirements to ensure the highest safety of your firearms. The whole body is steel made and 1-3/4” thick possessing a steel plate connected with the fire-resistant materials.

The fire rating in this case is little bit higher than the others described above. 2 hours fire rating and off course factory tasted (up to 1830°). Including power source cord the interior outlet strip possesses 3 electrical sockets and USB ports. High strength well designed removal shelves. Besides, Thick door including heavy-duty steel hinges for the ultimate disappointment of the burglar. For quick unlock when danger comes battery operated electronic lock is there and for easy locking an internal spring loaded relocking device adjusted there which also protects the electronic lock.

The steel dead bolts are well enough to make the forced attempt unsuccessful accomplished for removing the door by breaking the hinges. To extend security 4 pre-drilled anchor holes are there.

Mesa Gun Safe VS Liberty Gun Safe


Liberty safes are not durable; if I say that will be really a misguidance. Off course they are really durable and some their products are lifetime limited warranted. Then what is the difference between Mesa gun safe and Liberty gun safe?

The difference is Mesa provides you most of their products with lifetime limited warranty. Almost every safe’s body of the mesa is steel constructed and fire resistant. They are really strong enough to avert burglary. The fire rating and others related issues are factory tested and the durability is granted for both cheaper and expensive.


Mesa gun safe is relatively cheaper than the liberty safe providing same quality. Liberty safes are well known but in terms of price, they are soaring. Mesa gun safes, on the other hand, are really affordable and there is no compromise in terms of quality.

Minor issues:

To ensure the ultimate security Mesa gun safe is even fairly conscious about the minor issues such as Dead bolts, pre-drilled anchor bolts, heavy steel hinges, electronic devices and so on.  Generally, in case of other brands like liberty, these minor issues are included with the expensive safes. But Mesa makes you facilitated with their very affordable gun safes by including these minor issues.

Features of Mesa Gun Safes

Fully steel made Body:

To ensure the durability of all of their products the initiative was taken by Mesa is really appreciative. Almost every safe manufactured by Mesa is steel body constructed. The thick steel made door even hinges as well are just a pace of mind. The total absence of any composite or plastics materials left no option for you to find out any week point. Another manufacturer may make you facilitated with this but for this, you would have to make a big hole in your wallet.

Fire proofing:

Another unique feature of Mesa gun safe is fire resistant materials. Though the fire rating varies model to model it is certain that in case of every product you are going to be facilitated with this. The range of faire resistant capability generally measures from up to 1750° F for 1 hour to 1200° F for 30 minutes. Therefore, this is a clear example of how sturdy the design is of the products.


To spoil any kind of forced attempt by any intruder or burglar anchor holes are present there. If all its steel construction, in any case, fails to protect the burglar attempt or if the intruder is a success to move the safe after a hard work they may think they have done. But it is done at all since anchor holes present in all models fairly enough strong to make their evil endeavor nearly impossible.

Interior customizations:

The removal shelves allow you to customize the interior capacity. To enhance room for your guns and other valuables most brands don’t provide the facility but here you can be facilitated with almost all the products. This facility is extremely needed when you got an assortment of firearms. Besides this allows you to store your firearms mannerly and need an easy access when you need them in any danger.

Electronic lock:

For easy access, each safe possessed a sophisticated locking system protected by an extra steel layer. It allows you to enter via keypad since the lock operated by the customizable personal code and runs with a 9v battery. For quicker access, you can also use the hidden key system when any unexpected happens.

Locking mechanics:

Each safe possesses the drill-resistant hard plate to ensure the ultimate security. If the burglar has the power bestowed by the Greek God Apollo he will be even unable to avert the strength of the lock since the thick long live huge locking bolts go into the safe’s steel. Notable thing is, in case of model there may be some additional security issues in place.

Final verdict:

MBF3820E has drawn my eyes with some of its very unique features. The interior and exterior design is eye soothing and most importantly the removal shelves. This allows you to enhance the interior capacity and you can store your firearms mannerly for easy pickup.

Thick fire resistant door, steel body constructions, and the pre-drilled anchor holes bring peace of mind. Moreover, the electronic lock, electronic sockets, USB ports all these sophisticated features are included.This keeps you 100 percent burglary safe.

Despite being facilitated with steel deadbolts if you still worry about door removal then keep trust on the 4 pre-drilled anchor bolts. The burglar or intruder will need a superpower to get access by averting all these super securities.

The exterior design and the interior capacity with all the required security features this Mesa MBF3820E has been an inviolable safe for my firearms since I bought it.

So, if I am to choose one among these five I will point my finger to the MBF3820E and after going through so many Mesa gun safe reviews I have found the positive feedback of the people who got these. So, now it’s your turn; keep safe your gun and be safe with Mesa gun safe.

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