Liberty Gun Safe Reviews in 2022 – Experts Top 5 Picks

Are you in need of a legit handgun vault that pays off the investment on it? To feed your intent to the fullest, here we’re with a solid and unbiased liberty gun safes review- one of the best performed gun safe in the industry.

All of these vaults have some excellent features to provide the ultimate safety of your handgun. As your handgun is the sign of your liberty, it’s also quite necessary to give it maximum security to make it safe.

On that note, you can completely keep your faith in one of the liberty handguns provided in the following. A rigid body with strong construction, portability, or sufficient size is the common feature of any liberty gun product. To know more you need to go through the following article about the liberty gun safe.

Therefore, let’s start the liberty gun safes reviews with buying information.

Liberty Gun Safe Reviews in 2022

  1. Liberty Handgun Vault – HD-100 – Quick Combo Vault
  2. Liberty 9G HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric gun Safe
  3. LIBERTY SAFE & SECURITY PROD 10585 24 Gun Safe Door Panel
  4. Liberty Handgun Vault – HD-300 – Quick Combo Vault
  5. Liberty Safe Handgun Vaults Biometric Smart Vault

We know Liberty safe is the best gun safe on the market. There is nothing to say about Liberty gun safe but selecting the right Liberty gun safe according to your preference is not an easy task. We find many Liberty safes available in the market that makes us confused. That’s why we have described the five best liberty safes for sale one by one according to their feature, pros, and cons.

Liberty Handgun Vault HD-100 – Quick Combo Vault

Liberty Handgun Vault HD 100

Liberty handgun volt will provide the maximum safety of your gun. No matter if you are in your house or in the vehicle. Sturdy and strong steel construction along with a number of safety concerns are literally the safest vault you could ever get for your gun.

Product specification Liberty 9G HDX-250

  • Weight: 6.25 lbs
  • Body material: Steel body
  • Portability: Standard
  • Key design specialty: Temperature resistance
  • Dimension: 2.5”X 10.8”X8.3”
  • Battery included with the security cable: 9 volt

Portability for Easy and Safe Carrying

Portability is one of the best features for keeping your handgun with perfect safety. Portability allows you to keep your gun with you wherever you go. While you are3 in travel or in a home, you can easily keep your handgun with you with perfect safety. Especially, while you are on air journey, this handgun especially helps you a lot.

Eligible for keeping many of your necessaries

You can keep not only your handgun but also your bracelet, money or other necessaries in this handgun vault. This vault will keep those goods in the best safety. It has a comparatively lighter interior. The dimension is quite reasonable for keeping small necessaries in it. In addition, its own weight is quite light to carry. Hence, carrying your necessities keeping in it will add extra comfort to you.

A number of safety features

This handgun is blessed with a security cable of a 9V battery. This battery powers an additional security cable to provide you the additional safety to make your goods safe. In general, the piston- operated closing door of this handgun vault is enough to provide your gun and necessaries the perfect safety. Besides, the additional 9V battery powered security cable has increased its reliability to an ultimate position.

Strong steel construction & rigidity

The handgun is provided with complete rigidity for its strong steel-built body materials. This feature has also made it lighter and safer to carry. So, you needn’t worry about safety. Moreover, you can bear it very easily and put it in your travel backpack.


  • 16 ga steel bodies make its structure rigid.
  • Portability allows making your gun a safer companion to you.
  • The temperature resistance interior saves your gun from jamming due to excessive temperature.
  • The interior is quite lighter to make the best carrying facility of it.
  • The key backup allows the manual access also.
  • Airline entry allows keeping it with you while you’re on air travel.
  • 9 V additional batteries provide the energy of the security cable which is quite reliable to secure tour guns.


  • You can’t put your important goods of medium size in it because of its limited interior.
  • It’s comparatively easier for the thieves to take away this vault with the guns for its lighter weight.
  • The dimension doesn’t allow keeping it in your pocket.

Liberty 9G HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric gun Safe

Liberty 9G HDX 250 Smart Vault Biometric gun Safe

It has a biometric locking system with 15 fingerprint memories, which will ensure the ultimate safety of your gun. You can put any gun to any size in it for its sufficient large interior.

Again, many other important goods like passports, money, and even jewelry can be safely kept in it. For this, the vault has taken an important position on the list of liberty safe reviews.

specifications of Liberty 9G HDX-250

  • Biometric generation: 5th generation.
  • Fingerprint memory: 15 fingerprints
  • Body material: 14 gauge steel
  • Designing specialty: reinforcement latch system
  • Dimension: 7”X11”X12”
  • Weight: 16 pounds

15 memory fingerprint sensor

This vault is featured with a biometric auto-open system. There is 15 memory fingerprint sensor to ensure the maximum security of your handgun. You and yours 14 of your other family members can only get the allowance to open the door of the vault. Other than that, no stranger can open the vault and reach for your gun and other necessaries that you’ll keep in the vault.

