How to Hide a Gun Safe in Plain Sight

One of the most reliable and trusted methods of protecting firearms from an unauthorized person is to use a good quality gun safe. Gun safes have been used for a long time for securing guns, ammo, jewelry, documents, and other valuables. However, owning a gun safe might not be sufficient to protect your valuables from burglars if it is easily noticeable.

In the case of home invasion, a well-built gun safe might not stand against a sophisticated drilling machine, pry-bar, and cutting machine. Consequently, camouflaging the gun safe from others could be the best option to ensure security.

If you’re not familiar with the hiding concept don’t be worried as I’m going to depict how to hide a gun safe in plain sight?  So, stay with us until the end and find a gun-safe hiding method that best suited you.

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How to hide a gun safe in plain sight – (Most common technics)

Hiding behind the mirror

Hiding behind the mirror

Possessing a mirror gun safe is looks likes killing two birds with one stone. That means you can secure your guns by spending less amount of money and at the same time getting the opportunity of watching yourself. Also, it will save you extra money for not purchasing a mirror unless you already have one.

Tactical Walls comes with a variety of mirror gun safe ranging from sliding to in-wall mirror gun safe. Its ample amount of space provides you the opportunity of storing long barrel shotguns, full-size handguns, ammo, light, etc.

For installing an in-wall mirror gun safe you might require a professional to cut the wall and fit the compartment inside. On the other hand, sliding gun safes are easy to set up.

You can lock this gun safe for security purposes and open it with the key. One of the problems of having a mirror gun safe is that it is easily breakable if discovered. So it’s important to keep it as a normal mirror and not to tell others about it.

Hiding inside the picture frame

Hiding inside the picture frame

Another great way of securing your guns is to keep it inside the frame. This is one of the cheapest methods of storing guns. You can store standard-size pistols along with magazines comfortably. You can use it on the top of the table or hang it on the wall. For security reasons don’t use any logo, which bears the company name, so that it becomes easily noticeable to others.

Hiding inside the clock

There’re varieties of concealment gun clocks available on the market which provides an opportunity to hide guns inside the clock. Wall clock, table clocks, and mantle clocks all are used to hide guns from intruders.

Wall clock is preferred to me, compared to others as it is hung on the wall making it difficult to reach. Table and mantle gun clock is easily accessible to others may result in unwanted incidents. Most of the gun clock comes with plenty of space where you can store 1911 or Glock 17 without facing any difficulty.

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Hiding under the coffee table

Hiding under the coffee table

A coffee table could be used as a hidden gun safe by installing a secret compartment inside the table. You can place this table in your bedroom, drawing room or dining. For easy and quick access I recommend placing it in the bedroom. Magnetic keys are used to open the top of the table.

You can make your own coffee table or purchase it. However, obtaining a coffee table from a popular company may be familiar to others for a similar design. It’s better to make your own concealment gun coffee table that could ever cast any doubt on others’ minds.

Hiding under gun concealment bench

gun concealment bench

Could anyone ever imagine storing guns inside the bench? That’s only possible when you have a gun concealment bench. With plenty of room inside the bench, you can easily store AR-15, shotguns, ammo, and magazines. But you should bear in mind that this is a gun concealment bench not safe. So, the locking system is not strong enough to protect intruders as it normally has only a locking tab.

Gun concealment shelf

Gun concealment self

Another good way of hiding guns is to use a gun concealment shelf. Tactical Wall and other companies come up with different kinds of shelves that can be hung against the wall.

There’re RFID and magnetic locking system to secure guns stored inside the shelf. You just need to sweep card or magnet to open the lower part of the shelf. Inside the shelf, you will find a piston that helps slowly open the shelf and foam to hold the guns. You have to cut the foam in accordance with the gun’s shape so that it fits properly.

Wooden American concealment flag 

Wooden American concealment flag

Concealing guns inside the wooden American flag is a great concept. It will not only show your patriotism but at the same time also hide your guns from burglars. This could be a great hiding place for guns. You can purchase it from Amazon. It comes with mounting hardware so you can easily attach it to the wall.

Hiding inside the book gun safe

Have you watched the movie “Shawshank Redemption”? I hope you watched and didn’t forget the great scene of hiding Rock Hammer inside the Bible. Here, in this case, you’ve to hide your guns inside the book. You have to cut the book exactly in the same shape as the guns. So that it can fit perfectly inside there.

Book’s cover should be made of hard paper so that it can stand tall in the shelf. By the way, if you missed out on this great movie don’t forget to watch it next time.

Hiding under quick air vent safe

Hiding under quick air vent safe

Quick air vent safe is probably one of the best ways of hiding guns and valuables from others. It looks like a regular air vent but has got a large compartment behind. You have to just install it against the wall. It does come with RFID cards which ensures a smooth opening of the lid. Air vent safe also comes with a battery that can keep the vent in operation up to 1 year without having been changed.

Other methods of hiding 

There’s still a lot more way you can use to hide your guns. Some of the methods could be mentioned like hiding inside the couch, inside the cereal box, inside or under the bed, inside the pillow, under a kitchen island, inside the fake electrical outlet, magnetic holder, and a lot more.

Disadvantages of having a hidden gun safe

Fire Protection 

Most of the hidden gun safes are not designed to be fireproof. Therefore, any kind of fire incident could result in a significant amount of loss. If you’re really worried about fire safety then you should go for a good-rated fireproof gun safe that ensures fire protection for a good period of time at a certain level of temperature.

You can also ensure your gun, gun safe and other valuables inside there to get compensation in case of a fire incident.

Easy access

Hidden gun safes are not equipped with a sophisticated locking system and in some cases having no lock at all. So, by any chance, if discovered, anybody can access it without making a real effort.

Having a company logo

Hidden gun safe manufactures are popular and familiar to most people. So, bearing a company logo or word “Tactical” on gun safe could jeopardize your safety and security.


Hiding the gun safe in plain sight is certainly a good way to secure your firearms. However, the biggest challenge is to keep secrets from others. It’s a good way but less secured and easy to access. In this article, we would like to describe how to hide a gun safe in plain sight. We hope the article will help you figure out the best hiding spot for your gun safe.

Considering the fact, apart from hiding gun safe, you should also focus on a good locking system as well.

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