Best Gun Safe Under 500 Dollars in 2022 – Our Top 10 Picks

Are you a gun owner but not sure how to safely store your guns in a cost-efficient manner so the kids and family members are kept safe? Well, getting the best gun safe under 500 dollars should surely offer valid safety for your home.

Apart from keeping your guns away from kids in the house, you should keep them in highly secured places, so they don’t get into the wrong hands. Finally, these storage areas should have flawless accessibility for emergencies, and all the mentioned factors are found in quality gun safes.

Today we’ll bring to light some of these highly effective gun-safe systems you can have for improved security.


Best Gun Safe Under 500

We’ve researched and found out some of the best gun units. Below, we’ll talk about each of them, detailing their strengths and discussing some of their drawbacks, too, so you get a complete understanding of them.


Moutec Large Electronic Rifle SafeMaterial: Carbon Steel Weight: 108 lbs Dimensions: 57.2″x 15.7″x 11.8″ Alarm: Yes
Moutec Large Rifle SafeMaterial: Alloy steel Weight: 88 pounds Dimensions: 4”(w) x 13.8”(d) x 57”(h). Alarm: Yes
Barska Long Guns SafeMaterial: Aluminum Weight: 62 lbs Dimensions: 52.17 x 9.84 x 8.66 Alarm: Yes
VAULTEK 20 Series Handgun BluetoothMaterial: Carbon Steel Weight: N/A Dimensions:  11.0″ wide X 5.75″ deep X 2.0″ tall. Alarm: No
BARSKA Biometric SafeMaterial: Aluminum Weight: 28 lbs Dimensions: 14.5 x 16.5 x 7.75 inches Alarm: Yes
Verifi Smart Safe  Material: Alloy Steel Weight: N/A Dimensions: 13.2 x 13.8 x 7.9 inches Alarm: Yes
Langger Gun SafeMaterial: Alloy Steel Weight: 90 lbs Dimensions: 13.75 x 12 x 57 inches Alarm: YEs
Stack-On Tactical Security CabinetMaterial:     Alloy Steel Weight: 86 LBS Dimensions: 18 x 21 x 55 inches Alarm: No
Paragon Lock & SafeMaterial: Alloy steel Weight: 117.5 lbs Dimensions: 18 x 19 x 63 inches Alarm: Yes
V-Line Gun SafeMaterial:Metallic Fiber  Weight: 25.15 Pounds Dimensions: 3.5 x 8 x 42 inches Alarm: Yes

Moutec Large Electronic Rifle Safe

Large Biometric Rifle Safe

At the first place in our list, we have one of the top names in the gun safe industry, Moutec. For those who have a large collection of guns, this tall and spacious rifle safe would surely be a quality add-on in the house. Let’s find out more about it.


  • Audible alarm system
  • Three ways opening mechanism
  • Encryption feature for safety
  • Lockbox feature

The thing that we’d talk about first is the opening mechanism.

Easy Access

The good news is that it’s a biometric safe, so getting it opened when an intruder is trying to get inside won’t be an issue. You won’t be remembering and entering passwords or trying to fetch the keys for the safe instead, just press open it for immediate action.

You’re also getting a password and keys for added safety; in case the biometric isn’t working, you can use these alternative methods to open it.

Spacious Interior

Furthermore, the large, spacious interior would let you store 5-7 large rifles. It also has a box-shaped storage area on top that can hold smaller firearms like pistols.

Heavy Durability

Stealing from this bad boy would take days. Because this tremendously durable safe is constructed using 14 gauge carbon steel while the door is made 1.75 thick with an 11 gauge carbon steel material.

Locking Bolt Technology

On top of that, it also came equipped with five steel locking bolts, strengthened hinges, and an anti-pry mechanism. Overall, it’s too tough for anyone to mess with it.


Added mounting holes make these 108 pounds safe and easy to install wherever you want.


  • The biometric safe offers faster access for emergencies
  • Large and spacious inner area let’s user store 5-7 rifles along with pistols
  • Tremendously durable 14 gauge steel construction
  • Incredibly easy installation with mounting holes


  • Some users may have a slight issue accessing the fingerprint sensor

Moutec Large Rifle Safe

At the 2nd part of our long list of sophisticated rifle safes, we have another quality item from one of the industry leaders, Moutec. Let’s not waste time and quickly glance through!


  • Audible alarm
  • Stealth mode feature
  • Tested against praying and picking
  • Sleek exterior design

Deeper Storage Area

Many complain about their gun safe being too thin, making storing large and thicker rifles a bit difficult. Plus, getting the scoped guns stored in these ultra-slim safes can seem highly challenging. Keeping that in mind, Moutec has designed this one with a 50-inch depth so you can store and access the larger firearms with ease and comfort.