Anti-pry tabs allow resisting pry attack

This vault allows you anti-pry tabs which protect it from the attack of pry.  The design of this vault is fully reinforcement which is exceptionally safe for keeping your handgun as well as the other necessary goods.

Steel built body material

The body material of this vault is 14 gauge steel made, which is greatly durable. This structure also makes this vault very strong. Hence, the safety of your gun will be ensured.

Quick and smart entry system

The smart and biometric locking system has made this vault special also. It takes seconds only to open the vault after pressing a swift swipe of your finger. So, you can take out the gun within a very short time whenever you want.


  • The 9v battery produces the power supply of the volt.
  • You’ll get an AC adopter here to assist the door open and close.
  • The smarter biometric Swipe technology allows you a smarter opening of the vault.
  • Only 2 seconds time is needed to open the vault after making the recognized swipe of your finger which is really a quite shorter time.
  • The anti-pry technology will save your necessaries from the attack of the pry.
  • Stronger 14 gauge steel body construction with appropriate reinforcement has made this gun vault a special one.
  • You can keep handguns of any size and many types of yours necessaries in it.


  • You won’t get any portable facility from it.
  • The weight of the vault is comparatively higher to carry.
  • The dimension won’t allow to keep it in the narrower place of your house.

LIBERTY SAFE & SECURITY PROD 10585 24 Gun Safe Door Panel

Liberty Safe Gun Safe Accessory Door Panel Size

LIBERTY SAFE & SECURITY PROD 10585 24 Gun Safe Door Panel provides you with huge and durable storage for reserving different types of handguns as well as your important documents. It is a quite large door panel that is featured with multiple storage ad hole stars for keeping all of your handguns in a purely organized way. There is no smarter or automatic access system in it. But its larger size for keeping different types of goods as well as guns has made it as one of the best liberty gun safe for sale. Therefore, you can trust it greatly.

Product Specification of SECURITY PROD 10585 24

  • Body material: Nylon
  • Dimension: 20”X16”X12”
  • Number of Holsters: 6 holsters
  • Fire protection technologies: Standard
  • Mounting bracket: Standard

Multiple quick door holster

Here you can keep multiple guns in this safety vault. Almost 6 guns can be kept safely in it at a time. You can also use the other pockets to keep your passport, money and other accessories in it. The interior is quite organized and gives you proper safety to keep your accessories in a safer and organized way.

Cool pocket allows for fire safety

Cool pockets are some special feature of this gun safe which keeps great influence to make it at the higher position of the liberty gun safes. Cool pockets will save your necessities from the fire.

Safe and durable door panel safe

The fabric of the door panel allows the ultimate protection of the guns and the other necessaries of yours against the pressure. Moreover, you are getting here mounting brackets. Therefore, the opening of the door will be quite swift and safe.


  • 6 quick holsters allow you to keep 6 different types of guns.
  • You can keep guns as well as important documents in it.
  • You’ll get here a cool pocket to protect your important documents from fire.
  • The nylon built body makes only 2.7 pounds of weight which is quite light to carry.
  • You’ll get enough numbers of hardware for mounting all the panels in an organized way.
  • The fabric covered door will keep your documents as well as guns safe.


  • There is no smarter technology to open the lock.
  • No automated security system.
  • The dimension is comparatively larger to keep with you in travel.

Liberty Handgun Vault – HD-300 – Quick Combo Vault

Liberty Handgun Vault  HD 300  Quick Combo Vault

Liberty Handgun Vault – HD-300 – Quick Combo Vault has achieved one of the topmost positions in the liberty safes because of its non-complicated electric security system with a huge interior. You can keep at least 6 guns in this vault. In addition, your passport, tablets and other necessaries can be also kept in it. The interior is organized in such a way that all of your necessaries as well as your guns will remain in quite a safe condition. The protection against temperature is also maintained in it. Moreover, 1000+ combination system setting facility or make the lock has given this vault excellent popularity.

Product specifications of Handgun Vault – HD-300

  • Body material: 16 gauge steel
  • Dimension: 3”X 13.9”X10.1”
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Number of combination option: 1000+
  • Interior heat resisting system:
  • Automatic door opening: Available

Large capacity Interior

The size of the interior of the vault is sufficiently large (8.3” X 13.9” X 10.1”) to put more than 6 guns in it. Along with this, you can keep your passport, laptop, tablet and other gadgets and documents also in it.

A Number of combinations for higher security

In this vault, you’ll get almost 1000 plus combinations for the setting of the locking system of the door. That’s why the security of the guns and other necessaries you’ll keep in will be completely maintained. The door opening system is electrical based and fully automatic. Hence, it’ll be easier to open the door lock for you within a shorter time.

16 gauge steel construction

The steel construction is another feature of the influence of this vault. This provides a good rigidity of this vault. Moreover, you can get better durability because of this feature.

Safe and Temperature resistant interior

Liberty Handgun Vault has a temperature-resistant interior. This interior provides your guns and other sophisticated necessities safe against heat and higher temperatures. Again, the presence of 9V electric power source with the key ensures the swift and automatic opening of the door of the vault.


