How to Use a Laser Bore Sight Cartridge (5 Easy Steps)

Learn how to use a laser bore sight cartridge. Such tools are useful and amazing and in the long run, can save you time and money. Using a laser bore sight is an accurate, fail-proof way of firstly getting your shots on paper and later focusing on tight grouping.

Once you start using these, it can be used on Rifles, your pistol, or an AR15. A must have tool for your gun toolbox, let’s learn more about how to use a bore sight.

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What You’ll Need

You will basically need a laser bore sight for your firearm. For accuracy of the information, we are taking the example of the LaserLyte Laser Bore Sight. It accepts calibers between 22 and 50 calibers.

To know that you are fully sighted in, you need to fire off something like 2-3 rounds during the process. Compared to shooting rapidly, this is much more efficient. Also with this, it is easier to make adjustments after each shot.

Once you learn how to use a laser bore sight cartridge, we can guarantee you will not want to use any other method. You will not just use it for your rifle scope, but also for your pistol scope. Overall, these sight cartridges are a good value for money and quickly pay for themselves.

What Exactly is Laser Boresighting?

laser bore sighters

This is a modern method of boresighting. It uses a laser pointer, instead of visual inspection. It illuminates the target situated at a distance and more preferable than the traditional method.

This is because it allows more movement in the gun. This is because the laser dot does not move relative to the barrel. In addition to that, this method does not require the removal of the bolt.

As laser technology has become cheaper, such boresights have become popular for sighting purposes. The laser bore sight shaped like a cartridge, about which we shall speak here, projects a laser beam when inserted into the chamber through the barrel, onto the target. It helps the user to adjust the rifle scope until the crosshairs are on the projected dot.

5 Steps to Use a Laser Bore Sight Cartridge

how to use a bore sight

Here are our laser bore sight instructions for you to follow step by step:

Be Safe

Before you deal with your gun, or anything related to firearms and gun maintenance, check and double-check to make sure that your rifle is empty. Clear the chamber and the barrel nice and proper, and don’t just settle with checking your gun and its parts.

Check the surrounding you are going to work in. Make sure nobody suddenly enters the room or walks by and there are no surprise elements or reactive things in the surroundings. Don’t let your negligence harm yourself, family, friends, or strangers. Safety should be your top priority in all cases.

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Set Up the Adapter

You will find 4 different adapters with the laser bore sight to match your caliber. Find the one that you would like to use, take the corresponding screw, and place it behind the adapter. You can use an Allen wrench to screw it in place. Now place it on the end of your bore sight cartridge. The adapter will tighten at the back, giving the right fit for the caliber of the rifle that you use.

After placing your adapter into your barrel, you will be left with two contact points. The end of the adapter will touch the inside of the barrel, and the front of the boresight will touch your muzzle’s end. Now you can place the boresight cartridge in your rifle.

Determining the Target

Now is the time to find you whether to use the boresight target or the standard target. If you use the daylight target that came with the boresight, you will be pointing the laser at its center. Make sure you read the instructions on the target to see what adjustments you need according to the caliber that you use.

Find a Stable Position

You can use a gun vise to sight your rifle. This will completely hold the rifle in place. You can also use the secondary mounts if needed. Just don’t rely on your hands to be stable. Using a vise will save a lot of time and headaches. If you do not have a gun-vise, you can always save up and buy the cheaper ones.


Now that you have a stable rifle and a laser bore sight cartridge, you can align your sight. At 25 yards, the laser should completely fill the midpoint of your daylight target. It will be accurate up to 100 yards, with the boresight getting you within 3 to 4 inches of the center of the target.

Once you are done with everything, do not forget to remember to take out your laser bore sight from the barrel. For your more help, let’s check this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this bore sight going to work with handguns?

Yes, these laser bore sight cartridges will work with handguns with a barrel of 4 inches or more. But make sure that the gun is empty.

  • Will this work with a 22 rimfire rifle?

Yes, this laser bore sight cartridge will work with a 22 rimfire rifle. Some claim that it did not work for them, but for others, it worked just as fine. We urge you to try for yourself if it isn’t a hassle!

  • Can you replace the batteries in this laser bore sight cartridge?

Yes. There is an easy access panel for changing the batteries in the laser bore sight. If you leave the boresight on, it will operate for an hour and a half. This could drain the battery easily if you are not careful enough.


If you were wondering how accurate is laser bore sighting, we must have answered you already. With so many good points, it is bound to boost your shooting skills. Also, we hope you were able to learn the steps and will implement them in using the laser bore sight in the future.

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