10 Best gloves for duck hunting 2022 – Are they worth it or not?

One reason for cold hands with hunting duck or fishing is your refusal to use a quality hunting glove. You do lots of activity with your hands, which is why you need the right set of gloves for duck hunting. You only get to be comfortable as long as your hands are warm.

You can withstand immersing your hands in water when hunting during heat climate conditions, but it gets difficult to do that during winter or any cold conditions. Not all gloves can keep your hands warm, and you should know that.

The SITKA Gear Men’s Pantanal GTX Waterproof Non-Slip Hunting Glove excels on the part to keep water away from the inner part of the gloves by keeping your hands dry and warm all through the time you immerse your hand in the water.

There are many more gloves that perform on the same level as the SITKA Gear Men’s Pantanal GTX Glove, and we have them all on this list for you. We hope you find one that satisfies your desire on this page.

Best waterfowl gloves

gloves for duck hunting

1. SITKA Gear Men’s Pantanal GTX Waterproof Non-Slip Hunting Glove

SITKA Gear Pantanal GTX Glove Optifade Waterfowl...
152 Reviews
SITKA Gear Pantanal GTX Glove Optifade Waterfowl...
  • PANTANAL GTX GLOVES - Available in sizes...
  • GORE-TEX 3-LAYER HARSHELL - Waterproof...
  • ARTICULATED FINGERS - The articulated...
  • SITKA Gear – We pride ourselves on...

The SITKA Gear Men’s Pantanal GTX is a non-slip hunting glove that you can consider for duck hunting. The truth remains that it might not keep your hand warm as you may expect, but it thus keeps your hand dries even if you dip your hand into the water. 

It is made entirely from polyester material, and the finish makes it attractive and glowing for anyone to find it easy to overlook. With the glove available in different colors and styles, you’ve got a chance to choose the one that you will always find appealing to use.

Now to the glove features, it boasts of Gore-Tex 3 layer hardshell, which is responsible for the prevention of water from entering into the glove. Also, the design integrates leather palms and fingers that help to deliver dexterity for a comfortable performance.

The glove’s durability is never questioned as it proves to match up with any challenges of handling all kinds of hunting gears. From the performance of using the glove, it is made from the highest quality apparel, and it has the element to excel on all fronts under any condition. 


  • PrimaLoft Silver insulation for warmth
  • Highly breathable
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Provides unrivaled waterproof protection
  • Delivers adequate motion for all shooting conditions


  • It doesn’t have maximum Thinsulate insulation material to keep your hand warm. It can only keep it dry.

2. Sitka Incinerator Flip Mitt Optifade Elevated II

SITKA Gear Incinerator Flip Mitt Optifade Elevated...
57 Reviews
SITKA Gear Incinerator Flip Mitt Optifade Elevated...
  • INCINERATOR FLIP MITTS - Available in...
  • INSULATED FLIP OVER MITT - The insulated...
  • SITKA Gear – We pride ourselves on...

The Sitka Incinerator Flip Mitt Optifade Elevated II offers you what SITKA Gear Men’s Pantanal GTX doesn’t provide in terms of keeping your hand warm whenever you get in and out of the water or you decide to hunt in cold weather condition. 

Hunting duck with this glove gives you a feeling that is quite hard to explain or express. It comes in different sizes to choose the one that will fit you perfectly for proper use. The insulated flip-over mitt is responsible for keeping your hand warm to ensure you are comfortable and convenient for your hunting task. 

Also, the PrimaLoft Gold down insulation blend contributes to the insulation of the glove. Looking at the glove, you will notice it has a leather palm with a non-slip surface with fingers that are well articulated for ultimate dexterity and precision. 

So, the bottom line is that the glove allows all kinds of movement to ensure you go on with your activity, such as setting up a decoy, picking up a duck from the water, and many more. It is such a great piece of hunting gear that you need to own if you hunt duck and other waterfowl animals. 