Digital Access

Another positive of this safe is that it can be unlocked by entering passcodes. Passcode access makes it highly convenient for the users. They don’t usually have the issue malfunctioning if your hand is wet, which can be seen in biometric safes. Nor do you have to walk around with keys for getting instant access. The passcodes make it simpler while letting you open the safe easily.


Finally, similar to the Moutec Large Electronic Rifle Safe, this one too comes with pre-punched mounting holes. As a result, you should be able to get it mounted anywhere you want with ease.


  • Deep storage area for storing guns with scope
  • Digital access passcode system for trouble-free access
  • Added alarm system for extra security
  • Added punch holes for easing up the installation process


  • May seem a bit wobbly without installation
  • May create noise while operating

Barska Long Guns Safe

At this stage, we have another item up for discussion. This time it’s the renowned safe and outdoor component manufacturer, Barska. Time to find out the inner details of this incredible item.


  • Tested against prying and picking
  • Fingerprint input can be inserted from different angles
  • Interior protection capabilities
  • Stealth mode feature available

Biometric Access

Accessing the safe is one of the most crucial factors to consider while getting one. Well, this one comes with biometric access. So you can easily open the safe using just the touch of your finger. You won’t have to fumble for keys during emergencies.

Easy Installation

One of the issues with gun lock safes is that you may have slight difficulties getting them installed. But that’s not the case with this one, though. You easily bolt it to your floor and don’t require any complicated actions.

Compact Design

Not everyone has the same requirements while storing their guns. If you’re looking for a smaller safe to store 1 or 2 guns while saving tons of floor space, we’d recommend you go for this one because it comes with a highly compact appearance and wastes a lot less room than the other ones.

Extra Space

This safe offers some added space to house extra items despite the small and compact design. It has a specially designed top shelf where you store ammo and pistols for easy access.


  • Comes with an exceptionally compact design reducing space consumption
  • Biometric access for instant opening
  • Added extra space for housing pistols or ammo
  • An easier installation process keeps users out of trouble


  • May lack space to store more arms

VAULTED 20 Series Handgun Bluetooth

Now at the fourth spot, we have something different to talk about apart from the larger gun safes. This one is a small and tremendously compact handgun safe by Valutek.


  •  Bluetooth connectivity
  • It can be integrated with smartphone
  •  Comes in 7 different colors
  • Faster access


One of the things about this highly advanced handgun safe is its Bluetooth connection. You get to check the status of the lock using Bluetooth connectivity. It will also help you have a fuller understanding of the safe activities using it.

Battery Life

Having a long battery life is another one of its strengths. It comes equipped with a tremendously powerful lithium ION battery unit which will give you a staggering six-month-long consistent power.

Convenient Fingerprint Opening

You can get it opened using your pre-adjusted fingerprint. As a result, it gets really easy to open as you won’t have to carry around a bag of keys while working with this one. It also includes a passcode opening, which can be an alternative if other methods aren’t working right.

Durable Construction

On top of all these, it comes built with a durable 16 gauge carbon steel. Having this tough material on the outer side of the handgun safe makes it difficult for anyone to instantly cut through, reducing the possibilities of theft.


  • Fingerprint mechanism provides instant access
  • A large array of other accessibility options
  • Six months-long battery life
  • It can be used to store firearms and important documents


  • Fingerprint malfunctions can give access to children

BARSKA Biometric Safe

Now we have another quality item by Barska. We have spoken about Barska earlier, but it’s a much smaller biometric safe for securing pistols or similar weapons this time. Let’s get to learn more about it.


  • Biometric lock for easy access
  • Sophisticated outer design
  • Suited for regular use
  • Back up access for opening without pass or fingerprint

Faster Access

In emergencies, you’d have to act fast, and that’s why accessing the lock should be quick and faultless. Well, if that’s something you value, this smart biometric lock should offer a quality service. The fingerprint sensor would allow faster access to your weapon than searching your pockets for the keys.

Pry Resistance

Prying is one of the most commonly used techniques in burglaries. That’s why this small yet sturdy safe is built using secure and solid steel. The tamper-resistant steel construction will prevent prying techniques to a certain degree, securing your arms during burglaries.

Compact and Spacious

Despite its small size, the safe can hold many things at once. You can get your arms, jewelry, confidential documents, and medicines safely stored inside this. Being designed compactly, this one will fit anywhere in the house and won’t waste much space.

