What are the best hunting games for kids?

Kids love to play games and you have nothing to do about it. But considering the right hunting games for kids, you need to know the different kinds of hunting games and which is right for your kids. There are many but we’ve noticed angry bird double fishing game is not strange to most kids.

The best hunting games for kids include hungry shark arena, hunt cook, wild game 3D, skeet challenge, deer hunting, big bird hunting, bear hunter and duck shooter to mention a few. You can find more on each of them below.

Top pick

1. Hungry shark arena

2. Hunt cook

3. Duck hunter

Best hunting games for kids

So, without wasting much of your time, let’s dive into details on each of the games we have on this page. We don’t just list the game but we also describe how it is been played so you can teach your kids how to have uninterrupted fun with each of the hunting games.

1. Hungry shark Arena

hungry shark arena game

Sharks are known to be one of the dreadful animals out there in the ocean. Well, that is what we got to know from discovery world or Nat geo. The game is fun and the instruction is straightforward. So, your kids do not need a long time for them to easily get through to how to play the game.

The rule of the game is that you have to become the last man standing. You are controlling the shark and so you have to ensure nothing happens to the shark else, you lose the level and have to start all over again.

So, in this game, you have your opponents in the water such as other fishes, the birds that come on the water, and humans that swim in the water. You have to eat them all. You should ensure you move smartly in the water and eat anything that comes your way but never should you eat anything of your size or that is bigger than you.

The shark arena adventure is to ensure you survive at all costs. Once you eat other fishes, your score is increasing and you should never let any other opponent eat you or harm you else, you will lose that level.

2. Hunt Cook

Hunt cook game

The next game on the line is known as hunt cook. It is technically a cooking game but requires you to leave your comfort zone to look out for animals you can hunt, bring to your restaurant and cook for your customers.

So, you have to play the role of the hunter by going out into the wild, find hunt stuff and then bring them back into the restaurant where you prepare them. It is one of the time killer means of keeping your kids busy. The game can easily be found on the play store and it’s easy to download and install.

3. Wild hunter 3D

wild 3D hunter game

Wild hunter 3D game is a mission-style game that is filled with lots of amazing missions you have to accomplish. In the game, you’ve got a lot of weapons to collect and you can also upgrade as you advance to new levels. You can easily download the game on the google app store.

4. Deer Hunting

deer hunting game

In this game, you have to shoot the buck to earn points. It requires lots of concentration and focuses as you can easily lose a point by shooting a doe. So, you have to get the big ones and not the small ones and you have to be accurate with your shooting. The game isn’t much of a graphic game and will be fun for kids from age 8 and above.

5. Skeet Challenge

Skeet challenge game

If your kids are like mine that detests killing, the skeet challenge is the right game for such kids. This game will help your kids learn to be alert in whatever they do. All it involves is moving the mouse around to aim and hit the skeet.

It sounds simple and easy but it is quite hard and demanding to hit skeet. You only have two bullets so it is a challenge to use the bullets rightly else, you lose the level and start all over. It is a great game for kids of all ages.

6. Big Bird Hunting

Big bird hunting game

This game allows your kids to experience real-life hunting using bow and arrow. Your kids will handle the bow and arrow to take down birds out of the sky. It is quite difficult to aim and shoot accurately which is the reason the game is a challenging one for kids.

It is ideal for kids from age 8 and above. One of the things with the game is that it gets addictive once you start earning points with your accurate shot at the birds.

7. Duck Shoot

Duck shooting game

Duck shoot is also a game for kids from age 6 and above. The game involves shooting a rubber duck out of the sky. You have to use a mouse and spacebar, aim, and shot accurately at the duck in the air.

The game becomes more challenging and difficult as you move from one stage to another. Without a doubt, your kids will love the game.

8. Bear Hunter

beer hunting game

Bear hunter game offers your little kids a realistic bear hunting experience. Getting the bears on level one is easy but it gets harder as you move up each level. It is not for the faint-hearted as the bear gives sound whenever you shoot.

So, kids that are afraid should not go anywhere near playing the game.


Kids love to play games and that is common to all of them. Even the one that is shy or reserve also loves to play the game. Well, that is from my observation. So, we decide to share with you the list of the best hunting games for kids you can consider downloading and install on your gadget for your kids.

Some of the games can be found on Playstore or Appstore while you can download some from online websites. There are more to the games but we are sure your kids will have fun and excitement with any of the games listed above.

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