Best Braided Fishing Lines Saltwater 2022

Although all fishing equipment is important, lines are arguably one of the most important components –they provide a connection between the angler and the fish and support all the other components to ensure that the fish is caught successfully.

With many kinds of lines available in the market, it is hard to keep up with all the variety and make the right purchase – this is where our article comes in.

To help you choose the best braided fishing line for saltwater fishing, we have compiled detailed reviews, pros, and cons, as well as a thorough guide to features that you should consider before purchasing a line.

Quick Overview – Top 5 Best Braided Fishing Lines for Saltwater Fishing 2022

Best Braided Fishing Line for Saltwater Reviews

Among all the choices, there are quite a few good ones. This article has gone through all these options and has narrowed them down to 10 of the best braided fishing lines for saltwater.

These 10 options are the ones that we recommended with full confidence, and we hope you can find your perfect braided fishing line below!

1. KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line – Best Affordable Line

From the renowned KastKing, this line is one of the best braided fishing lines available in the market. Although affordable, it does not lack in technology and prides itself on innovation.

The line claims to have dynamically incorporated strands which result in stronger knotting.

KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

It also boasts a proprietary coating that is not waxy and allows for fast cutting through the water.


It has great abrasion resistance, low memory, and zero stretches, making it a responsive and durable line.

This line also guarantees versatility in terms of targeted species, different conditions, and even color choice. It also has a smaller diameter and results in better and further casting.

Why We Like It

The line’s low memory greatly improves casting in terms of distance and quality. It is suitable for calm and windy weather, preventing knotting and tangles.

Zero stretch results in high sensitivity and better feel. Additionally, it makes hook setting better which results in a higher yield.

Durability is another factor that makes this line excellent – it has high abrasion resistance and technology to improve knot strength.

Since braided lines are notoriously difficult to knot, KastKing has eliminated this problem by allowing for easier as well as more solid knots.

With a smaller diameter as compared to alternative brands, more lines can be added which further improves the fishing experience. Visibility is also taken care of since the line is available in a variety of colors.

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  • Affordable & Zero stretch
  • Low memory & High sensitivity
  • Further casting & Smaller diameter
  • Abrasion-resistant, durable
  • High knot strength
  • Variety of colors available
  • Suitable for saltwater


  • Color tends to fade

One of the most affordable and high-quality products on the market, this is one that anglers should consider.

It is especially good for beginners since it is budget-friendly. It should be noted that color fades over time and may need replacement.

2. Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line – The Strongest Line

Although expensive, it is easy to see why this is a cult classic – it is one of the best braided fishing lines and is known for its durability.

PowerPro Microfilament Braided Fishing Line

This line is known for its use of Microline Technology, Spectra Fiber, and Enhanced Body Technology.


The line comes in a variety of colors and can cover a lot of camouflage options. Made of Spectra Fiber, the line has high abrasion resistance.

The Enhanced Body Technology makes performance stronger and results in a smooth, round line.

Microline Technology ensures that the line is thin. The line is great for trolling reels and spinning reels, and it works in both freshwater and saltwater. Another advantage is the almost zero stretch which helps with sensitivity.

Why We Like It

Because of zero stretch and the resulting sensitivity, the line provides plenty of responsiveness and immediately lets anglers know about a bite or pull. With such high sensitivity, anglers will not miss any catches.

Variety is another feature that we appreciate in this line. Not only does this come in different colors, but it also works in different waters.

The different colors make it possible to reduce the visibility of the line by allowing it to blend into the surroundings.

The use of Spectra Fiber results in high abrasion resistance and makes this a durable and strong line. This makes it suitable for rough waters as well as more calm circumstances, making it a truly versatile line.

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  • High abrasion resistance
  • Durability & Smooth
  • Zero stretch, sensitivity
  • Suitable for saltwater and freshwater
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Color may bleed
  • Relatively expensive
  • Can get tangled

Apart from the color bleeding, this is a fantastic option for those who can afford it because of its durability and versatility.

3. Piscifun Onyx Braided Fishing Line – Best Durable and Strong Line

This affordable fishing line really packs a punch. It is known for its durability and abrasion resistance.

Piscifun Onyx Braided Fishing Line

A new epoxy coating technology is used to make this line extra durable. The Nano Resin Coating Technology claims to increase abrasion resistance.


The precision braiding results in high tensile strength and better power. Abrasion resistance and durability also effectively limit the damage.