Stealth Mode

Although the device comes with sound for performing activities, you can still use a stealthy mode. Toggling it on, you can operate it without any noise, which will help you tackle emergencies better.


  • Faster access using the fingerprint sensor
  • Offers some level of pry resistance
  • Compact yet offers enough space to store valuables
  • It can be used silently


  • The fingerprint sensor may malfunction sometimes

Verifi Smart Safe

We have another quality handgun safe at the sixth spot on the list. This time it’s by Verifi, and in the following discussion, we’d get to learn about the device a bit more in-depth.


  • Back up key to protecting from getting locked out
  • Auto-lock feature
  • The backup key for emergency access
  • LED Light feature

 Certified Access Mechanism

Well, if you’ve gone through the guide, you’d notice that most users have an issue with their safes’ fingerprint mechanism, either it’s not responding properly or even giving access to non-registered users. But with this one, the issues related to fingerprint mechanisms should be reduced.

Fingerprint Sensor

This advanced grade fingerprint sensor is endorsed by the world-leading secret service FBI, the sensor area is made extra-large, and a TouchChip sensor is integrated into the mechanism, so superior grade images are captured, and you get instant access during emergencies.

Extra Security

An alarm can make a day of difference while securing a safe. In general, you won’t be able to completely secure a safe when there’s no one in the house. But this safe comes with a special surprise for the intruders. Wrong lock entry would trigger an alarm and instantly make others aware of a possible burglary.

Sturdy Outer Body

Although no safe under $2000 can be completely theft-proof, this one, despite its cost-efficient range, offers an incredibly built sturdy body. Compared to other safes in the range, this one is much stronger.


Last but not the least, installing this device should be easy. Because it comes with pre-drilled holes, which will make it easy to get it mounted anywhere you like.


  • FBI endorsed, premium fingerprint mechanism
  • Faster access for emergencies
  • Durably built
  • Easier installation process


  • Reduced battery life can be an issue

Langger Gun Safe

Here is another larger safe for securely storing bulkier firearms. The langger gun safe is at the seventh spot in your list of quality safes.


  • Audible alarm system
  • Added battery box
  • Customized shelving
  • Stealth mode technology

Larger Space

Space is one of the most important considerations while going for a gun safe. This one, being a highly spacious option, should store 4-5 rifles that are 50 inches long each. Well, that’s incredibly large for a safe of this grade. The safe is also pretty deep, which will let you place it in the rifles without struggle.

Added Special Area

On top of that, you’re also getting added compartments on top which can greatly increase the space and help you store extras like magazines, ammo, and other essentials. This compartment can also be locked to store highly crucial documents or objects.

One added removable storage shelf could help you arrange more extra materials if the rifles you use are shorter.

Durable Alloy Steel Construction

To make it more resistant to intrusions and tampering with the body of the safe, it uses an alloy steel construction. As a result, the outer space of the safe becomes much stronger and reduces the possibilities of potential break-ins.

Digital Passcode Access

Unlike most safes in the list, this one comes with a passcode locking mechanism instead of a fingerprint sensor. It makes the safe more reliable and should help you access the guns faster. You want to search for the keys in the middle of the night and instantly open them by entering the pass.


Like the Barska Rifle Safe, this one also comes with pre-drilled holes. It will make it tremendously easy to be installed and reduce the hassle to a certain degree.


  • Offers tons of space to store rifles
  • Added compartments and lockbox can help store essentials
  • Easy access through digital passcodes
  • Hassle-free installation process


  • The paint can come off easily

Stack-On Tactical Security Cabinet

We have a more traditional-looking cabinet at the eighth spot in our list. The stack-on tactical gun safe can be used to offer simple security for your guns.


  • 3 point locking technology
  • Padded bottom feature
  • Added hardware for mounting
  • Customized space management

Simple Mechanism

Suppose you’re looking for an item that doesn’t come with highly complicated lock opening mechanisms. In that case, this one should be a good deal because it’s a simple key locking mechanism without the hassle of setting up a fingerprint correctly, remembering the passcodes, and changing batteries. The basic keyed locking will help if you like to use traditional-style security systems.

Added Storage Areas

Furthermore, the added storage option like the top shelves will help you store other items. One of the best things about this one is if you don’t have a large collection of rifles, you can store plenty of other essentials because it comes with a large array of removable shelves. You can place these shelves on top of another if your rifle storage is low and you want to maximize storage for other items.

Inner Protection

It also houses foam padding and barrel rests, making it safer for storing arms. It will help keep the guns more secure and reduce the possibility of scratches or dents.

