How to open a sentry safe with key and combination [ Updated in 2022]

You will be amazed to see how people are getting interested in owning a sentry safe for keeping their safe and secured. This safe comes in steel material, small and fire resistant. You can use the key to open it or also without a key.

Here you will know how to open a Sentry safe with a key and Combination. Before knowing the opening process, you have to know why to use a sentry safe. Well, sentry safe is a popular safe that helps to keep your valuable things safely. You can put cash, gold or any other valuable possessions. This safe is easy to handle and opens quick in an emergency state.

How to open sentry safe with key

How to open a sentry safe with key 2022

As the sentry safe can be open without a key or with the key, in this article I will focus on the topic in how to open a Sentry safe with key. Let’s check it out:

 Step 1

Take the key that will help you to open the sentry safe. Insert it in the lock. Turn the key to the left and continue the process until the nozzle that secures the lock get unfasten. As we know it can be open with key or with the combination. Pick the one you like.

Step 2

Take out the key. If the safe only has the key option then open it by pushing down the lid and pulling the latch. This latch works as an opening device. If the safe need combination also than open it with the combination.

Step 3

Start the motorized combination by dialing zero. You have to turn the combination knob in counterclockwise. You have to pass zero dial for three times. But stop by every dial. Then start again backward. Here you will have to pass also three times.

Step 4

If your sentry safe indicates green light then you will know your safe is open. Turn the handle and pull the safe door open.

To Know More Way you can Follow This:

Which one to go for:

Now the question is which sentry safe you will go for the digital one or the manual. Let’s know a little bit about them.

If you take a digital safe, then you will get the best service but if the battery performance helps you. The digital safe needs battery change annually. When you have a digital safe, the combination can be changed whenever you want to change it.

So security is 100% with a sanitary safe. It is flexible and user-friendly to use. It can be open in no time when you are in the emergency state. But in any case, you forget the combination then you may face a locked safe for 5 minutes.

So you have to be careful while dialing the combination. But one thing may be a problem for some and that is the price of the safe. It is little pricey from manual safe.

As for manual safe, it is reliable to keep your things safely. This safe is giving service for a century. No one can deny that it is reliable and safe for keeping things without any doubt. This safe is long lasting and doesn’t need extra care to enjoy service for a long time. You can change the safe into a combination one. But one thing is it can be easily broken to get the things from inside. Thieves can manipulate the safe easily.

You have to choose per your requirements as for which one to go for. If you want a fast safe to use then go for the digital safe. Though it is high in price it is totally worth it.

Tips if you lose the key or lost combination:

It is a common thing to lost key and combination. In that case, there is some trick to open the safe with tweezer and paper clip.

  • Take the safe and place it on the surface. Then take a tweezer and place it in the bottom part of the safes key hole.
  • Make the paper clip straight and put it in the keyholes upper part.
  • Shake both paper clip and tweezer till you reach into the chamber inside. After reaching inside, turn it in counterclockwise. You have to twist it with force. Then you will hear a click sound. This means you have cracked the lock. Your safe will be open in no time.
  • If the tweezer and paperclip don’t work then use screwdrivers tip. Insert it into the keyhole. Twist the tip on the counterclockwise. After twisting, you will hear a click sound. Your safe is open without any damage.

Here is the process of how to open a Sentry safe with a key. A sentry safe is a must have safe if you own valuable things and gun. This safe will protect your things and you will not have to face any problem in any emergency case.

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