10 Best hunting hand warmers in 2022 – Dealing with frost hands

More and more people are already aware of the health benefits of having a hunting hand warmer, but they may not be aware of all the other benefits that it holds. These days, the number of interest for hand warmers for hunting is growing dramatically.

And there are hundreds of different products in each of the stores. How then can a consumer make the choice that is best for them? We’ve got your covered. Quality hand warmer is a very useful item if you enjoy hunting in the cold weather.

It is a must-have for those who love hunting in the winter months. The Hunter Safety System Muff Pak Hand Warmer is one of the best with its superior comfort, versatility, and how easy it is for anyone to use. We run through several hand warmers and we could choose it as the best without any second thought.

However, there are many others that you can choose based on your preference and budget, and we have the lists of those you can consider below.


Hand warmer pouch for winter hunting

Hunting hand warmer

1. Hunter Safety System Muff Pak Hand Warmer

Gently heat your hands with the warmth of Hunter Safety System’s Muff Pak Hand Warmer. This convenient, battery-powered hand warmer uses flexible heating panels that gently heat to keep warm air circulating to maintain a consistent temperature for several hours.

The muffpak comfortably wraps around your hand and fits anywhere in tactical gear, such as many MOLLE systems used by hunters and military personnel. The soft-touch feel of the plastic provides a comfortable grip for comfort, while the elastic band on the muffpak keeps it secure around your wrist.

If you are often hunting in cold weather, the Hunter Safety System Muff Pak Hand Warmer is a great accessory for keeping your hands warm. With two pockets, it can fit easily into your muffs or gloves while you hunt.

It provides up to 10 hours of heat from two single-use packets of chemical hand warmer. Using this product will reduce frostbite risk.

Whether you’re a young archer or an experienced hunter, you’ll appreciate the warmth and comfort of the Muff Pak Hand Warmers. These reusable hand warmers have adjustable heat settings, so you can adjust them to provide just the right amount of heat for your hands.

They are also lightweight and compact, making them easy to store in any pocket on your clothing or gear. You can adjust the heat with the touch-up cord reducing it to carefully control heat.


  • You can adjust the heat with the touch-up cord
  • Ergonomically shaped for comfortable use.
  • Safe to use for a longer period
  • Perfect for winter hunting
  • It provides up to 10 hours of heat
  • Custom-fit


  • It has no significant setback

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2. Mossy Oak Hunting Handwarmer Muff Buc

Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories Hunter's MO-MUFF-BC...
  • Soft lined interior
  • 3 exterior storage pockets
  • Pull-out phone case

A must-have for any cold-weather hunt, the Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories Hunter’s MO-MUFF-BC Handwarmer Muff Buc can be worn on the hands or tucked in a jacket to provide extra warmth and comfort.

This innovative hand warmer muff employs 100% polyester fleece on both sides, so it’s soft and comfortable against the skin and wicks moisture to ensure that your hands stay warm and dry. TheMO-MUFF-BC Handwarmer Muff is the best way to stay warm in the field or on the stand.

This high-quality hand muff will trap heat and comfort your hands during high and cold temperatures. The Hunter’s MO-MUFF-BC Handwarmer Muff Buc was developed in response to requests from dozens of hunters across the country for a warmer hand muff that still gives room for access to their gun.

It is the perfect way to get your hands warm without carrying around bulky campfire mittens, and its design and operation make it a great gift for your hard-working hunter and outdoorsman.

Also, the muffs keep your hands protected when you are out hunting and give room for 360-degree movement, while the headgear adjustments help you move freely. They also help prevent the loss of fingers due to frostbite, which can happen in extreme outdoor temperatures.


  • Adjustable headband with a fleece lining inside
  • Insulated with synthetic insulation
  • Very safe and easy to use
  • Strong and durable to handle tough weather conditions


  • It has no significant setback

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3. NEW VIEW Hunting Hand Muff

Hunting Hand Warmer Muff Fits for Hunting, Fly...
  • MATERIAL:The hand warmer muff is made...
  • EXTERNAL STRUCTURE:A muff with the...
  • MULTI-ROLE:Can lengthen the shoulder...

