12 Best Scent killers for hunting 2022 – Eliminate odor with ease

best scent killer

Every seasoned hunter knows that human scent can travel as far as it can. It is never good to allow any form of scent or odor as it can affect your hunting performance. So, the use of the best scent killer has been the secret of many hunters today.

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8 Best Dove Hunting Chairs 2022 – Dove Hunting Made Easy

best dove hunting chair

If you love hunting dove, getting the best dove hunting chair will be an easy decision for you to make. It’s never easy to stand all day while you can have it all in the simplest form with a comfortable chair. You can never underestimate the power of a comfortable chair for dove hunting.

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What are the best turkey hunting boots for hunters in 2022?

turkey hunting boots

The best turkey hunting boots are specially designed turkey hunting boots to be extremely comfortable to wear when you have been sitting down quietly for long periods while also keeping you well concealed. So, which ones are the best for turkey hunting with different boots out there?

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10 Best waders for kids 2022 – Multifunctional waders

waders for kids

Having a grandpa who happens to be a hunter as a kid was a great blessing to me. Although I didn’t follow his path to be a hunter, I still hit the field to hunt once in a while. Hunting with him was fun, especially the fishing quest, which is why I own one of the best waders for kids.

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8 Best Badlands Backpacks Review – 2022 – Perfect hunting companion

badlands packs

With over 25 years in the industry of producing hunting gears, you can beat your chest and attest that badland is one of the frontiers in the industry. We couldn’t overcome the temptation to overlook badlands packs and, in this post, we will share with you some you can consider for hunting.  

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10 Best leafy suit for turkey hunting in 2022

leafy suit for turkey hunting

Do you need leafy suits for turkey hunting? While some claimed it has no impact on the hunting performance, some believe that it is essential because turkeys have great vision and can easily detect when something is odd. So, using a leafy suit will indeed align with the hunting environment and thus makes it quite hard for turkeys to detect that you are around.

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5 Best Ameristep Blinds for Hunting 2022 – Are they worth it?

ameristep blinds

The ameristep blinds are ideal for hunters and other outfield activities. They are convenient because you can set them up anywhere, and they fold flat to take backpacking. The blinds include:

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9 Best bone saw for elk and deer 2022 – Reviews and guides

Best bone saw for elk

Are you about to hunt for elk and deer and want to know what the best saw is to cut through meat and bones? Have you heard of far too many people who have ruined good knives cutting those bones up, even with a sharp knife? I sure have. Let’s talk about what is the best bone saw for elk and deer and why.

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9 Best duck decoys for hunting in 2022

best duck decoys

If you are into duck hunting, you should know about the importance of using decoys. Most seasoned duck hunters do not play with the tool and that is the reason you should get the best duck decoys if you are serious about hunting ducks.

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