How to Build Your Own Gun Safe – 7 Easy steps

Keeping your firearms secured and intact is something challenging. Your firearm may get harmed one way or another. But you need to take preventive measures. So, how can you do so? Quite easy, actually. You can build your gun safe. Creating a gun safe is not hard to pull off. At least it is not as hard as you think.

To reduce you from the problem, we are going to help you with simple steps on how to build a gun safe on your own. We have made step-by-step tutorial content so that it gets easy for you to understand the process.

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Why build a gun safe on your own?

Yes, this is a very logical question, why do you need to build a gun safe on your own? There are multiple answers to this question. Mainly the problem comes with money. There is a lot of gun safe out there on the market. But they are quite expensive. Gun safes are a little different from any wall safe or regular safe.

They come with some unique functions to keep your firearm safe from the outside environment. Anyway, going on with other matters about gun safe.

You can also buy a regular safe, but the main problem is that a gun safe comes with some specific requirements. So, if you cannot buy one, you just have to make one. How can you do so?

There are always some people who like to make stuff on their own. But some people are always confused about craftmanship. But as the money is strict, so relying on making one is the only way. Also, making a gun safe on your own saves a ton of cash.

How to build a gun safe on Your own?

Now, how to build your own gun safe or your own safety kit? Quite simply, you can make your own safety kit. It is not as hard as you are thinking it to be. In this part, we are going to show you that step by step. Make sure you read them carefully. After the end of the content, you will think that making your own gun safe is a piece of cake.

First step: Make a good plan

Keeping a plan and complete the job according to the plan is essential for better results. If you have no experience in craftsmanship, you need to make a plan. A plan will always keep you organized. First of all, try to find a simple blueprint online. You will find a lot online.

Also, you can find gun safe reviews to get a good idea about gun safe requirements. Decide how much safety you need on the gun safe. Also what sort of gun safe will suit you best, make sure you plan them all.

Second step: Buying all the components

After finding the plan or making a plan, you need to collect all the construction material and essential tools. Now, what type of component are you using on the gun safe? If it is a wooden gun safe, the job gets easier. If you like to make a metal gun safe, it will be a little harder for you. But that is all up to you. Buy all the important materials and the tools that you need to make your own safety kit.

Third step: Building the mainframe

The mainframe largely depends on the size of the gun safe. But the size is completely up to you to decide. Do you want a downsize or a larger frame, that is all up to you?? But 2 into 4s is the standard size. The height is also perfect. Make the frame according to your plan. If you are a starter, you need to do it slowly.

Fourth step: Attach the back and the wall

As we have said, a wooden safe is easy to build. You can cut the pieces precisely. But for starters, an iron safe is tough. Also, you need to do some welding too. Anyway, attach the walls and the back part of the safe. Cut the wood or iron sheet accordingly to the plan. You can use a saw in this case. For the iron sheet, you need to do some welding. If you cannot do it yourself, ask for help from a professional.

Fifth step: Adding the door frame and the door

This is the most crucial part of your job. The door frame is something where you will enforce all safety measures. You need to add the security lock or dial too. But we suggest, for the door, you can ask for help from a professional. Attach the locks and the bolts accordingly to the plan. Attach the walls after adding the lock or dial.

Sixth step: Check the safe out

You need to take a test after making your gun safe. Testing the gun safes durability, lock dial, door frames durability, security options is a must. Don’t just get relieved by making the gun safe.

Final step: Bolt or hide the safe

After testing out your safe, you need to bolt or hide your safe. We also have content on bolting a safe or how you can hide a safe. You can check those contents out if you like.


Yes, making your own gun safe is always going to save you a lot of cash. Also, the chances are that the first demo of a gun safe will not work out and all your money will be a waste. But not all the time. If you follow your plans accordingly, you are sure to get the best results.

In this context, we tried to guide you about making a gun safe. We included step by step process so that it gets easy for you. Making your own gun safe will always meet your needs.

There are lots of positive sides to making a gun safe by yourself. So, if you have a strict budget, you can look for a good gun safe blueprint and compile a good gun safe on your own.

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