With the hand warmer muff, you’ll be able to hunt longer and more comfortably in adverse weather and temperatures. The NEW VIEW Muff warms your hands by pulling body heat from your arms without adding extra bulk.

It uses power generated from your body and the chemical reaction of water to keep your hands comfortably warm through the most frigid days. The muff is lightweight, water-resistant, easy to pack, and can be worn over gloves.

It is made of nylon and fleece. This invention will provide you with up to 12 hours of warmth. Also, it has stretch neoprene arm openings, making it comfortable for side-entry, while the Velcro tab allows for total adjustability.

The construction of the muff boasts of a neoprene inner liner that keeps hands comfortable as you go about your hunt. Also, the knitted outer shell also helps to keep out the cold, and it is lined with a soft fleece material to be gentle against the skin.

With NEW VIEW Hand Warmer Muffs, you will never again have to worry about your fingers getting numb during the colder months.


  • Reliable and effective
  • Its design allows for a custom fit
  • Lightweight and water-resistant
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Also, it can be washed with water and soap


  • It has no significant setback

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4. HOT SHOT Men’s Camo Razorback Reversible Fleece Hand Muff

HOT SHOT Men’s Camo Razorback Reversible Fleece...
  • INSULATED: The Men’s Hot Shot...
  • OUTDOOR: The Razorback tube hand muff is...
  • REVERSIBLE: Flip this hand warmer inside...
  • HUNTING GEAR: The muff has a 1.5 inch...

For cold winter days, the HOTSHOT Camo Razorback Reversible Fleece Hand Muff is your perfect partner for comfort and warmth. The Razorback Reversible Fleece Hand Muff is cold weather hunting gear made with two heavy camo polyester fleece linings that are separated with a soft quilted microfiber middle.

It is perfect for those cold winter mornings hunting quests. This one-size-fits-most design is made with a blend of 70% polyester and 30% cotton material and features bold camo coloration on one side, while the other side is a solid white.

The fully reversible muff comes equipped with an elasticized wrist cuff for ease of movement and functionality. Also, it is made with moisture-wicking fleece to quickly move perspiration away from your skin. This product has a camo design with adjustable hook & loop cuff closures, perfect for outdoorsmen.


  • Comfortable and convenient to use
  • Adjustable design
  • It is made from top quality materials
  • Perfect for winter hunting


  • It doesn’t come with insulation material. So, it only keeps the hand warm by trapping body heat.

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5. Legendary Whitetails Men’s Standard HuntGuard

Legendary Whitetails Men's Standard HuntGuard Text...
  • CLEAR SMARTPHONE WINDOW: Need to look...
  • EASY TRAVEL: Throw this in your bag for...
  • ADDED WARMTH: The polyester fleece is...
  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: With soft...

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your hands were too cold to shoot? And fast forward to when you are duck hunting on a cold fall morning, and the sun is rising, giving you just enough warmth. The Legendary Whitetails Men’s Standard HuntGuard Muffs are capable of handling both of these situations and more.

The Legendary Whitetails Men’s Standard HuntGuard Muff is a premium performance glove for those chilly days in the deer woods or ducks blind. The full-grain leather palm gives complete control to keep your hands where they need to be for accuracy, and the nylon shell provides warmth with wind protection.

The versatile design fits around either hand to protect against wind, rain, and snow and eliminates hand calluses. The slip-on fleece hand muffs are also machine washable, which makes it simple to keep these muffs clean.


  • It keeps the hand warm and breathable
  • Easy to use all the time
  • Perfect for winter hunting
  • Easy to maintain


  • It comes in just one size

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6. Anyoupin Camo Hand Warmer Muff

Anyoupin Camo Hand Warmer Muff for Hunting Warmth...
  • MATERIAL:The hand warmer muff is made...
  • EXTERNAL STRUCTURE:A muff with the...
  • MULTI-ROLE:Can lengthen the shoulder...