Stylish Design

One thing we don’t seem to take into consideration is the outer appearance. A gun safe is large and takes up a substantial amount of space in the house. And having a beautifully designed safe like this one would surely make your house look attractive.


  • The simple key locking mechanism
  • Custom storage from removable shelves
  • Offers quality protection inside
  • Enhanced locking double-bitted locking


  • May require complex assembly

Paragon Lock & Safe

At the fifth spot in the list, we have the Paragon Lock Safe. Similar to the first one in the list, this one, too, is a large safe to store the rifles.


  • Exceptional outer design
  • Simple operation
  • Durability enhanced interior mechanism

Digital Locking

One good thing that you’d find in this particular lock is its’ digital operation capabilities. Coming with passcode access, you can get it programmed without many complexities and set it up with up to a strong eight-digit code. You won’t have to constantly worry about the keys anymore with this safe.

Spacious Interior

Like the Moutec Large Electronic Rifle Safe, this one lets you store plenty of rifles as it comes with roomy interior construction. You can store up to 3-4 rifles inside this safe, which is comparatively larger than most other safes at this range.

Thick Steel Construction

Construction is something you must prioritize while getting a safe in the first place. The key element is its study and offers a certain degree of physical safety against grab-and-go operations. Coming with an 18 gauge steel construction, it should be able to offer the safety required for keeping your guns secure from children or outsiders.


Just like Langgar Gun Safe, this one also comes with pre-drilled holes so that you can get it mounted wherever you want. This ease in installation makes it a quality item to go for right now.


  • Easy and instant access using passcodes
  • Highly spacious interior for a better storage
  • Thick 18 gauge steel construction for added safety
  • Drilled holes make installation easier


  • May need to assemble safe

V-Line Gun Safe

Finally, we have the V-Line Shotgun as our last item on the list. If you happen to own shotguns, this particular safe can surely offer you a quality storage option.


  • Specially designed for shotguns
  • Added a large supply of corrosion inhibitor
  • Various mounting options
  • Easy and convenient operation

Heavy Durability

Durability is one of the most important aspects of a gun safe. And to offer you quality gun safety from intruders and children, it was constructed using a highly durable 16 gauge heavy steel material. As a result, you may store your guns a lot safer than usual.

Compact Design

If you’re looking for a compactly designed smaller gun safe for storing it without wasting too much space, this can be something you should go ahead with. It’s so small and slim that you can even get it stored under the bed.

Various Accessibility Options

Another positive of this highly crucial and compact shotgun safe is that you get to access this one with an array of different mechanisms. You can access it with keys as well as passcodes. Setting up a passcode would make it more convenient to use as you won’t have to walk around with a bag of keys.

Easier Installation

Finally, like the 7501 Paragon Lock & Safe Electronic, this one can be installed without many complexities. It provides you with drilled holes, making it easy to set it up in a more usable fashion.


  • Highly compact design for reducing space wastage
  • Different digital and analog accessibility for easy opening
  • It can be installed easily using the pre-drilled holes
  • 16 gauge heavy-duty steel construction


  • It May seem a bit shorter for some rifles

Gun safe Under 500 Buying guide – Things to Consider Before Buying

We added some important factors below. These will help you to choose the right gun safe for you. Hopefully, you will get a primary idea about what to look for or not in case of a gun safe. They are-

Consider the Body Wields

It’s a very important feature you should look for a safe gun. In this addition, firmly welded seamless joints guarantee more protection. Few safe has robotically welded joints whereas the others choose joints welded by an individual. But robotically welded joints are greater options to go. If possible, talk to the manufacturer before and ensure the fact.

Brand is a Concern

You might be thinking the brand is not a matter of fact but in case of safe guns, different brands offer different exclusive features for customer’s satisfaction. In this addition, you can check our previously mentioned brands, all of them has a great value for money. Especially the SentrySafe, Barska, Stack-On TC, are very popular in the safe gun industry. They have comparatively bigger storage space and more technically advanced mechanism.

Size and Weights

You should consider both the size and weight of a gun safe. Size matters because when you have a wide interior space you can store more than one firearm in one safe. On top of that, the dimension of each gun is not same, so space could create problems for taller guns. Keeping this in mind you should choose a safe that accommodates both taller and small weapons.

You can get up to 57 Inches x 13.75 Inches x 13.75 Inches room that is specious enough to fit your guns, documents, and valuables as well. Next, the weight, try to buy a heavy safe. The heavier a safe the more difficult for a burglar to carry it away. So save your beast and buy a wide and heavy gun safe.

