How to Bolt a Safe to the Wall: 4 Effective Steps

If you have got a wall safe in the house, you need to bolt it against the wall. Wall safes are popular nowadays. They are convenient, small in size, and relatively easy to install. But how to bolt a safe to the wall?

This is an important question, and we have just the right answer. This content is about bolting a wall safe. In this context, we are going to show you step by step, how you can bolt a safe in the wall.

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About wall safe

Wall safes are small in size. Though it comes in different sizes. A wall safe can always hold your valuable money, jewelry, goods, or short guns easily. You need to bolt the safe against the wall. In these ways, your safe will remain safe.

You can easily install a wall safe anywhere you like in the house. But placing the bolt is always important. You need to hide the wall safe perfectly. There are lots of ways to hide a wall safe. You can bolt the safe inside your kitchen shelf, in the attic room, or in the bedroom compartment. But there are a lot of ways to bolt the wall safe.

Build Your Own Gun Safe

How to Bolt a Gun Safe to the Wall

Now, in this part, we are going to talk about bolting a wall safe. We have given step-by-step instructions so that everything is easy for you. Make sure you keep a keen eye on the content.

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Step 1: Prepare to get a wall safe

If you have a wall safe, that is good. But if you don’t have one and thinking about buying one, we have some suggestions. First, you have to make out the budget. There is a lot of safe or gun safes out there on the market.

Choose the one you need. Also, taking the necessary measurement of your safe will help you choose the perfect one easily. In this case, check the size of your walls and make an average measurement. After that look for safe on the internet.

You will find plenty of reviews to help you make a decision. But make sure the safe is fire and water-resistant. Lightweight safes are not durable. But check out the construction materials. This will do for the first step.

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Step 2: Decide the access control or dialer

This is also important to overlook. Do you need a safe with a pin, lock, or biometric data controls? It is all up to you. But this needs to be decided as you may need to place the safe according to the reach of your controller.

Step 3: Find the right location

For a wall safe, you will find plenty of uncommon locations available. There is also another content of ours about hiding a safe. Anyway, wall safes can be placed inside the kitchen shelf, attic room, bedroom, mirror compartment, behind heavy compartment, inside your room, and many more.

But the place depends mainly depends on your use and goods. Make sure you pick the right spot where your safe will completely remain safe and concealed.

Step 4: Installing a wall safe

First, you need to locate your studs. Studs always allow your safe to be recessed within the wall. Also, this helps you to keep the safe concealed. You will find studs in the local market without any hassle. Hold it! Don’t just install it anyway.

You need to mark the place where you shall install your studs. Then, you need to cut the wall using a drywall saw according to your markings. Just cut out a small piece of a square from the wall in front of you. After cutting the piece, check out the wires behind the wall. Fix the problems if there are any. After that, you need to mark four stud cubes. Cut them just like the first one.

Cut along your marks to create a big square hole in the wall. After cutting the hole, you need to slide your safe inside. After this, you are almost finished. Use a drill machine to fix the safe with the wall. After finishing up, you need to place the shelves inside. Finally, you are done with installing your wall safe.


So, installing a safe is not so tough? What do you think? Well, the measurement and plans you need to make to bolt a safe in the wall are not easy. You need to think about it thoroughly. Finally, when you are ready, you can always bolt a wall safe easily against the wall. We tried to guide you with the process just by 4 simple steps. Now, we believe you can bolt a safe to the wall without any problem at all.

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