The tightly woven 4-strand design results in stronger knots. Because of negligible stretch, the line is also sensitive, and the low memory prevents kinks. Smoothness and roundness enable cutting through the water.

Why We Like It

Low memory reduces knots and curls which is useful when casting and retrieving since the line will not get tangled easily.

The minimal stretch resulting in sensitivity leads to more catch. Responsiveness allows anglers to feel even slight movement and prompts action.

Not only is the line abrasion-resistant, but it is also high in tensile strength. It can be used in rough waters without cutting.

Furthermore, the knot strength is useful when using a braided line, since it is usually difficult to knot because of its slippery nature.

The strong fiber used in the construction of the line results in a tight weave which leads to stronger knots that are easier to tie.

Available in a variety of colors, it does not lose color like other lines. With a protective coating, it maintains color and strength and is suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater, making it extremely versatile.

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  • Affordable & Low memory
  • Saltwater/freshwater appropriate
  • Variety of colors & Protective coating
  • Knot strength & Sensitivity
  • Durable, abrasion resistant


  • Users have reported fraying

An all-around excellent line, it is durable and versatile. Although some users have reported fraying, this is uncommon. A great value for the price, this line can be used by both beginners and advanced anglers.

4. Mounchain 100% PE 4 & 8 Strands Braided Fishing Line – Best Abrasion-Resistant Line

One of the most well-known lines out there, Mounchain’s Extreme Braid is both durable and sensitive. It is one of the bestselling braided lines due to its versatility and high quality.

Mounchain Extreme Braid

This line features a long-lasting coating for maximum protection. It claims to have wide application as it performs well in a variety of scenarios.


With high abrasion resistance, this line is strong and durable. Its special coating guarantees that color will not fade and the line remains protected from UV degradation.

It also comes in a range of colors and versatility is seen in application to the situation. The low stretch makes for great sensitivity and the low memory makes sure that kinks are not a problem.

Why We Like It

One of the main reasons we love this product is because of its braided design and high abrasion resistance. The strength ensures that the product is long-lasting.

This is emphasized by the special coating – unlike water-based coatings, this ensures that color will not fade, contributing to durability in terms of color.

Since it protects against UV damage, it will also need to be replaced less often.

With the variety of colors available, anglers do not have to be worried about visibility and can find a color to match their water conditions.

Additionally, it works in saltwater and freshwater and can be used to target different species of fish.

Low stretch and sensitivity are great for feel and ensures quick response, alerting anglers to movement. Low memory reduces knots and tangles, allowing for smoother retrieval.

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  • UV resistant coating
  • No color fading & Low memory
  • Variety of color options
  • Can be used in saltwater and freshwater
  • Low stretch and sensitivity
  • Smooth retrieval & Versatile


  • Relatively expensive
  • Users have reported varying weights

This line is great for those looking for abrasion resistance and protection against the elements. However, buyers should double-check the weight against the advertised weight.

5. RUNCL Braided Fishing Line 8 Strands – Most Durable Line

This RUNCL Line is known for its high-quality materials and its smoothness. It is very popular among anglers since it offers good value for money, especially in terms of durability.

RUNCL Ultra Strong Braided Line

This line boasts premium materials, 8-strand design, compact weave, and zero memory. These claims of durability and no distortion make this a unique product.


This line brags many features. Because of the 8-strand design, users can be sure that this line is strong and resistant to wear and tear.

The compact weaving and zero memory not only result in sensitivity and responsiveness but also make sure that there is no distortion. With the increased feel, anglers can feel the bite or pull immediately, resulting in a higher yield.

Why We Like It

Because of the smooth plait, a smaller diameter, and coating on the line, this line can cut through the water fast and make the casting experience very smooth.

The extra strength provided by the tight weaving and the 8-strand design makes sure that line strength is strong enough to deal with larger fish and their pulling. This effectively reduces the possibility of line breaking.

The high-quality construction is also useful when it comes to tying knots as it ensures knot strength. Since this is one of the most important features of a braided line, it is especially useful.

With better and longer casting, zero memory, and durability, this is definitely a braided line worth investing in. It is suitable for various kinds of fishing including rock fishing, boat fishing, and stream fishing.

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  • Small diameter & Durable
  • High-quality materials
  • 8-strand design
  • Line strength & Zero memory
  • Knot strength & Better casting
  • Zero extension & Smoothness


  • Multicolored, no choice

This is a great option overall but may not be suitable for those looking to fish in specific areas since they will require single-color lines. Otherwise, it is a durable and high-quality line.

