How to unlock a gun safe without a key and combination

Are you an owner of a gun safe? No wonder you are here. Just joking! It is a very common problem to lose a key or forgetting the combination.

If you have done any of this then you have to go for the locksmith who will break your safe and damage it forever and moreover you will have to spend money to open the safe. And as for combination sometimes it is totally gets forgotten or hard to crack. Here I will talk about how to unlock a safe without a key. It is a really easy and interesting one. Do read it.

You will hear some safe are fire safe. It means it will stay intact in the fire but it will not be easy to open without a key. So here are some tips to help you on how to open a safe without a key or code. It is very important for every safe owner.

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How to open a safe without a key and combination

Safe is the thing where your savings, valuable possessions, and guns can be kept safely. If the key is lost then it is a matter of stress. Yes, all you will say is you are irresponsible or forgetful but the fact is to err is human. Everyone forgets things.

So don’t take extra pressure or stress for forgetting things. When you have no key to open the safe, don’t worry there are so many ways to open it. You don’t have to break or drill the safe to open it. Let’s think in the way that burglars do. The ways are:

Opening the safe with a knife

  • The simplest way to open a key safe is using a knife. Surprised? Yes, it is as simple as that. How?
  1. Let’s take a knife.
  2. Use the knife’s pointed tip and insert into the keyhole.
  3. Just shake. Your lock will be open in no time. It just takes seconds to work.

Using tools like hammer to open the safe

If you own a digital safe then a knife will not help you. You have to use the right tool to open a digital safe. You will need a hammer and a chisel to open a digital safe. If your chisel is flattened and has an extended tip than it is a bonus. In a digital safe there is a key section where the code is given. This is a place where you have to try to open the digital safe.

  • Take the chisel and place it in the corner. Then use the hammer on the chisel.
  • You will need just two minutes to dislodge the part.
  • When the part is removed then you will see the knobs and screws are revealed. You will also see a silver knob.
  • You have to remove the silver knob and you have to use hammer and chisel.
  • After removing the knob, there will be a hole in the safe. Insert your finger, you will find a button on the lower side. Press down the button and wollah your safe is open. Easy right?

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Using a screwdriver to open the safe

You can also use a screwdriver to open the safe.

  • First, take the safe and place it on a flat surface.
  • Then insert the screwdriver tip into the keyhole.
  • Rotate the screwdriver counterclockwise and do it until the lock opens.

Using the simple paper clip

You can also use a paper clip to open the safe. Amazing right? The process is also easy:

  • Make the paperclip straight.
  • Then insert the end in the up part of the locker.
  • Take a tweezer and hold the paperclip. Insert it into the internal chamber. Make sure it goes deep into the lock.
  • Turn both tweezers and paper clip counterclockwise. Turn it until the lock opens.

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Using magnet

You can also use a magnet to open the safe. This trick is old but very effective:

  • You will need a neodymium magnet large in size, gym sock.
  • Take the sock and put the magnet in the sock.
  • Now it is time to look for the solenoid. The solenoid comes with nickel and it activates the locking device. As there are not many places in the safe, so the solenoid will be in the front door. You have to use the sock with a magnet around the door. This will help to open the safe safely. It looks simple but it needs a quiet environment to open the safe with the magnet.
  • You may think why to use a gym sock. As magnet are strong and powerful so the sock makes the movement easy and quick. You can remove the sock instantly after work. There will be no sign of damage during this opening process. But you have to be careful about the magnet, as neodymium magnets are dangerous, they can harm you when you will be careless. So be careful while using the magnet.

Drill your way to the safe

If you have no option then you can go for drilling. Drilling is the easiest technique when you don’t know how to open a safe without a key and combination. With a drill, you can make a small hole in the safe in the place where you can see the lock inside. After drilling, you can insert your finger and unlock the lock.

But the bad thing about the drilling is you cannot keep the safe free from damage. It is also not easy to drill the safe easily as nowadays many safes are made with different materials that make the drill tough. For this, the safe may get totally damaged after drilling. So think twice before drilling the safe.

Scoping the safe

There is an option for drilling which is scoping. It is the same as drilling as it needs to make a hole. But in this process, you will need a bore scope that helps to give an idea to unlock the safe. It leaves a little mess in the safe. It is far better than drilling.

How to unlock a safe without a key is given in detail for the people who are in great danger now after losing the key or forgetting the combination. Just don’t panic and be calm. You will unlock your safe easily.

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