Best way to Store Guns without a Safe – Gun Safe or Cabinet

There was a time childhood was full of freedom and fun. If you are today’s kids than you won’t believe how the kids of 70’s enjoyed their times. They didn’t have to wear helmets or seat belts in cars. But now we parents are too much conscious and don’t even think of taking kids going out without all the protective gear.

Now if you have guns and children in the same house then you have to be very cautious about this. If you don’t have any gun safer in the home you have to know how to store guns without safe. You may ask why to own a gun and keep it home?

Well, you know thieves and burglars are now too daring to go in-house and try to kill every person just for stealing. So for safety, you have to own a gun in the home. But if you don’t have safe then you have to be very careful to keep the gun safe from the kids and others. Don’t worry about this article you will know the best way to store guns without a safe. Stay tuned and get informed.

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What are the Other Way to Store Guns without a Safe?

While the gun safe is the most well-known option to store your guns, there are other secret hiding places for guns in both orthodox and unorthodox options. For example, the most used alternative to the gun safe is a gun lock box, a hollowed out book, a false wall, a false electrical outlet, ventilation system, false flooring, behind picture frames, and even in pottery.

While some may think these are not viable options, this is not the case. As long as they are kept in an inconspicuous place these alternative storage areas are just as secure.

A Lock Box:

As for keeping the gun safely, the very first thing that comes to mind is a lockbox to keep the gun. This box comes at the reasonable price. It is mainly used for keeping money and small papers. But if you have a small gun, you can keep it easily in this box.

You can also put bullets in this lockbox. Trust this box is safe and portable to use. It is easy to use when you need. You will find two type of security in the box, one is with lock and the other one is with the pin number. Pick the one that is convenient for you. But if you have a bigger size gun than you have to go for next option to keep the gun.

False wall / floor/ electrical vent:

This option is the little bit strange and costly. Because you have to make the hole in the wall to make a false wall that will work as the gun safe. This type of safe is effective but little out of a design. It is not better option for emergency use. Because it needs time to take out and load.

The benefit of the false floor or wall is you can keep large gun easily with bullets. It will stay well-hidden and no one can ever find your gun easily. It is the best option for them who has different kinds of weapon collection in the home.

Inside or Behind Hollow space:

If you want an alternate store space than this space is the cheapest and best one. You will not have to make a new space to make the hollow. It is already there like under the sofa mattress, in the large pot, under the bed mattress. But one thing you have to check if you have to keep the gun unload before keeping the gun in these places. In the emergency situation, it will hard to save yourself.

Aeration System:

It is my favorite place to keep my gun safe. This place is available in every home. All you have to do is open it with a screwdriver and to reach it you have to use a step ladder. This space is a great place to keep guns safely.  You can put guns, bullets in this space easily. It is safe for kids and adults. There is one problem with this space is it is hard to reach in an emergency state.

Gun storage bag:

This bag is specially designed for storing guns and protect them from getting damaged. The bag is full of suitable features that makes the storage easy and protected. You can pick the bag per your gun size because it is important.

You can’t put a big size in a small bag and also a small gun in a big bag. But avoid a big size bag if you don’t need on. Because this size doesn’t keep your gun secured and safe. It is also hard to place properly. A bag with padding is the best option. The padding keeps the gun from getting

Gun storage cabinet:

The cabinet is the 2nd best option instead of a gun safe. With it, you can keep your gun safely and also show off your collection to others. There are many kinds of cabinets. You have to select them per your needs.

You can pick a simple or attractive cabinet per your requirement. The size of the cabinet has to be fit in your house. So if you have a big house than pick a big cabinet for your gun collection and for small house pick cabinet with small space. Another thing you have to see in the cabinet is the temperature of the cabinet environment. Moisture temperature effects on gun’s body.

Gun storage case:

This case is a strong box that keeps your gun secured and hidden from others. While picking the case for your gun you have to see is there any line in the case because it prevents moisture damaging your gun.

Your gun will be safe from any kinds of exterior force.  If you keep the gun in this box it will be accessible only for you and your children can’t take it so easily. Make sure to keep the box in safe place to avoid thief to get hold of your gun. Wrap the gun to avoid moisture as it works for damaging your gun.

Why keep a gun safely in a place?

Now to talk about the gun safety with kids in the home. It is a risky thing to keep guns in the home when you have children. You have to teach your children about the danger of gun. Teach them not to touch the parts that make the shooting start. And for you, you have to keep your gun always unloaded and locked in the safe.

Why is it essential to keep your gun safe in secured place? A by mistake placed firearm could really lead to any kind of accident. A gun safe should be a topmost priority to keep your gun safe and secured. But sometimes you will face some problem to get one for many reasons.

You can use the above options to get your gun in safe place. It is better to not show off your weapon and make it hard to reach. Pick the simple storage place and use it only when you need to. But make sure keep kids far far away from the gun box.

When you are keeping your gun safe in a place then you have to consider accessibility, safety. For an example, if you have a shotgun you can’t keep it in a box or safe but you can keep it under your mattress. So don’t take extra tension with how to store guns without a safe. There is a number of options to keep your gun safely.

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