  • Tough and durable
  • It keeps the hands warm 
  • Delivers excellent comfort and convenience 
  • Tackle obstacles with style


  • It is expensive

3. SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof All Weather Hunting Glove

SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof All Weather Hunting...
51 Reviews
SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof All Weather Hunting...
  • Waterproof - three layer construction...
  • Enhanced control - Zero liner movement...
  • Grip and control - sheepskin palm and...
  • Dexterity - pre curved fingers for...

The SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof All Weather Hunting Glove is another dynamic hunting glove that you can consider if you want to keep your hands warm whenever you get to engage in any hunting task. It is designed using top-quality materials and its construction makes it fit for any condition.

It has three layers of construction: the secret to the durability, toughness, and warmth of the glove. The material it is made from can easily repel water to ensure you remain dry and comfortable whenever you are in and out of the water.

The fiber material the gloves are made from is soft and friendly on the skin, and there has been no record of itching or discomfort with the hunting glove. Also, it has a Coolmax liner that helps keep your skin dry, warm, and comfortable, which is the secret to the glove’s breathability.

Also, the glove design boasts pre-curved fingers for greater control, while the sheepskin palm helps to deliver maximum grip for accurate control at all times.


  • Excellent grip for maximum control
  • It keeps the skin dry with its Coolmax
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Resistance to water
  • Deliver precise control


  • The lining can be a pain

4. DecoyPro Decoy Gloves

DecoyPro Decoy Gloves - Elbow Length Duck Hunting...
441 Reviews
DecoyPro Decoy Gloves - Elbow Length Duck Hunting...
  • ELBOW LENGTH DESIGN: Keep your hands and...
  • TEXTURED GRIP SURFACE: Our decoy gloves...
  • SOFT INSULATED LINING: Created with...

The DecoyPro Decoy Gloves is a perfect fit for all kinds of duck waders you’ve got for hunting. It is an ideal companion for all hunting activity that has to do with getting into the water. It is very comfortable on the hand and allows you to do your task without stress.

It goes up to your elbow in length, and it has insulated properties that help deliver the warmth that you need to stay comfortable and convenient at all times. Mind you, and it is designed to fit nicely on a variety of hands for a comfortable feel.

The soft insulated lining in the inner part of the glove, which is 5mm thick, is fit enough to keep your hands warm at all times. The grip is firm and easy, just like you using your bare hands. Also, it doesn’t retain dirt and relatively easy to wash with a hand and washing machine. 


  • Designed for a variety of hands
  • It keeps the hand warm and comfortable
  • Resistance to water
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Convenient to wear for a longer period
  • Cheap and affordable


  • It has no significant setbac

5. Badlands Convection Glove

Badlands Convection Glove - Wind & Waterproof...
34 Reviews
Badlands Convection Glove - Wind & Waterproof...
  • GET A GRIP - We've dropped enough gear...
  • EXTREME PROTECTION - These insulated...
  • APPROACH FX CAMO - Groundbreaking...

The Badlands Convection Glove boasts of superior innovation, and it comes with a great design that makes it quite hard to overlook. It is one of the right choices of gloves for hunting and handling activities that requires you to get into the water to set decoys or pick up ducks.

It is best for hunting waterfowl and some other activity that requires you to get into the water. It is resistant to water, and that helps to keep your hand dry. The glove features an A suede palm that makes it very durable and easy for anyone to pick up stuff without hassles.

The glove has an insulated inner, which makes it warm and comfortable to use during winter, and it can resist wind. The glove is very easy to wear and put off with its extra-long cuff, and it can stay on someone’s hand for a more extended period.


  • Built so tough to handle any condition
  • Great design which adapts to the surroundings
  • Delivers extreme protection
  • Delivers great warmth and keep the hand warm
  • Comfortable and convenient on the hands


  • It has no significant setback

6. TIDE Decoy Gloves

TideWe Decoy Gloves with Silicone Textured...
426 Reviews
TideWe Decoy Gloves with Silicone Textured...
  • Waterproof & Windproof: Keeping hands...
  • Warm Insulation: There’s nothing worse...
  • Non-Slip Grip Palm: TideWe Decoy Gloves...
  • User-Friendly Design: Ease Of use is...