The Anyoupin Camo Handwarmer muff is divided into two pockets and has two smaller pockets inside, which are all independent. Their functions are not the same while one is to keep your hand warm, the other pocket is to store things.

Also, the Anyoupin Hand Warmer Muff is very flexible and portable, and it is made up of high-quality material. It’s composed of high-quality fabric that is very soft, comfortable, and warm, so it will provide warmth all through the winter.

Moreover, the two rechargeable heat packs integrated into each muff can be charged 1000 times and can be used for 4-6 hours each time. The handwarmer muffs are perfect for hunters, fishermen, hikers, skiers, or other outdoor activities.

The Anyoupin Hand Warmer Muff with its neoprene and fleece lining and Velcro closure, will help keep your hands warm while shooting. The top stays open so you can work the bolt and the interior has a loop to hold caps, gloves, or brushes.


  • Flexible and portable
  • It keeps your hand warm and comfy
  • Very safe to use
  • Provide warmth all through winter hunting


  • It has no significant setback

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7. SITKA Gear Incinerator Insulated Hand Muff

SITKA Gear Incinerator Muff Optifade Elevated II...
  • INCINERATOR MUFF - Available as one size...
  • SITKA Gear – We pride ourselves on...

Protect your hands and keep them warm on the coldest days with the SITKA Gear Incinerator Insulated Hand Muff. This lightweight, machine washable hand muff features Thermacore™ insulation that produces heat and wicks away moisture, keeping your hands warm while hunting at any temperature.

You are doing yourself a lot of good by using the hand muff for any hunting activity in the winter season. The glove is outfitted with Abilitree AP fabric for top-notch durability and weather resistance to protect your hands from the elements.

The Abilitree AP fabric features a high-water content for added comfort, superior breathability, and moisture-wicking, so you stay dry and comfortable outdoors. In addition, the adjustable hook-and-loop cuff helps to ensure a snug fit in addition to added comfort, and reflective accents help to keep you visible when you’re out for early morning or evening hunts.

Also, its lining comes with a heat-absorbing layer of 100% recycled polyester fiberfill, providing warmth in cool to freezing conditions. The extra-thick hand muff will fit over most gloves, so you can always keep your hands warm. It also incorporates an antimicrobial treatment to help prevent odors and keep you feeling fresher longer.


  • Built for the most extreme weather conditions
  • Over-mitt design protects your hands from icy temperatures
  • Superior breathability and moisture wicking
  • Topnotch durability and weather resistance


  • It comes in just one design

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8. Savior Heated Hand Muff

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With the Savior Heated Hand Muff, you can keep your hands warm while you’re hunting in the field. It is perfect for snow and ice activities. Also, the muff is easy to use and provides heat in a sturdy, lightweight design.

The Savior heated hand muff features reflector heat technology, providing an even distribution of heat across the hand. The strong and practical yet lightweight polyester shell fits easily into your jacket pocket to provide you with instant warmth when needed and is machine washable.

In addition, the Savior Heated Handwarmer is perfect for those with sensitivities to the cold. It is comfortable and soft, with a padded nylon front cover and fleece lining. It provides heat in all weather conditions and will not overheat like some electric gloves.

Also, it has a design that conforms to the shape of your hand. It comes with all that you need to enjoy the best of the muff in cold weather season. When charging it, it will turn red, and when fully charged, it will give a green light.


  • It comes with an easy-to-use detachable belt
  • Better thermal performance
  • The surface is resistant to water
  • It is made from comfy polyester fabric
  • Perfect for hunting in the winter season


  • It has no significant setback

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9. Browning 129222 Wicked Wing Handwarmer

Browning Wicked Wing 129222 Wicked Wing Handwarmer
  • Browning Brand has come to represent...
  • We have partnered with many companies to...
  • Browning-branded products will embellish...

The Wicked Wing Handwarmer by Browning is perfect for those who want to keep their hands warm without having to wear bulky gloves. This convenient handwarmer is lightweight and compact since it’s collapsible, making it easy to store in a pocket or pack in a gear bag when not in use.

