Fortress Gun Safe Reviews in 2022 – Our Top 3 Picks

When you’re a gun owner and you need to keep the guns secured, there is no more secure place than a gun safe. A gun safe is the best place to keep the guns avoiding any unexpected accident. And when it’s about gun safe, you may want to own the best and secured gun safe.

Well, in this case, fortress gun safes can be your perfect solution. The Heritage Safe Company has developed the Fortress brand over 20 years and then the Fortress has been a go-to for looking a light duty and easier safe. And you know what; the Fortress name has excelled in the world of gun safe now!

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Top 3 Best Fortress Gun Safes Review

Fortress actually produces great products with excellent design and amazing value at affordable prices. The Fortress is really an innovative gun safe brand and they are trying to develop their safes day by day by inventing new features so that you get the best safety from the gun safe.

Today, we’re here with 3 Fortress gun safes reviews so that you can pick the suitable one to secure your guns. Though Fortress offers 8 different sizes of safe, we’ll talk about the top 3 safes that may suit you most.

Fortress Fireproof Gun Safe with Electronic Lock

Fortress Fireproof Gun Safe with Electronic Lock

Feature of Fortress Fireproof Gun Safe

  • Built for holding 14 guns.
  • Comes with 8-inches steel bolts.
  •  Up to 20 minute’s protection against fire at 1200°F.
  • Adjustable electric lock with included emergency access override key.
  • One inch thick and recessed door.

Fortress long gun safe for 14 guns is simply a great choice for gun owners. This gun safe offers different sizes and the largest one is able to hold up to 45 guns. But for domestic use, 14 guns capacity is good enough. Additionally, Fortress fireproof 24 gun safe is also suitable too for personal use. Oh yes, this gun safe is fireproof and able to provide fire protection of 20 minutes at 1200°F which means your guns will remain safe even in an unexpected accident.

This fortress gun safe comes with 8″ steel bolts and one inch thick and recessed door. This means your guns are fully secured. On the other hand, it offers electronic lock, so you can use the safe more conveniently. You can adjust the lock and set any combination you want. Only you can unlock the safe when needed. And in case you forget the access code, you don’t need to worry about at all. The safe comes with included emergency access override key so that you can still get access and reset the lock of the safe.

The weight of the safe is 280 pounds and that’s why it can hold its position strongly. This safe also features adjustable and removable shelves so you can clean the safe easily and also get more space when needed by removing the selves.

Fortress Pistol Safe with Electronic Lock

Fortress Pistol Safe with Electronic Lock

Feature of Fortress Pistol Safe

  •  Comes with a programmable electric keypad lock.
  • Alarming safe with quiet and fast keypad.
  • Made with heavy steel construction.
  •  Offers spring loaded drop down door.
  • Designed to ensure optimal pistol security.

If you looking for a small safe for keeping safe your pistols, then Fortress small personal safe can be a great choice. This DOJ approved pistol safe comes with alarming safe with quick button keypad. This small safe is made with heavy duty steel construction and its weight is just 9.5 pounds. And the dimension of the safe is 12x9x7 inches only.

This safe comes with programmable electric key lock and spring loaded drop down door. These features make the safe very easier and convenient to use. This safe is designed specially to ensure the optimal security for your pistols. This small pistol safe is highly portable and ready to go anywhere with you. Additionally, it secures too! So, you can keep the pistols very secure in this safe. This portable safe runs with 8 AA batteries and the batteries comes with the safe.

Fortress Executive Gun Safe with Electric Lock

Fortress Executive Gun Safe with Electric Lock

Fortress Exeutive Safes Feature

  • Offers adjustable electronic key lock.
  • Able to secure up to 30 guns.
  • Provides 60 minutes of fire protection at 1200°F.
  • Comes with 3 point handle and UL listed lock.
  • Made to provide maximum security for maximum guns.

When you have a lot of guns, then you need a large gun safe to keep all the guns safe and secure. This is a large unit and can be used for professional usages too. This is a large unit which is able to hold up to 30 guns and its weight is 534lbs. so it has to be placed in a place. This safe offers adjustable UL listed electronic lock for better security.

This safe is fireproof and able to provide fire protection for 60 minutes at 1200°F. You can stay totally worry-free about the fire because of its fire protection. This Fortress exeutive (executive) gun safe has 3 points handle to make the safe more secure and effective. This safe can be a great option for you if you own a lot of guns. This unit has come to fulfill your requirements!

The Benefits of a Fortress Gun Safe

Owing a Fortress gun safe has many benefits. The Fortress gun safes are conceptualized, designed and made to provide maximum security and keep your guns in a safe place. The Fortress gun safes are resilient. The Fortress is an innovative brand that keeps launching new products occasionally with innovative and trendy features and improvements.

The Fortress brand always provides durable and high-quality products to the customers to keep their reputation and satisfy the customers because customer satisfaction is their main mission.

When Fortress designs a gun safe, they focus on what the main purpose of the safe is. That’s why they have been proving the high quality and secure gun safe for a long time. They also provide a long time warranty period to keep the customers tension-free. They make the products by keeping in mind the demands and needs of the customers. They not only offer innovative products but also build quality products.

Most of the Fortress gun safes come with electronic lock system so that only you and authorized personnel can use the safe. They offer adjustable lock so you can set your access code. And in case you forget the access code, they also provided an emergency override key to make sure you can recover the code again and use the safe conveniently.

The Fortress safes are fireproof and provide great protection against fire. Fortress safes are able to provide fire protection for 20-60 minutes at 1200-1350°F. Fortress safes are usually equipped with recessed door, notched-bolt and steel bolts to make sure you get proper protection from the thief. Actually, Fortress gun safes are really awesome and pretty good for a gun owner. You’ll surely find the safe very useful if you own one!

Fortress Gun Safe Last Word

So, we’re now at the end of Fortress Gun Safes Review and after all those discussions, we can simply say that the Fortress gun safes are made to provide the best support in the mid-price range. We reviewed the best Fortress safe for pistols, the best Fortress gun safe for some long guns and the best Fortress gun safe for lots of long guns.

Actually, it depends on your choice and requirements; but we can ensure you one thing that all of these 3 gun safes are the best at their position and you won’t regret after owning one! If you still have something to ask, then feel free and let us know. We’ll try to help you as soon as possible. Keep your guns secure, be safe and good luck!

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