The list of the top-rated hunting gloves is not complete without giving reference to any of TIDEWE products. So, we found one, and the TIDEWE Decoy Gloves is one of the brand’s heritage. It helps to support your hunting task and ensure your hand remains dry and warm.

It is made of 5mm high stretchy waterproof neoprene material with internal blind stitched seams and external glued seamless design, ensuring that it has no chance of retaining water. Not alone will this keep moisture away, it will also help keep your hand warm with the help of the insulation. 

The three layers of insulating material, such as the Realtree camo fabric, warm internal fleece lining, and 5mm insulated neoprene, help make the glove a perfect glove for hunting in cold weather. Also, it has a non-slip grip palm that features a silicone pattern textured palm surface, thereby providing the perfect grip needed for handling your gun and decoys. 

The user-friendliness of the design and material makes it soft and comfortable on the skin. Its affordability makes it an excellent choice for every hunter that needs a quality glove. Also, the design makes it very easy for anyone to wear and pull off.


  • User-friendly design
  • Non-slip grip palm
  • Warm insulation
  • Comfortable and convenient on the hands
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It keeps water out and delivers warmth


  • It takes time to break-in

7. HECS Hunting HECStyle Stretch Fit Gloves

For your duck, turkey, deer, and fish hunting, the HECS Hunting HECStyle Stretch Fit Gloves is the right companion to keep your hands warm and comfortable at all times. It is made from ultra-lightweight material, making it breathable and convenient to wear for a long time. 

The gloves are perfect for all, and it is made from durable materials which makes it breathable. It is stretchy, so you’ve got nothing to complain about or worry about its convenience. It is comfy during extended wear, and the liner helps to deliver the right warmth you need to remain comfortable. 

The engineering behind the construction of the gloves makes them fit for all outdoor activities and hunting tasks. It is soft and comfy on your skin, thereby eliminating all chances for itching or any form of discomfort. 


  • Soft and comfy on the hand
  • Protect the hand from getting cold
  • Delivers warmth for good performance
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Stretchy material for added comfort


  • It lacks a grip surface, and so it is sometimes slippery.

8. Decoy Glove

Glacier Glove Waterproof Decoy Gloves - Medium -...
873 Reviews
Glacier Glove Waterproof Decoy Gloves - Medium -...
  • 2mm fleece lined neoprene
  • Waterproof
  • Seamless palm design
  • RealTree Max 5 HD

For hunters searching for a decoy glove for duck hunting, the Decoy Glove from the glacier is the right choice for you. It is the type that is perfect for hunting, fishing, and some other outdoor activities. It is lightweight and very easy to wear on the hand for a more extended period. 

The glove boasts of a seamless palm design that helps to deliver adequate grip on anything you hold. It makes it so easy for you to hold on to any decoy and set it up in the water. It is made from top-quality material that contributes to the comfiness and convenience of using the glove.

It is resistant to water with its design, and it comes with a length that almost gets to your elbow. It doesn’t have pre-curved fingers, and so it might be quite hard to get a perfect snug fit with it. However, with constant use, you are going to break in quickly.


  • Water resistance
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Perfect for cold season use
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • It might take a while to fit your hand shape

9. STORMR Realtree Max 5 Stealth Gauntlet Neoprene Decoy

STORMR Realtree Max 5 Stealth Gauntlet Neoprene...
96 Reviews
STORMR Realtree Max 5 Stealth Gauntlet Neoprene...
  • High Stretch Premium Neoprene,...
  • Durable Hi-Grip Palm Anatomical Fit
  • 5mm Total Thickness
  • Glued & Internal Blind-Stitched Seams

The STORMR Realtree Max 5 Stealth Gauntlet Neoprene Decoy is a waterproof designed glove that can be used for all kinds of hunting activity that requires getting into the water. It is cheap and affordable and yet made from one of the top-rated quality materials. 