It features heat-reflective fabric on the outside that absorbs, holds, and reflects body heat to help improve hand warmth. On the inside, the soft polyester lining traps air to act as an insulator for increased warmth and cushions fingers from moisture.

The thermal storage compartment features a waterproof flannel liner and can be used to keep your hands warm. The Wicked Wing Handwarmers are equipped with synthetic fur trim at the sides, which helps to reduce moisture build-up inside of the handwarmer pockets and keeps you dry and comfortable.

In addition, it features an elastic cuff that easily slips on the wrist with a banner tab label for easy identification. It’s ideal for all types of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts


  • keeps your hands dry and comfortable
  • Weather-resistant polyester
  • Lightweight and warm
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Fluffy faux-fur warm lining
  • It folds flat to fit easily in your pocket


  • It has no significant setback

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10. ALPS OutdoorZ Deluxe Hand Warmer

ALPS OutdoorZ Deluxe Hand Warmer, Realtree MAX-5
  • Made of water resistant neoprene, paired...
  • Top swivel clips and bottom D-Rings...
  • Clear vestibule pocket, Velcro pocket...
  • Adjustable waist belt accommodates to a...

The ALPS Outdoorz Deluxe Hand Warmer features a compressed super-insulated ceramic disk that provides up to 12 hours of constant heat. This durable hand warmer comes equipped with a warming pouch that protects it from water damage.

It is made of a fire-resistant nylon fabric that helps prevent burns during use and is powered by an eco-friendly fuel source, making the hand warmer easy to use, clean, and readily available. It is designed for keeping hands warm while hunting, fishing, camping, skiing, and snowboarding.

The OutdoorZ Deluxe Hand Warmer is a portable hand warmer that comes complete with a rubber grip, clip, and a heat control dial to give you the freedom to adjust the heat based upon your desires.

In cold temperatures, nothing keeps hands warmer and more comfortable than a high-quality hand warmer, and the Deluxe Hand Warmer from ALPS is all that you need.


  • Safe and easy to use
  • Perfect for hunting
  • It keeps the hand warm at all time
  • It has a compact design


  • It has no significant setback

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Do hunters use hand warmers?

Every hunter that hunts during cold weather conditions knows the importance of having a hand warmer. It is an essential tool that helps to keep the hands warm at all times when exposed to cold air.

Which hand warmers are the best?

Any hand warmer that can keep your hand warm is known to be the best. However, from our lists above, the Hunter Safety System Muff Pak Hand Warmer comes on top of the list because of its features and performance.

How do you stay warm while hunting?

The simple way you can stay warm is to be kitted with adequate clothing that can trap body heat and prevent the direct impact of cold air on your body. The hand muff is the best for hands.

Can hand warmers be dangerous?

Yes, hand warmers can be dangerous if you fail to regulate the level of heat you are exposing your hand to. Always opt for one that you can easily regulate to ensure you are safe at all times.

Important things to consider

hunting hand warmers


The material of the hand warmer is an important factor that you need to consider. If you are getting a hand Warmer for hunting in the winter season, it has to be one that can keep your hands warm indeed and at the same time easy to use.

You need to check the material of the shell and ensure it is one that can repel the impact from the environment, while the inner liner must be made of materials that will keep your hand comfy and warm.

Entry point

Some warmer or muff are made with elastic entry points, and I will always opt for that. They are effective in keeping your hand safe and secure while they don’t allow the air from the cold atmosphere to get into the inner part of the muff.

Thinsulate insulation material

Some hand muff comes with Thinsulate insulation material that helps to emit heat in the inner part of the muff to ensure your hand doesn’t get frost. This type of hunting muff is the best for hunters that hunt in intensely cold weather conditions.

However, it has its disadvantages as your hands can get hurt from the heat, which is the reason you should opt for one that has adjustable settings. Also, some don’t have a heating system, but it comes with a design that helps to trap your body heat to keep your hands warm.


If you are on the lookout for a hunting hand warmer you can use during winter seasons, we have you covered. We have the lists of the warmers you can consider with some information as well that you need to know before choosing the muff you think will be best for your hunting routine and quest.