  • The 16 gauge steel construction will provide outstanding rigidity and durability.
  • You’ll get 1000 plus combination options to set the locking system.
  • Quick and completely soft touch opening facility will help you to take out the gun whenever you need I the shortest possible of time.
  • Along with handgun, you can put your other necessaries like phones, passports or tablets in it for better security.
  • YThe interior temperature resistant facility will give safety to your handgun and other necessaries against heat.


  • This vault isn’t a portable one.
  • You won’t find biometric technology her
  • The weight of the vault is comparatively high.

Liberty Safe Handgun Vaults Biometric Smart Vault

Liberty Safe Handgun Vaults Biometric Smart Vault

The Liberty Safe Handgun Vaults Biometric Smart Vault is a well-constructed and safety ensuring handgun vault. It has enough space in it to store handguns and ammunition for quick purposes. The fingerprint scanner works perfectly and matches the user’s print as soon as it gets a touch.

The vault is very strong and tight. Unless someone’s trying with a blow torch or a band saw, it can’t be opened falsely. The vaults fingerprint scanner can function on both AC adapters and batteries. Though the batteries need double prints to wake up and read the prints, it works smoothly with a little bit of practice.

The difference between batteries and AC adapters is that you would always need to keep it on if you use AC adapters. Some prefer batteries over adapters for this reason only.  Keep reading to know more about this amazing handgun vault.

Product Specification of Handgun Vaults

  • Material Used: Stainless Steel
  • Fingerprint Scanner: Yes
  • AC Adapter: Enabled
  • Biometric Safe: Yes
  • Batteries: Double-A Batteries
  • Ammunition: Space available

Solid and Genuine Build Quality

The handgun vault is made in the USA and has a pretty solid line of defense. It keeps the handgun and ammunition out of the reach of children. If someone tries to break in and get the handgun he/she would have a very hard time opening the vault. The vault works like a safe that can carry small handguns and extra ammunition. So its security totally depends on its strong outer appearance. You can rest assured that this vault would be enough for your safety in your stressful times.

Smooth Fingerprint Scanner

The fingerprint scanner provided with the vault works pretty smoothly. It records the fingerprint at first with easy steps. After that, each time you would just have to smoothly put your finger on top of the scanner and the vault will open immediately. Don’t think that the scanner would make any mistakes. The scanner itself is biometric safe. So no matter how much anyone tries to break in with their fingerprint it won’t matter.

Power Management for Both Parties

The vaults fingerprint scanner can run on both AC adapters and batteries. It’s up to you to set it on the right management. If you use batteries as power source then the scanner would need fingerprints two times. The first time will wake the scanner up and the second one will open the vault. This brief period is called “wake up” period. If you use an AC adapter then you won’t need to face this brief moment. But through a little bit of practice, using batteries would seem a better option for sure.


  • Stainless steel body for better and stronger defense.
  • Biometric fingerprint scanner for unbreakable security.
  • Waterproof and dustproof.
  • Space for ammunition.
  • Quick and precise scanning.


  • Space is not enough for extra ammunition.
  • Can’t carry medium sized guns
  • Using batteries takes a little bit time in opening the safe.

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What is the best Liberty gun safe to buy?

A gun safe in an essentially required safety vault for keeping your handgun safe and functioning. You can keep your other necessary goods like money passports or others in it. So, the rigid body construction will be the first precondition for the best handgun safe. To find the perfect body materials in your gun safe you can go through the liberty safes reviews if necessary. Along with this, a safer access facility is also important. The lighter weight is important for the better portability of the gun safe. On the other hand, the heavier weight is allowed for the bigger static gun safe.

Liberty gun safe problems

There’s also some challenges select liberty gun safe also. The challenges aren’t so crucial actually. Those are nothing but bit limitations. You can easily overcome those problems. Before that, you need to be enough idea about those silly problems.

Insufficient size

The size of the almost all portable liberty gun safe is insufficient to put in the pocket. You can keep these guns safe in the drawer, bonnet of the car, or under your desk, but can’t keep them in your pocket. It’s actually a challenging limitation for liberty gun safe.

Portable For Travel

The rigidity and the safety of liberty handgun safe are quite satisfactory, but the problem is most of the products haven’t the feature of mobility. So, you can’t use most of the liberty handgun while you are in travel. There are only a few liberty handguns which you can take in travel along with you.

Common and General Features

If you completely go through the liberty safes review, you’ll see a great variety of common and general features on different features of liberty handguns. You aren’t able to have most of the common features by purchasing one gun safe only. So, it’s a bit difficult to choose one after taking two similar types of handguns in hand.

Final Verdict

Well, these are all about the liberty gun safe reviews with buying information. This review will provide the idea of some of the most reliable and high-quality handgun vaults. Any of the above vaults can give you the perfect safety of your handgun.

Some of those are portable and competent for carrying other small necessaries along with the handgun. On the other hand, the others allow you to keep many of the necessaries of different sizes for their comparatively bigger dimension. So, don’t make a late. Put an order from the above, whatever you want.

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