It comes with a flexible design to make it comfortable on your hand, and the micro-fleece lining makes it friendly on your skin to ensure you don’t have a history of itching or any form of discomfort. The glove is very strong and yet lightweight, which makes it ideal for long-term use.

It can be worn all through the day, and the durable Hi-Grip palm anatomical fit makes it comfortable to your hand shape, which enhances your comfort with the glove. 

The glove is not only resistant to water, but it is to wind as well. It has glued and internal blind stitches seams, which helps to shut out water from getting into the glove to ensure you remain dry and warm whenever you wear the glove for hunting. 


  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Well stitched to shut out water completely
  • Delivers comfort fit on the hand with its anatomical design
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use


  • It has no significant setback

10. Prior Dionla Gloves

Prios Dionla Gloves - Insulated Women’s Hunting...
11 Reviews
Prios Dionla Gloves - Insulated Women’s Hunting...
  • OUTDOOR GLOVE: Cold and wet weather...
  • WATERPROOF: These gloves provide an...
  • INSULATION: Containing 133G Primaloft...
  • TOUCH SCREEN COMPATIBLE: Designed with...

We end our list of the hunting gloves you should consider for any waterfowl hunting with the Prior Dionla Gloves. It boasts of 133G Primaloft insulation and plush pile lining that helps in delivering optimal warmth and comfort. Also, it comes with all that you need to remain protected whenever you get to the field to hunt. 

The glove offers excellent performance with the help of the W/P 20,000 MVP 15,000 and a GORE-TEX insert, making it get rid of water totally and ensure the glove remains breathable for your convenience and comfort. 

The heater pack pocket added to the glove makes it deliver the warmth you need in a harsh condition, such as during rain, wind, and snow. It is designed from smooth sheepskin on the palm, fingertips, C22 touch on index finger and thumb, and silicone print grips. It is indeed a good choice of hunting gloves to consider. 


  • It gives the right protection
  • Resistance to water
  • Insulation to keep the hands warm
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • It has no significant setback

Waterfowl gloves buyers guide

gloves for hunting

Buying gloves for duck hunting or any other waterfowl hunting quest can be tricky, especially if it is your first time. There are essential things that you need to consider, and we have them all discussed below. They are very important to help you choose with different gloves available in the market and some online stores.

What are the types of hunting gloves?

  • Cold weather hunting gloves

The cold weather type of hunting gloves is responsible for protecting you from extreme or cold conditions. They are designed to maintain the warmth inside the gloves to keep you dry and warm.

Most of them are designed so that the palm and fingertips support whatever you hold, such as your hunting equipment, and it also helps to protect your hand in cases of bruises or cuts.

The material used for this kind of gloves is usually neoprene, and it is known to be stretchy and elastic. Cold weather gloves can’t be bearable to use during the warm season, and for this cause, you can consider hybrid duck hunting gloves.

  • Casual hunting gloves

The casual hunting gloves are another you need to know as they do not have anything special such as insulation materials and many more. It is designed with any material and can be used to keep the hand safe and secured at all times.

This type of gloves can either come with the waterproof feature or not. So if you are getting any of the casual gloves and intend to use them for hunting that requires you to get into the water, you might want to consider one with a waterproof design.

  • Hybrid hunting gloves

The hybrid hunting glove is also one of your considerations if you are looking for a versatile glove. It can easily be converted to mittens and then reconverted to fingerless ones.

It is the type of glove that is fit for extreme weather conditions. It has insulation on the inside to keep the gloves warm. Also, it is always breathable, and it doesn’t hold on to sweat or moisture.

  • Hunting gloves

These are strictly designed for hunting, and they come with durable and rugged materials which are adequate at eliminating scent to keep prey in the dark. The hunting gloves sometimes are made with multiple materials, such as neoprene with wool, leather, and many more.

The most important part is that they are breathable, waterproof, cut-proof, and thus last longer than some other gloves.

Types of materials used for hunting gloves

There are different materials out there that are designed for the production of hunting gloves, and we have them below for you, which will help you make the right decision or choice whenever you are ready to get a hunting glove.

