Today’s story is about the time when I went wild boar hunting with my friend. I’m going to share details about what we heard and saw. It wasn’t conventional hunting in a sense because we used hunting blind.

A hunting blind is a cover device designed for the hunter to avoid detection by animals. Some are simple and some are very sophisticated. The one we use is elevated and made out of wood. Also, I’m going to discuss what kind of gear one should bring with him.

Feeding Lot

 During wintertime, I usually go to woods three times a week. To put feed for the animals. There are designated places for feeding the animals. A thick layer of snow makes it hard for the animals to get food. So by giving them food is a hunters way of ensuring that there are enough animals. We would like to preserve the balance of nature.

Mostly I used wheat, corn and oats for feed. Especially they like steel rolled oats but it is hard to obtain them nowadays. I was able to get them from a manufacturer who had defect products to dispose of. So he gave them to me. Animals were happy and I was happy. It was a win-win situation.

But now it is hard to get them free so right now I’m giving them vegetables. Especially they like cabbage, carrot and beetroot. After my regular tour around feeding lots, I notice something unusual. There are wild boar tracks coming from behind the hunting blind. Straight to feeding lot. You can see that they dig around in the soil looking for food.

Herd Of Boars

By the looks of the tracks, I can tell that size of the herd is about six to seven pigs. One set of tracks are very big, probably belonging to lead boar. After pouring the wheat onto the feeding lot I took a walk around the woods to see if the herd stayed in the area or moved on. There is a lot of tracks in the area. It seems that they are still here. So I called my friend to let him know that today we are coming back. 

Today is going to be a full moon which makes everything much easier. It lights up woods so it is better to see. Nice trick to know is that if you can see anymore in the woods during the night. Then look up to the moon for a couple minutes and after you look down again. You should see a lot better. 

Full moon makes it easier to see but it also makes animals more cautious. They can sense that it is more dangerous the move around but empty stomach is something which is hard to ignore.

Full Moon Hunt

It is time to pack up my gear. If you are going to ambush wild boars from hunting blind you have to consider that boars can hear well. So all the clothes must be made of fabric that doesn’t make any rustle. If you cant avoid this then you must stay very still during the ambush. So my list of gear consists of a head flashlight, strong rope, proper knife, thermos filled with tea, rifle Tikka T-3 and lots of warm clothes. Everything is packed up and I’m ready to go. I’ll meet up with my friend and we start driving towards hunting blind. 

After arriving at near woods we parked the car and started our one-kilometer hike to hunting blind. Less odd smells there is the better because wild boars can smell if something isn’t right. So we made it to blind. Climbed up and prepared ourselves for the long wait. I haven’t heard so silent woods for a long time. It’s somewhat eerie.

Waiting In Cold 

Because it’s pretty cold I recommend that I’ll pour us some tea. I poured my buddy a cup of tea and sat there listening to the sound of the silence and looking at that beautiful sight. Where the full moon shines over the forest. Suddenly there was a loud crack. And another one. We realized that it has to be a large animal. After half an hour there was another crack behind us. I told my friend that is was a wild boar who is trying to sense if going to the feeding lot is safe.

Big Boar

All of a sudden we saw how a big boar went to the feeding lot. It had two big fangs at least 6-7 cm long. He was restless and was making circles around the feed. My friend took out his rifle and supported on the edge of the blind. I whispered to him that now is the right time. He took a shot. There was a loud thump and after that wild boar ran away. Storming through bushes like a tank. Suddenly everything went quiet again. We waited a least one hour before we went looking for boar. Wild boar who has fangs could be very dangerous to humans, especially if he is wounded.

We walked about 100 meters into the woods where we found the boar. It weighed about 130 kg and was a male. I went back to the car to drive a little bit closer. Meanwhile, my friend tied him up with the rope I brought. It took us a lot of effort to get him out. After we managed to get him onto the car I congratulated my friend for a successful shot. We started driving back to the compound where there was a task of skinning the animal waiting for us. It was a memorable night for us.

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