How to wash scent lok clothes?

Scent Lok clothes are specifically made to hide the human scent. Hunters use the scent Lok, and they wear it during hunting to keep their prey from knowing they are nearby. Scent Lok comes in different sizes. It is available for women, children, and men. Scent Lok technology is available in pants, shirts, jackets, hats, and more. How to wash scent lok clothes is a different process from how we wash normal clothes.

Scent Lok clothes are not meant to be washed all the time, and they should only be worn once. It is best to wash scent lok clothes in cold water instead of warm water, and it can be washed either with by with a washing machine. A scent-resistant approved detergent is best to use when washing to remove dirt and oil. 

After washing your scent lok clothes, make sure that they are dry before storing them. Next, you should line dry your scent lok.

How do you clean scent blockers?

How to wash scent lok clothes

Cleaning scent blocker is pretty easy. All you have to do is wash it in cold water either by hand or with a washing machine on a gentle cycle. Make sure you choose your detergent carefully; avoid using scented detergent; otherwise, the smell could alert animals.

Do not use a detergent that will brighten the color of the garment, as the color can alert wild animals and make them sense danger. Avoid bleach or softeners, and make sure the scent blocker is completely dry before you put it in storage. Make sure it is stored in a very clean place. 

Does scent loks clothing really work?

Scent Lok clothing is what hunters wear to hide their scent from wild animals, so they won’t know they are around. Scent Lok clothing is available for men, women, and children. However, most people are curious if scent loks clothing really works. 

The active ingredient in scent lock is activated carbon, and activated carbon is a highly effective odor absorbent. Testing on scent lok shows that scent lok carbon hunting clothing fabrics blocked about 96 -99 percent of odor compounds and 100 percent of body odor compounds. 

Research has also shown that scent lok carbon fabric continues to be highly effective at blocking human odor even after washing and drying.

How does scent blocker clothing work?

Scent blocker clothing is made to absorb your body odor through the activated carbon that is sewn in the material. Scent blocker clothing can last for about one to two seasons before it stops absorbing odors.

Scents are produced from the human body when it breaks down molecules to make energy. Those odors are poured out through the skin and breath, then those substances known as the VCOs can volatilize into the air and spook deer while hunting. 

How long does scent blocker clothing last?

How long the scent blocker clothing will last depends on how you use it and maintain it. If the scent blocker clothing is well maintained, it can last for about 3-5 years.

However, the scent blocker clothing might not last long if you are the type of hunter that is always knee-walking or belly-crawling in the woods for about five months a year. 

If you work in the field for about 20-30 days a year, then the scent blocker should last 3-5 years if you follow the instructions and also if you can also maintain it well. 

Should I wash my new scent lok?

It is not advisable to wash your new scent lok, because the less often you wash it, the better your carbon gear becomes. You should only wash your scent lok if it is muddy or if it has visible blood on it from your hunting. 

You can wash your scent lok garment about once or twice a year. If you want to wash your scent lok, it is best to wash it with a scentless detergent for carbon clothing. This will make the scent concealing ability of the scent lok clothing last longer.

Also, if you won’t want to wash your scent lok cloth, it is best to wash it in cold water by hand or with a washing machine. Make sure you dry it completely after washing and store it in a clean place. 

How does scent lok ozone work?

Scent Lok ozone is made to destroy any type of odors or bacteria. It does this by discharging a powerful stream of ozone molecules.

When ozone comes in contact with smelly contaminants, the chemical structure of the contaminants will be changed to a different compound, which eliminates the offensive odor. This process is called oxidation, and it destroys the odor. The ozone will then revert back to oxygen. 

How to wash scent lok clothes

How can I hide my scent when hunting?

As a hunter, you need to hide your scent from wild animals. Doing this will prevent the animals that you are hunting from detecting your presence. This will keep you concealed and increase your success rate.

You might be wondering how you can hide your scent from wild animals when hunting. Here are some steps to help you successfully hide from wild animals. 

  1. When you go out to the woods to hunt, make sure you wash your clothes with a scent-free high-quality detergent. Apart from your body, you need to be mindful of any other things you will bring with you into the forest so as not to spook the animals with foreign scents.
  2. When you are done washing your clothes, the next step is to dry them out. Make sure you dry them under the sun completely. It is okay to dry them with a dryer during the winter season. If you are using a dryer, make sure not to use any fabric softener. Make sure your clothes are completely dry before you wear them. 
  3. Make sure to shower with a scent killer body wash, shampoo, and a hunter deodorant. If you don’t have a shower or use a hunter deodorant, you will alert the animals. Whitetail deer especially are scared of human scent, so reducing the odor is really important. It is also important to brush your teeth and make sure your mouth doesn’t smell meat. 
  4. If you want to hide your scent successfully from wild animals, then you should avoid wearing your scent lok clothes from home. Branching at a restaurant to eat, stopping at a gas station to fill your car, or sweating in your clothes due to a long walk will all alert wild animals to you. Likewise, it is best not to wear hunting clothes until you arrive at the hunting area. It is also important that you don’t remove them from the protective container they came in. 
  5. Make sure you get a very high-quality scent lok spray. When you get the spray, make sure you spray your booth and also your clothes. Allow them to dry before putting them in the container. 
  6. Make sure you store your hunting clothes where minimal odors will be able to contact them. Don’t leave them in your car. Fumes can get to them in the car, and whitetails can sense that. Always store them in a clean place. 
  7. Be smart with your hunting. Try to check the weather before you go hunting. You should go hunting only when the conditions are in your favor. You shouldn’t go hunting when it is windy and thermal. 