6. SKYSPER Upgraded Braided Fishing Line 10LB 15LB 20LB 30LB – Strands Super Strong Fishing Line

This braided line is known for its high-quality performance at an affordable price. Suitable for different kinds of water and available in different colors, the line is very versatile.

What stands out in this product is the fact that it is made from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber which is great for strength.

Skysper Upgraded Braided Line

It also has wide-angle technology which increases smoothness and makes for better casting. Made with nanotechnology, the line is strong and low in memory.


Not only is the line available in both 4-strand and 8-strand options, but it is also offered in 4 different colors to combat visibility issues. Additionally, it is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater, making it great for boat fishing and trolling.

As a floating line, it is excellent for topwater fishing. High sensitivity and low memory are also noteworthy advantages. Tensile strength has also been tested from 20lb all the way up to 100lb.

Unlike other colored braided lines, it claims not to lose color and has a 24-hour color test available.

Why We Like It

Not only is it versatile in terms of fishing in both saltwater and freshwater, but it is also available in a variety of colors.

Since braided lines are known for being highly visible, this can camouflage it well and may even eliminate the need for a leader. Zero stretches also ensure more sensitivity as well as precision.

This, combined with the wide-angle technology, smoothness, abrasion resistance, and sensitivity makes this a great option for a variety of anglers.

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  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater
  • Available in 4-strand and 8-strand options
  • Low stretch & Affordable
  • High sensitivity
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Includes up-to-date technology


  • Could include more colours

With low stretch, memory, and smoothness, this line definitely lives up to its claim of providing a “wonderful casting experience”.

7. Spiderwire DURA-4 Braid Fishing Line – A Highly Sensitive Line

A favorite among anglers, this affordable line breaks extreme sensitivity. The DURA-4 is also a bestselling product due to its responsiveness and smooth functioning.

Spiderwire DURA 4 Braid Fishing Line

The main claim of this line is the “spider-sensitivity” because of almost zero stretches.

The outer coating is slick, allowing for better casting and low friction.


Because of nearly zero stretches, the product is sensitive and responsive which allows for a good feel.

The moss-green color is great for blending in among vegetation and helps the visibility problem. It also has a smaller diameter than other lines of the same tensile strength and is made from strong dura fibers.

Why We Like It

Because of its high sensitivity, this line is excellent for feel and is responsive to even the slightest bit of biting or pulling by the fish.

In addition to this, it results in the increased distance as well as smoother flow, both of which make for a better fishing experience.

Line strength is also high because of the high-quality dura fibers used, making it suitable for a range of weights. It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing and can be used for deeper fishing as well.

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  • Affordable & Low friction
  • Almost zero stretch
  • Extremely sensitive
  • Versatile usage & Increased distance
  • Smaller diameter than others in the same range
  • Great line strength
  • Better flow and smoothness
  • Slick outer coating


  • Only comes in one color (moss green)

In addition to being affordable, the DURA-4 excels at the sensitivity and line strength. Being suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing while boasting almost zero stretches, this is great for those fishing in waters with a lot of vegetation.

However, others may want to consider alternative options since the line only comes in one color and can cause issues with visibility.

8. RIKIMARU Braided Fishing Line – Most Versatile Line

This affordable fishing line markets itself as an all-in-one product – suitable for different kinds of water, strong, and good in any weather, this is a great line for the price.

RIKIMARU Braided Fishing Line

RIKIMARU boasts an extremely thin diameter with this line and claims that it has zero stretches. It also claims that the line is versatile and user-friendly.


The line is suitable for different kinds of fishing, including freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, and ice fishing.

This versatility can also be applied to different species of fish with the line being great for bass, trout, and tuna fishing.

The product also comes with a fluorocarbon fishing line since it can be used as a leader. The line claims to have a thin diameter, zero stretch, low memory, and knot strength.

Additionally, it is strong with high abrasion resistance, effectively covering all bases.  It also comes in different colors.

Why We Like It

In addition to being suitable for different kinds of waters and for different species of fish, it is also suitable for rough as well as calm waters. Since it is appropriate for all weather, it can hold its own among rocks, vegetation, etc.

Because of zero stretches, responsiveness is high and anglers can be sure of sensitivity, allowing them to act on every pull and bite.

Low memory also improves casting and reeling in since the line does not tangle and coil up. Having a thin diameter and being tightly woven, knots are tied easily, and the line can cut through water easily.

