First Lite Corrugate Guide Pants Review 2022

With this First lite corrugate guide pants review, we will share with you all that you need to know about the pant. Without a doubt, the first lite corrugate guide pant is one of the best durable and breathable hunting pants you will find in the market today.

The pant is constructed around a simple design that gives hunters get the proper freedom of movement to engage in their hunting activity. It has a durable water repellent finish which makes it all weather pants.

There is more to what the pant offers, and that’s what the whole page is all about. So. Let’s check out some of the features of the corrugate guide pant.

First Lite Men's Corrugate Guide Pant
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First Lite Men's Corrugate Guide Pant
  • The armored truck of First Lite pants,...
  • Durable Water Repellent finish for all...
  • 3D double cargo pockets for ample...
  • Built-in stretch for complete...

Features of corrugate guide pants

First lite corrugate guide pants

  • Durable construction

The lightweight pant isn’t just designed out of fake or less quality material, and that is justified in its design. It is indeed made out of top-quality materials that make it highly durable.

The durability is unquestionable with its four-way stretch nylon fabric that is used which makes the pant boasts of the power to support harsh conditions without

  • 3D cargo pocket

The corrugate guide pant has a 3D cargo pocket, which is a great addition to the pant to give you a wide range of options for keeping your things if you want them closer to you. The pockets offer ample storage for valuables.

  • DWR treatment

The DWR treatment on the pant is an advanced feature that makes the pant resist moisture easily, and that makes it gets dry quickly even if you walk through a water path or you got caught in the rain during hunting.

  • Belt or suspenders compatible

The corrugate guide pant has loops for rocking suspenders or a belt which means the pant will always give a proper snug fit on you whenever you wear the pant.

However, the pant is true to its size as long as you have to check through the size chart to choose the one that will fit you perfectly for proper performance.

  • Color options

One of the benefits you get with choosing the corrugate guide pant is that it doesn’t come in a single color. You’ve got more than one color to choose from. Irrespective of the color you choose, be assured they all have the same quality with a similar design.

Why should you consider corrugate guide pants for hunting?

Truly it is a pant that can be considered for different outdoor activities, and so it fits well for hunting adventures. The simplicity and texture of the pant make them skin-friendly and easy to use for anyone.

You can easily wear the pant and put them off without hassles. Also, it has a stretchy design, which means it fits your size even if you are oversized as long as you pick the right size for you.

The only significant setback with the pant, which could be a turn-off for hunters, is that it is quite noisy, which could cause some prey to be aware of your presence, such as sensitive animals like deer and many more.

How does the corrugate guide pant perform in wet conditions?

Corrugate guide pant has a construction that allows it to resist water. It is the reason you can consider wet weather conditions. Also, it gets dry quickly, which is the reason for consideration in the rainy or wet season.

How does the corrugate guide pant perform in wet conditions?

It performs greatly in dry condition without you feeling any form of discomfort even if you have to wear for a longer period during hot weather condition.


We have here for you all that you all need to know about First lite corrugate guide pants. The pant is a quality one with great design and features that can handle the toughest task with any hunting adventure. It is best for hunting because of its durability and ability to resist wear and tear easily.