How to Reset Code of Stack-On Digital Gun Safe?

Do you have a digital gun safe? And are you facing problems with it? Well, if you are experiencing an unlocking problem then you need to know how to reset code of the Stack-On digital gun safe.

Moreover, it’s important to ensure your security. And that’s why you have to set a proper code to unlock it easily. And if you forgot the code then, it will be a matter of trouble, and it can also harm the security of your valuable things.

That’s why resetting the code is compulsory. So, let’s get right into the method to know what the perfect procedures will be and how you can execute them.

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How to Reset Code of Stack-On Digital Gun Safe? – 5 Easy Methods of Resetting code

When it’s about resetting the code of a safe, it should be considered properly. You need to be careful while doing this. It is because it’s about the safety of your valuables.

So, that’s why using a proper technique is important. When you forgot the code, and you are planning to reset the combination, you have to be patient and careful. Let’s see what the important techniques are and how to reset the code of Stack-On digital gun safe easily.

Step 1: Organizing the equipment

The first thing you should do is to get all the equipment together to finish the process easily. You have to be organized when you are into this.

And that’s why you have to arrange all the ingredients first to get the work done quickly. It is because the entire process has to be done in a proper way as it’s a matter of safety.

Also, you have to select the proper area for doing this task. If your safe is in a right place then it will be difficult to do the resetting. That’s why you have to choose a proper place for a proper way of resetting the combination.

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Step 2: Placing the safe

Though it’s important to place the safe in a place, it’s also important to know what the right place is. It is because if you can place the gun safe in a comfortable place then it will be easier for you to do the processes.

So, check if the safe is in a proper place, and a proper way or not. And if it is not, then you should transfer the safe to the right place first.

And for that reason, you will need more than one person. You alone cannot transfer the safe. So, you have to take a small team for that. And finally, place the safe in an open place for easy use.

Step 3: Unlock it

Now, you have to unlock the safe. And if you have no access code and you forget the pin of it then you can use the backup key. The key is supposed to be with that Stack-On digital gun safe that you can use in this case.

At first, hold the rounded cap-like thing that is called an electronic keypad. It is attached to the front side of the safe. This thing is used for access into the safe by putting the code.

But when you are not able to remember the code then you should take it out. Now, take the key and unlock the safe. If you can unlock it, then it will be much easier to reset the combination.

Step 4: Reset

Now, it’s time to reset the code. And for doing that, go to the backside of the safe where you will find a red color button. You need to find it and then press the button on.

After doing it, you can now set the combination again. There will be an option you can find. And at that time, you need to do the resetting.

Now, select a pin that you want to set as a combination for unlocking the door of it. Remember the pin and reset it. One thing is that you have to make sure that you shouldn’t close the door until you are done with your resetting.

Lastly, place the accessing point on the safe and close the door. Then, it will all be set.

Step 5: Final placing

When you are all done with your resetting process, now it’s time to get the safe and place it in the right place.

Before the resetting process, you had to take the safe and place it somewhere else to do the procedure easily. That’s why now, you need to take the safe and place it in the previous place after completing the resetting procedure.

So, take the safe and put it in a place that is suitable and can provide much security. That will ensure ease of using, and you can have a total benefit from it.


1. Can the electronic lock be replaced with a combination dial lock?

The answer is no. You cannot do that. It won’t be an appropriate way to replace the electronic lock with a combination dial lock.

The reason is different. There is an internal mechanism. And for that reason, it will be difficult to replace the electronic lock. Moreover, the parts of it are not interchangeable. So, it won’t be possible to do any replacing. So, thinking of doing that will just be a waste of time.

2. Do all Stack-On safes come with a backup key?

Not only Stack-On safes but also every electronic-lock gun safes come with an additional backup key. So, if your gun safe is an electronic one then you will have a backup key with it.

On the other side, a combination-lock safe has no backup key with it. It does not come with a backup key. So, if you have a combination-lock safe then, you must check if that safe has a backup key or not when you are going to buy that.

3. Why are Stack-On safes not recommend for media storage?

Stack-On safes are made in a different way. That’s why the procedures of it are different than the others.

Different types of materials have a quality to burn at different temperatures. Such as, media like DVDs, CDs, cassettes, floppy drives, jump drives, photo negatives, and things like those that can be destroyed at the 180° F temperature.

But a Stack-On safe is made differently so that the internal temperature won’t exceed 350° F. That’s why storing this kind of stuff won’t be appropriate at all.

4. What should you do if your electronic keypad does not respond?

When you notice that your electronic keypad is not working, then one thing you can do. And that is to replace the battery to try again. That will be the easiest way to get rid of the problem.

But if the keypad is not working then there is also a solution. At first, you need to take the instruction manual and read the processes to get rid of this trouble. Take the backup key and open the door of the safe.

Now, reset the code and check if you can now open the door by using that new combination or not. It will probably work. But if it is still not working then contact the customer service of the Stack-On gun safe.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to know. But there’s no need to get everything in your mind. It will be a matter of trouble if you do so. We have shared a simple technique of how to reset the code of Stack-On digital gun safe.

Following the steps will be enough for you. And the FAQs will also be useful for a better understanding. Just learn the method step by step and execute it. That will help you to reset the code and get rid of the trouble.

Do the steps carefully and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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