How To Use a Gun Cleaning Kit | 9 Easy Steps

Every gun or weapon owner needs a cleaning kit. Such cleaning kits are available at the store where you buy your gun from. And in this cleaning kit, you will find some items that will help keep your gun in tip-top shape.

Now, to begin cleaning your gun — you need to know exactly how to use a gun cleaning kit in the most efficient way.

If you don’t know much about that, then there’s no need to worry. Here, we’ll teach you the proper way of using a gun cleaning kit.

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What Items Are Included in a Gun Cleaning Kit?

Gun Cleaning Kit set

Photo: GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit (Amazon Best Seller)

A gun cleaning kit is a sort of collection of items used for cleaning the nooks and crannies of your gun so that it won’t be too rusty or old to use. Having your own gun cleaning kit is part of the maintenance steps you need as a gun owner.

The basic items you’ll find in every gun cleaning kit are given below:

  • Gun oil
  • Cleaning solvent
  • Cleaning rod
  • Bore brush
  • Nylon cleaning brush
  • Patch holder and patches
  • Cotton swabs

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And it’s not necessary that you need to buy a whole cleaning kit sold with all the items. If you want, you can just buy the above items separately and put them in a toolbox.

Because one or the other of these items will eventually exhaust, and you’ll need new ones. So just buy that item alone, instead of buying a whole new kit every time an item finishes or expires. To find more about the gun cleaning kit, you can check proreviewbuzz.

How to Use a Gun Cleaning Kit – Steps to Using a Gun Cleaning Kit

After knowing what accessories or items you’ll need for your firearm’s maintenance, you’ll need to know how to use such items on your gun. Below are the steps on how to use the contents of a gun cleaning kit to clean your gun:

Step 1: Set Up Your Work Station

Firstly you’d want to lay out a clean work area to work with your gun maintenance. Whether it’s a table or the floor, make sure the place is clean and open. Set out the items of your kit aside.

You should also wash your hands before working so that your hands don’t transfer any oiliness from your skin to your gun. Or you could just use some disposable gloves.

After this, take a mat and place it in front of you and lay down your firearm on to. These cleaning mats are helpful to avoid staining your workplace.

Step 2: Unload Firearm

The next step is to unload your gun. This is for your own safety and as well for cleaning purposes because you need to clean the areas where it’s loaded as well.

First, unload the magazines of your firearm, and then check the chamber to make sure it really is empty. Also, check the chambers for any shells or rounds still inside. After this, put away your ammo for your own safety while you begin to work on your gun.

Step 3: Disassemble

Most legally bought guns come with an instruction manual for their users. Even if you don’t have one, you can try looking it up online to learn how to take down your gun in the most appropriate and safest way.

Following the instructions, you must use the proper tools and proper sequence of disassembling.

Some guns come with a gun cleaning vise so that you can clean your gun without needing to hold it up the entire time as you clean the bore and chamber. Even if you don’t have it, you can buy these gun cleaning vises separately at the stores as well.

Step 4: Use Solvents

Now let’s move on to using solvents and various CLP (cleaner, lubricant, and protection). CLPs are made in a way so that you can spray inside your gun’s chamber, bore, and carriage to break down carbon building up inside.

After spraying such CLP and solvents, you need to let it sit for a while so that the chemicals begin to activate and break down the carbon. Check here another article How to Clean A Gun with Household Items.

Step 5: Use Cleaning Rods

After the solvents and CLP have been sitting for a few minutes to activate, you can now use your gun cleaning rod to clean it up. These rods are made of soft metals, brass, or carbon fiber.

Attach the bore brush on the rod and insert it into the chamber to brush off any debris or gunpowder sitting. When you’re cleaning with the brush, make sure you’re pulling the rod in the direction a bullet would be traveling, in order to not damage the inside of the barrel.

Step 6: Employ Patches

Once you’re done scrubbing the barrel with your bore brush, you can now use the nylon brush with cotton patches to clean off the debris you managed to brush off the barrel walls.

If you want, you can even spray some CLP on the patches when you’re wiping the barrel clean. Continue cleaning the barrel with as many patches as you need, until the patch starts coming out clean. That’s when you’ll know your gun barrel is clean now.

Step 7: Make Use of the Lubricants

After cleaning out the dirt and debris, now rub on some oil or lubricant. The places that need lubricating are the places that are made of metal and have moving parts. This will protect the metal of your gun.

Step 8: Clean the Exterior

You can use the nylon brush and a bit of CLP  to clean the outside of your firearm. Some people like to use silicon whips for the exterior because it applies a thin protective silicon layer to prevent damage from moisture, dust, or corrosive acids.

Step 9: Reassemble

Now that you’re done with cleaning, you just have to reassemble your gun parts in the opposite sequence of how you disassembled it.

Final Words

Gun cleaning kits are important to have if you own a gun. Because keeping your firearm clean means it’ll perform better, and its life will now be prolonged.  It doesn’t matter if you’re gun is brand new, it should still be cleaned from time to time as if it were an old rusty gun.

This way, your gun will forever look brand new and even work as if it were brand new too. Thus learning how to use a gun cleaning kit makes it better for your gun maintenance and cheaper since you’ll be doing it yourself.

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