Consider the Door Thickness

A more rigid and thicker door is preferable by most of the gun owners. The thicker it is the greater ability it has to resist any pry attacks or resist fire. Safe made of stainless steel tend to be more durable and last long. These give the maximum protection to the weapon. In this regard, it is advisable to purchase a 5/16-inch gun safe door or more than this. As most of the thieves attack the door of the safe, so it’s important to use a thicker door.

Different Types of Gun Safes In 2022

Different types of gun safes are available in the market. Each of them may vary in price, features, quality, materials etc. Here we would like to introduce you to various types of gun safe that you can purchase according to your need.

Biometric Gun Safe

In this time, it is the most secure method of locking your safe. These types of gun safe are quick and easy to unlock. It will come to a great help in case of emergency when most of the people forgot to get access to their weapons. With this more advanced technology, your guns will be safe on strong steel plating. In particular, it comes with a fingerprint recognition sensor and users can add or delete the fingerprints according to their need.

Electronic Lock Gun Safe

This gun safe run by battery or electric cable and they utilize a keypad locking system. Each user will set a combination of the six-digit code of their choice and they only know about each match. So its literally impossible to gain access into the electronic gun safe by an ordinary thief.

Wheel and pin combination lock gun safe

Here it will have at least three numbers of combinations. Users have to remember the correct order of numbers to unlock or open the safe. For many gun owners, it’s the safest method to go for because of its fire and water resistant.

Manual Lock Gun Safe

These are the most common lock mechanism in the gun safe industry. Besides these are not as much as quick accessible like the biometric safe but price is lower than the previous one. In particular, three types of lock combinations are there, they are pattern combination, manual locks and number combination lock method.

Why Should You Use a Gun Safe

Many reasons are there that made you buy a gun safe. But the basic intention of using it is to keep yourself and your children away from trouble or an unexpected accident. Those who own a gun or pistol for the personal or professional purpose they must ensure the people around them is safe from danger. Here comes the need of keeping a gun safe.

Firstly, it is literally impossible to keep an eye on children 24 hours and make sure whether they touch the gun or not. A research shows there filed many cases regarding shoot by children under age of six and occurs much accidental death due to this reason. In this regard, it is advisable to keep a gun safe at home so children can’t open the lock.

Secondly, many legal requirements are there for keeping guns at home, among them one of the legal formalities is a gun safe. Once thousands of individuals admitted to hospital because of the sudden rise of unintentional gunshots.  From then it becomes a law in some states of US to keep compulsory a gun safe. Otherwise, your government can take legal action against you.

Thirdly, many cases filed across the US where a crime happens with a stolen gun. Later the owner has to face legal actions. You never know when a thief is following you and targets your guns so it’s safer to keep a gun safe of your own. Rather you can make sure you have the only access to your guns, not others.

Fourthly, legally you can keep a gun but there is no guarantee no one would take the advantage of it. Either you do not keep a gun then anyone can misuse it and you have to face the consequences later. Because of you are the owner of the gun. So to prevent anyone from committing a crime with your gun you have to store all your weapons in a gun safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a Combination Lock or a Digital Lock?

Digitally lock made of more advanced technology and has biometric sensors. So these tend to be more secure than a combination lock. However, even if you would like to go for a combination lock then make sure the sturdy construction and remember the code accurately.

Is the fire resisting safe good to go?

Yes, those safe provides fire protection they are best to choose from.

Does it require any maintenance of the safe?

Not that much, biometric safes require a little more. In this case, you need to keep the scanner clean with a dry cloth. So no prints or smudge remains on the scanner and it matches properly your fingerprint.

Summary of Gun Safe Reviews

As you are now at the end of this article, so you know how to choose the best safe gun. It is literally difficult to answer the question what is the best gun safe whereas the answer lies on your requirements. In this addition, you should buy a safe that works best for you. Nonetheless, you can try our above-mentioned gun safes.

All of them have a good value for the money you invest. Therefore, our vote goes for Barska Large Biometric Safe. It has the ability to recognize up to 120 different users, removable racks, mounting option and five-point deadbolt system. We hope that ours this buying guide of gun safe will help you to reach the best one of your need.

Bottom Line

Finally, after a highly detailed discussion on some of the best gun safes under 500 dollar range, we’re at the end of our guide. We have reflected coupons for some of the quality locking devices you can go for throughout the guide.

If you have small handguns, you can pick the handgun options from our list. On the other hand, if you own larger rifles, go for the larger safes with multiple storage options.

Whether you want to keep your family safe from accidental firing or protect your arms from getting robbed, superior-grade gun safes are always worth it.

So, what are you waiting for?

Bring in a quality gun safe for your guns today and make the house a safe haven for all the members!

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