  • Leather material

One of the materials that are also being used for the production of hunting gloves is leather. It is known to be soft and durable to handle all kinds of hunting quests. One of the good sides is that it delivers the right insulation level and helps keep the hand warm while it doesn’t get too cumbersome on your hand.

It is most preferred as the right choice for most people because it can withstand anything and keep you safe and secured whenever you are using it for any activity.

  • Fleece

When you are interested in a lightweight glove, you should consider one made from fleece material. It is not as expensive as leather, but it also helps to keep you warm. It delivers warmth due to the natural insulation involved.

It traps the heat inside the glove, making it an excellent choice for winter hunting or anyone involved in waterfowl hunting.

  • Wool

Wool is another material that you can consider for your hunting gloves. Wool is soft and offers a good feeling on the hand. It is a natural material that delivers great comfort. Also, it is good at trapping heat and keeping the hands warm, which makes it a great choice for cold-weather hunting.

Original wool is not waterproof, but when used alongside other materials, it can be made waterproof.

How to choose the best hunting gloves?

hunting gloves

Many factors contribute to choosing the right hunting gloves, and we will share them with you on this page.

  • Comfort level

If a hunting glove can not get you comfortable, it doesn’t worth investing your money. It is the first thing that you need to consider whenever you want to buy a hunting glove. You should check to know if it has an inner design and material that can keep your hands warm or not.

Also, you need to check the features such as resistance to waterproof, ability to fold and do things without pain, and many more. The more comfortable you are, the likely you are to enjoy your hunting performance.

  • Durability

If it will not last long, it doesn’t worth investing your money too. You need to only opt for a durable glove and handle any hunting pressure and challenges. It should be one that can prevent hurt or injuries, and that is why you need to know the quality of the material it is made from before purchase.

  • Breathability

Also a great factor you never have to overlook. It helps in regulating the temperature in the glove to ensure you are comfortable. Often time, it is the material of the glove that determines if it is breathable or not. If a glove is breathable, it will have no chance of retaining moisture, making you feel uncomfortable and making the inner part of the glove smell bad.

  • Right size

When getting a hunting glove, you will find out there in the market and some local stores; you should ensure you get the one that will fit your hand perfectly. Getting an oversize glove will give you lots of problems with handling the glove and getting one that is too tight.

Therefore, for a great hunting performance with your hunting glove, ensure you get one that almost fits your hand perfectly.

Frequently asked questions

Do you wear gloves duck hunting?

Whenever you have to engage in duck hunting, you need to use flexible, warm, and waterproof gloves. It is not too good for your hands to get too cold as this might affects your hunting performance. 

Also, hunting duck requires that you do lots of activities with your hands in the water, and having the right glove will make it so easy for you to stay comfortable and convenient in the water. Also, never forget to make use of a quality wader for duck hunting

What do duck hunters wear?

Every duck hunter must wear a quality wader and glove for hunting. The primary aim is to stay warm and prevent getting cold, and the two gears mentioned can help keep any hunter warm. 

Is Camo necessary for duck hunting?

Most hunters prefer camo for duck hunting because it somehow aligns with their environment. However, most camo for duck hunting has a great insulation level to keep hunters warm at all times. 

Is duck hunting easy?

Getting involved in duck hunting can be challenging, especially for the novice. You have to get used to boats, dogs, decoys, calls, shotguns, waders, and many more. The important part is that you need to know and understand the basis of hunting duck, which can take some time to do. 

Once you get to know the basics and have the essential accessories, you can hunt. Mind you, it is never going to be easy at first, but with consistent hunting, you are likely going to become a boss sooner than later. 


Every duck hunter requires Gloves for duck hunting aside from using a wader. The truth is that most waders have a pocket where you can keep your hands warm, but it is not as easy and convenient as having gloves on your hands.

Most seasoned duck hunters know the importance of using gloves, and so the beginners need to follow suit. However, we have some gloves that you can consider for hunting duck on this page, and we hope you find one that suits you above.