In today’s story, I’m going to write about Marten, about his life and where he lives. Going to list top five baits for catching Marten. Last but not least I’m going to describe a hunting trip where I caught a Marten. To catch a Marten you have to have excellent bait. Top 5 baits are: … Read more


Time For Beaver Hunting Hunting beavers during wintertime can be tricky depending on weather conditions. Usually, beavers have all their winter supplies collected and don’t come out from the water. Since spring is arriving and the weather is getting warmer I have been out checking any signs of beaver activities. So far nothing. Read more … Read more

First Lite Corrugate Guide Pants Review 2022

First lite corrugate guide pants

With this First lite corrugate guide pants review, we will share with you all that you need to know about the pant. Without a doubt, the first lite corrugate guide pant is one of the best durable and breathable hunting pants you will find in the market today.

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How often do deer have babies?

Deer fawns are usually born around April, June, and July. You might be wondering how often do deer have babies. Generally, during the first year of a deer’s life, the deer will have a fawn each year, and after that, they begin to have twins and triplets. The birth cycles happen each year around the same period. 

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10 Best Wood to Make a Bow 2022

best wood to make a bow

If you are looking for the best wood to make a bow, then you are just in the right place. For the DIY enthusiasts that doesn’t fancy spending on acquiring finished products but love to put their skills to work, here are some of the wood that can be considered for making a bow.

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Lone wolf climbing sticks – Is it worth it or not?

Lone wolf climbing stick

The undeniable truth is that lone wolf climbing sticks stand out among many other climbing sticks for hunting you will find out there. Hunting from the tree stand is very dangerous because you need to be high off the ground. However, climbing the tree is more dangerous which is the reason you need a lone wolf climbing stick.

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Do deer decoys really work? The Secrets Revealed

Do deer decoys really work?

Do deer decoys really work? Hunting indeed requires skills and experience, but with deer hunting, one of the things that influence your performance is the use of decoy. Deer decoys work perfectly, and the outcome is mind-blowing when you use them in the right way.

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Public hunting land in Florida – Secured areas to hunt in Florida

Public hunting land in Florida

Florida has a wide variety of public hunting land available to the hunter looking for a place to hunt deer, dove, turkey, quail, duck, or many other different types of animals. It is essential to find out what you can and cannot hunt in public hunting land in Florida so that you do not get in trouble with the law.

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What are the best blood tracking dogs – Expert hunters revelation

best blood tracking dogs

The best blood tracking dogs are an excellent partner to any hunter who likes to track their game and might need a little extra help. These breeds of dogs will follow a scent trail for up to two days. They can climb walls and trees, work hard, and never give up on the job. So what are the best blood tracking dogs?

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