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  • Affordable & Versatile
  • Durable
  • Different colors available
  • Sensitivity & Low memory


  • May bleed color

Despite its claim not to bleed color, the line has been known to stain hands occasionally. That being said, this is an excellent option for those who want versatility in terms of fishing area, type of fishing, etc.

9. AngryFish AGWX9 – Best Protective Line

A reasonably priced product, the AngryFish AGWX9 is strong and comes in a variety of colors.

AngryFish AGWX9

The AGWX9 boasts an additional strand which makes it nine times as strong, smooth, and reliable. The material is also used in bullet-proof vests and is durable.


Made from polyethylene, the strands are strong, durable, and abrasion-resistant. Increased knot strength and cut-resistance are also emphasized. Zero strength and low memory are boasted along with tight weaving and high sensitivity.

It is also a versatile line that is available in 5 colors as well as 1 multi-color option.

Why We Like It

The versatility of the product is admirable with the line suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

It is also used in ice fishing and lake fishing. As such, it is a well-rounded line that would add value to any angler’s supplies.

With different color options, the visibility problem can be negated by matching the fishing line to the water. With more strands, it is stronger and can be used in rough as well as calm water.

It can be used for rock fishing and areas with a lot of vegetation. Rubbing tests ensure no fraying and snapping, making this long-lasting.

Because of zero stretch and low memory, this is a great line for all anglers – it is sensitive and will be responsive to fish movements.

It does not compromise on retrieval. Not to mention, it is anti-twist for straighter and longer-lasting. It does not tangle up when reeling in fish or result in wind knots.

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  • Relatively affordable
  • Versatility in terms of different waters
  • Durability & Abrasion resistance
  • Sensitivity, zero stretch
  • Low memory & Anti-twist
  • No fraying, snapping


  • Thick line
  • May bleed color

This is a highly-rated line and provides durability and strength at an affordable price. However, it is not suitable for those looking for a thin line, and users should be wary of the line bleeding color.

10. Pisfun PE Braided Line – Best All-Around Line

Another fairly affordable purchase, this braided line is known for its strength, versatility, and is available in a range of colors.

Pisfun PE Braided Line

This line brags a tight-weave design, durability, and versatility.


With a tight-weave design, this line has low memory and will not coil or kink. It also claims to have high sensitivity because of zero stretches.

It is suitable for saltwater fishing and is very versatile. It comes in a variety of bright colors, making it great for visibility.

Why We Like It

The tensile strength has been measured from 14lb to 80lb and ensures that the line is strong and can withstand different situations.

This, along with abrasion resistance, makes it suitable for all sizes of fish, whether big or small. The durability of this line is one of its main strengths which makes it suitable for saltwater fishing.

The low memory of this line will ensure smooth casting and no knots while reeling in the fish, making for a great fishing experience.

The low memory also ensures that the line will be able to sink instead of just floating, making it suitable for topwater fishing as well as deeper fishing.

The high sensitivity results in a better feel with the angler able to tell when the fish is biting or pulling, thereby ensuring control.

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  • Affordable & Low memory
  • Tight-weave design & High sensitivity
  • Durable and abrasion-resistant
  • Suitable for saltwater fishing
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Can be used for larger fish as well
  • Smooth casting
  • Less kink, curl, knots


  • Color may bleed

One of the most durable and abrasion-resistant lines out there, this is a great deal for the price. It is also very versatile in terms of weather conditions, types of fishing, and types of water.

However, some users have reported that the color can bleed which buyers should be careful about.

How to Choose Best Braided Fishing line for Saltwater

A fishing line is an important part of fishing equipment since it is the connection to the fish itself. To choose the right fishing line, it is imperative to know things like where you will be fishing, what you are fishing for, how heavy your catch is going to be, etc.

fishing line

The following features will be helpful in breaking down the construction and understanding how to judge a fishing line.

Line Strength

Usually measured in pounds, the strength of a fishing line refers to tensile strength, i.e. how much force the line can take before breaking.

This is an important consideration since it should line up with the weight of the fish you plan to catch and the equipment you are using.

Line color

Color is an important aspect for both the fish and the angler – while an angler may prefer a color that is visible to them, it is important to keep in mind that this will also be visible to the fish.

However, a lot of this does depend on where the angler is fishing – in clear water, it might be too obvious to use a colored line, and the angler may opt for a clear or low-visibility line. However, in darker, brackish water, a colored line would be fine to use.

