How to wash hunting clothes – Tips for beginners and experts

Have you ever wondered how to wash hunting clothes so that they’re as good as new? We have the right guide for you on this page. Not everyone loves to watch clothes or handle washing chores, but you have to wash them with your hunting clothes.

Washing hunting clothes is a necessary task that everyone has to do and you can do it with your hand or you make use of a washing machine. Keeping your clothes clean thus have its way of enhancing your hunting performance. So, you need to always keep it clean at all time. 

Washing hunting clothes is a good idea. It’s even more crucial if you are planning to be in the woods for some time. The warmer the climate, the more likely you are to build up some odor, which could alert some animals with high smell sense.

There are many reasons why hunters should make sure that they clean and wash their hunting clothes and other equipment after every hunting trip.

Aside from that, it is also recommended that hunters treat their clothing with insect repellant to ensure that they remain free from bites during long hunting hours. However, that’s not all the importance. Not to divert from our main focus, let’s check out how you can wash your hunting clothes.

How to wash hunting clothes

how to wash hunting clothes

There are two ways you can wash your hunting clothes, and the first is through a washing machine, and the second is a handheld method.

Washing machine method

  • Check the care tag on the clothes

You must check the care tag that you have on the clothing. Some manufacturers are good to the point of giving insight on how to wash the cloth. So, it will be a wrong choice to wash your hunting clothes in the washing machine when you should not.

Therefore, you need to check to ensure that you can wash the clothes in the machine. To confirm that, you need to check the tag that comes with the clothes. It is always at the inner part and mostly at the neck region. If it says you can wash with the machine, you can move on to the next step.

  • Sort out your clothes

The next step for you is to sort out your clothes and ensure you pick the ones you can place in the washing machine together. Some clothes are not ideal for washing together. So, if you are not sure about what to do in this section, you should wash the clothes one after another.

  • Know the water temperature to choose

Most modern washing machines come with different temperature settings. You need to know how to choose the temperature for each piece of clothing because some fabrics require different heat levels to be washed in the machine.

If your hunting clothing is of light color, you should use the hot water setting, and the cold one should be for the dark colors.

  • Add detergent and wash

You should also consider getting a detergent that is safe to use with your hunting clothes. Some detergents will have a side effect on some hunting base layer fabrics, and that is why you need to check the recommendation from the guide given by the manufacturer.

There are different types of washing settings on the machine, and you just need to choose the one that is ideal for the cloth, and you should do the same with the drying.

Washing with your hand

Washing the hunting cloth is another option if you choose not to use the machine. Sometimes, it is not what you want to, but some clothing materials don’t just allow you to use a washing machine. So, if you are opting for the hand wash method, here is what you should do.

  • Fill the bucket with water

You should get a bucket and fill it up with water. Then you can fill the bucket with clean water. If you decide to use warm water, you can also boil it and add it to the one you have in the bucket to keep it warm.

  • Add detergent

You need to follow a similar step to the one above. You should get a detergent that is safe to use with your hunting cloth. You don’t want to damage your cloth due to negligence or a mistake that could be avoided.

You should check the manufacturer guide to check some detergent that you can use with your hunting cloth.

  • Dip in the cloth to wash

You should carefully dip the cloth in the water and wash it with your hand. You should handle it with care and be soft with it. Once you feel you have done well with the washing, you can take out of the foamy water and rinse in clean or neat water.

  • Squeeze or wring

You should pick out your cloth from the clean water and then squeeze or wring the cloth. Not all hunting clothes are perfect for you to squeeze. Some will only last long with wringing, and that is the reason you should give more attention to how you handle the clothing.

  • Dry the cloth

You should pick the clothing and then dry it. Once you notice it is free of moisture and water, you should take it out of the sun to maintain the fabric’s color. Once the fabric is properly maintained, you will have a longer period to use and enjoy the hunting cloth.

Advice from the experts

You should always wash your hunting clothing after every hunting event

You should always make use of scent-free soap or detergent

You should make use of a scent killer machine or spray

You should store your cloth in the right place


This page covers all that you need to know on how to wash hunting clothes. We have the perfect information on this page to help beginners and experts who cherish their hunting cloth.

Not only will washing helps to keep the cloth in good condition, but it will also help ensure you don’t experience setback due to the odor that comes from your cloth while hunting.