How far away can deer smell doe urine?

Deer has an extremely sensitive sense of smell. This sense of smell is much more sensitive than that of humans, and it can be hard for humans to grasp just how sensitive their sense of smell is.

Deer’s sense of smell is so strong that they can detect smells from up to a quarter-mile away. In addition, the sense of smell of a deer can increase from a quarter-mile to a half-mile away if the weather is favorable.

These favorable weather conditions include moderate humidity and a gentle breeze. Therefore, a deer can smell doe urine from a quarter mile up to a half-mile away, depending on the weather conditions.

Are deer attracted to period blood?

Deer has a very sensitive sense of smell, much more sensitive than that of humans. So it makes sense that deer can easily pick up the smell of blood from a woman on her period. 

However, some hunters wonder if the deer are attracted to period blood. Currently, there is no scientific evidence to prove that deer are attracted to the smell of period blood.

How to wash scent lok clothes

Is under armor face mask washable?

Under armor, a face mask is a special type of sports masks that athletes mostly use. It is made up of three different layers. First, there is a spacer fabric that won’t allow the material to touch your mouth and nose.

There are also open layers that will allow the passage of air, blocks sweat, and UA ISO chill to keep your skin cool. 

Under armor face mask is designed with durable elastic material, making it last longer. In addition, it is very breathable, which makes it more comfortable to use than any other face mask. It is also washable, and you can re-use it.

You can wash it by hand using a laundry detergent or use a washing machine on a light setting and let it air dry. This would make it come out nice and fresh.    

Are under armor face masks well?

Under armor, face masks are really good and very comfortable to use. They are a special type of mask that athletes use. Under armor, face masks are made up of three layers there is a spacer fabric that keeps the material off your mouth and nose, an open-cell foam layer that allows the passage of air and blocks sweat.

Under armor face masks also have UA ISO chill that keeps the skin cool. This face mask is water-resistant and prevents your sweat from getting the mask wet. The Under-armor face mask allows you to breathe easily. The ear loops are stretchy, and it is made with durable elastic material to make them last longer. 

Does scent lok work?

Scent Lok is used to hiding human smell from wild animals. Hunters mainly use it to prevent wild animals from knowing they are nearby. Scent Lok is highly effective, and it has carbon which is a highly effective odor absorbent.

Research has shown that scent lok carbon hunting clothing fabrics can block up to 96 – 99 percent of odor compounds and essentially 100 percent of surrogate body odor compounds. 

Scent Lok is highly effective and reusable. Even after washing or drying, the scent lok carbon fabric will still effectively block human odors from wild animals. As a result, scent Lok clothes are said to be more effective than any other product competitor in the market.

How do you get rid of human scent for hunting?

When you are going hunting, you need to hide your scent from wild animals in order for them not to know that you are around them. As a result, you need to get rid of human scent for hunting. Human scent includes many odors such as sweat, tobacco, shampoo, deodorant, etc.

l For you to get rid of human scent for hunting, you should get a human scent-blocking clothing like scent blocker, scent lok, or any other scent hiding product you can find. When you are going hunting, do not wear your scent hide clothing from home.

This is very important for you not to get the smell of gas on you when you stop at the gas station or the smell of food when you go to the cafeteria to get your breakfast. It is advisable to wear your scent cloth only when near the forest.

l Another important way to get rid of human scent for hunting is to brush your teeth before going hunting. Whitetails can be alerted to the meaty smell from your mouth.

You also need to keep your scent clothing safe after each hunt. Don’t just keep it anywhere like dropping it in your car; the fumes from the car give it an odor that will alert animals. It is advisable to store your hunting clothes in a very clean place. 

Can you wear deodorant while hunting ?

While hunting, you can wear deodorant, but it has to be a human scent hide deodorant. You can’t just wear any deodorant, or else you will alert wildlife to yourself. The smell from just any normal deodorant might put you in danger or make hunting difficult. 

You can use various human scent hides, and deodorants are not left out. You can use the deodorant with your human scent lok and the body shampoo to get rid of your smell completely. 


How to wash scent lok clothes? Scent Lok is an invaluable tool to every hunter, and you know you should know the ins and outs of taking care of your gear and washing your scent lok. As long as you take care of your scent lok and maintain it, it will keep you safe from wild animals and prevent you from being detected by your game.