Lines also come in a variety of colors for those who want to match the line to the location. For example, the green line is used in water that has vegetation while the blue line is used in sunny weather.

Line Size

When buying a fishing line, it is important to check the size of the product. While length is important, and you need to make sure you have plenty of lines for deep waters.

It is also important to consider diameter, i.e. the thickness of the line. This is measured in pounds, and users should buy thicker lines for bigger and more powerful fish.


Flexibility in a fishing line is essential since it determines how hard or easy it will be to tie knots into the line. More flexible lines will be easier to knot while less flexible lines will be harder to knot and may require more complex or powerful knots.

A braided line is extremely strong as well as slippery. As such, it is harder to knot than a monofilament line.

Abrasion Resistance

This refers to the strength of a line and how much it can withstand in terms of obstacles and wear and tear when you are fishing.

For example, if fishing among rocks, you will need a fishing line with high abrasion resistance so the line does not get cut off due to contact with the rocks.

Shock Strength

This refers to the strength of the line in terms of sudden pressure or pull. This is important when fishing since it often results in a failed catch.

Stretchy lines are more resistant to this and thus have more shock strength. Lines with no stretch are more likely to break off while facing sudden pulls when reeling in the fish. This is especially important when catching large fish.


Buoyancy is the ability of the line to float in water. Buoyant lines and sinking lines are used for different purposes; the former being used for top-water fishing and the latter being ideal for deep-water fishing.  Sinking lines are also more precise and preferred when handling larger fish.


Memory refers to how the line flows from the spool – if it goes straight, it has less memory, and if it curls, it has more memory. Lines with more memory curl and knot more easily and can be hard to work with.

It makes it harder to cast further away and can knot when you reel the line in. Low memory is one of the signs of a high-quality fishing line.


Lines that can be stretched can keep tension better when battling a fish. However, they can also result in less sensitivity and feedback.

As such, these lines don’t allow the angler to feel the bite and pull precisely. Stretchy lines also make hook setting much harder and will need to be replaced more often.

Non-stretchy lines may not be able to keep tension better but allow for more precision and a better feel.

Braided Fishing Line For Saltwater (FAQs)

In addition to knowing about what characteristics to look out for, you may want to check out the frequently asked questions below.

Some other users have struggled with these issues, and looking through them may help you avoid their mistakes as the answers given to provide you with more detailed information.

1.Why should I choose a braided fishing line?

Answer- While braided lines are more expensive than monofilament and fluorocarbon ones, they are also the strongest and are often used for larger fish.

Braided lines also have the least stretch and are therefore more sensitive and responsive, with anglers being able to feel when the fish bite.

Other advantages of braided fishing lines are that they have no memory, they can last in the sun, they can be cast further, and they allow more on the spool itself.

A braided line is great for saltwater fishing, fishing in low-visibility waters and fishing through weeds. It is commonly used with spinning reels.

2.Do you have to use a leader with a braided line?

Answer- While braided lines provide many advantages, one major con is the visibility: braided lines often have higher visibility than their counterparts and may spook fish.

However, this can easily be solved by using a leader. This is especially important in clearer water since braided lines are the most visible out of all the other line options.

These lines should also be used with a leader if the fishing area is rough since its abrasion resistance is lower than other lines.

Therefore, using a leader is not always necessary, especially when the conditions mentioned above do not exist. However, when fishing under these conditions, anglers do prefer to use a leader.

Because of their low flexibility, braided lines are harder to knot – check out this article for which knots to use!

Should braided lines be used for a spinning reel?

Answer- While braided lines can work on other reels, the spinning reel is the most common reel used with them. Not only can the braided line cast further away, it is more sensitive, more responsive, provides better feel, and has no stretch.

It also has no memory which reduces coiling. For these reasons, as well as many more, the spinning reel is an excellent option to use braided lines with.


After having gone through all these fishing lines and evaluating them, while keeping important features in mind, there is a clear winner among the 10 lines shortlisted.

This is the PowerPro Microfilament Braided Fishing Line. One of the most durable fishing lines on the market, this uses high-quality materials and advanced technology. It is also extremely thin and versatile.

While this is an expensive option, those on a budget need not worry. The KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line is one of the best products on the market.

Made by renowned brand KastKing, this is an affordable line that does not skimp out on technology. Thus, it is responsive, durable, and guarantees versatility, making it an excellent option for those looking to save money.

We hope this roundup helps you choose the best braided fishing line for saltwater and makes your buying journey easier!