Best Fishing Line For Catfish in 2022 [Buyer’s Guide]

Fishing for catfish doesn’t require a lot of variety in hooks, lures, and the like. Unlike bass and other types of fish, catfishing only requires a few things for a great fishing expedition.

One of those things is a fishing line. You need the best fishing line for catfish that will give you a great number of catches without much struggle.

There are some common types of fishing lines available in the market like mono and braid. Each fishing line has its benefits and uses.

Keeping that in mind, you should choose the line that best suits your fishing needs. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best fishing lines from top brands. At the end of the article, you can also find a guide to help you make an informed decision.

Quick Overview – Top 5 Fishing Lines for Catfish 2022

Best Fishing Line For Catfish Reviews

Here are some reviews of fishing lines from the top brands. We have looked at the features, pros, and cons in detail. You can choose the one that suits your fishing needs and budget.

1. Stren Original Monofilament Line – Sturdy and Durable Line

This monofilament line comes from Stren – a popular name in the fishing world. Stren uses innovative technology to create fishing lines that are best known for their strength.

Stren Original Monofilament Line

This is an abrasion-free line so you do not need to worry about the quality degrading soon. You can even fish in rocky waters with this fishing line.

The UV Guard prolongs the lifetime of the fishing line. The line is reliable and is preferred by both beginner and experienced fishermen. It offers low memory which makes handling easier.

Furthermore, the thin diameter of the line makes it easier to tie knots and gives you great casting.

It is more expensive compared to other monofilament lines. That being said, it is more durable and gives more strength for catching even big fish.


The line is more sturdy and durable than other fishing lines. Also, unlike most monofilament lines, this one has a thinner diameter.

Why We Like It

Stren Original is perfect for both beginners and experienced fishermen. It offers great suppleness for newbies. On the other hand, its sturdy knot and line strength will help experienced fishermen in catching big fish.

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  • It is sturdy and can catch big fish without breaking.
  • It has a thin diameter which makes it easy to knot.
  • This fishing line is resistant to abrasion, making it durable.
  • It is perfect for use by both new and experienced fishermen.


  • The fishing line has memory.
  • It costs a little more than other lines with similar features.

This Stren original monofilament fishing line gives you durability and sturdiness. Although a little pricey compared to other lines in the same category, its strength makes it worth a buy.

2. Kastking Superpower Braided Line – Best Quality Line at Low Price

This braided line is from KastKing – an ICAST Award Winning Company. KastKing produces affordable yet high-quality fishing lines.

It has a diamond weave which makes it strong and durable. The line also gives resistance against abrasion, so you can fish in rocky areas without the line snapping.

Kastking Superpower Braided Line

This KastKing fishing line offers great knot strength and low memory. This prevents the line from dipping or forming knots when you cast at longer distances.

Not to mention, this line gives zero stretches which makes it easy to hook. Plus, it gives it increased sensitivity so you know when a catfish is on your bait. It has a small diameter which makes it easier to get more of the line on your spool.


The line gives zero stretches as compared to other brands. It also gives the same strength as other high-powered lines but with a smaller diameter.

Why We Like It

The KastKing SuperPower Line is super affordable. It gives you the same quality as other high-end braided lines at a lower price.

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  • The smaller diameter gives great casting ability.
  • The zero stretch and great hook strength make it sensitive.
  • It gives you great knot strength to ensure that the fish will not slip away.
  • It is more affordable compared to other braided fishing lines.


  • This braided line cannot reach the bottom without extra weight. This might cause a slight problem in getting to the catfish.

If you are looking for a line with great strength, this KastKing SuperPower braided line is the best choice for you. It provides high-quality features at an affordable price, thereby offering great value for money.

3. Berkley Big Cat Monofilament – Fluorescent Colored Line for Night-Time Fishing

The Big Cat Mono Line comes from a well-known name in the fishing industry – Berkley. Berkley makes fishing lines that are known for their strength and durability.

This Big Cat Line is no less in quality than the other fishing lines from the same name.

Berkley Big Cat Monofilament

It offers great resistance to abrasion. As such, it will maintain its quality even when it rubs against rocks and sharp objects.

The material used in this line is premium which makes it durable. Its glowing color can also be helpful in strong sunlight or night fishing.

The Big Cat Mono Line is also easy to handle. It is great for both short and long distances for casting. This way the angler can catch big and powerful fish with little hassle.


This line gives a lower stretch compared to other monolines. Its low stretch combined with super shock strength gives great fighting power. It is also fluorescent which makes it perfect for night fishing.

Why We Like It

This Berkley Line gives you the same strength of mono but with a lower stretch. You can even use it for night fishing, thanks to its fluorescent color.

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  • It is fluorescent.
  • Its super shock strength and controlled stretch give you power for fighting big fish.
  • It is durable and offers resistance against rocks and sharp surfaces.
  • It is great for both long and short casts.


  • This fishing line is affordable, but there are similar monofilament fishing lines available at a lower cost.
  • This fishing line is stiff.

Although it is a little pricier than other monolines, this line gives more durability, strength, and controlled stretch. Plus, it glows in the dark which is perfect for the night.

4. Magreel Braided Fishing Line – A-Line with Great Stretching Ability

Magreel produces some of the best-braided fishing lines at affordable prices. This braided fishing line is another great quality product from Magreel.

The Magreel Braided Fishing Line is made from 100% nylon material and coated in a nano resin layer. This protects the line from sun damage.

Magreel Braided Fishing Line

It has a strong knot strength which keeps your catch on the line. The line is abrasion-resistant and lets you fish in waters that may contain rocks and other harsh surfaces.

This Magreel Fishing Line is also stretchable. It has high sensitivity which lets you know when a fish is on your line.

Plus, its round and smooth finish make it easier to cast for longer distances. It can also cut through water easily so you can reach any layer of water that has your desired catfish.


With this braided fishing line, you can catch both big and small fish. It can cut through water easily and is more durable than other braided lines. It offers you high sensitivity and great stretching ability.

Why We Like It

You get greater strength and stretching ability compared to other braided lines at an affordable price. This line is durable and smooth, thanks to the nano resin coating.

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  • The extra coating provides protection from abrasion by sharp surfaces and rocks.
  • It offers a great stretching ability.
  • You can catch both small and large fish with this line.
  • Nano resin coating provides you with a smooth fishing experience for a long time.


  • It can be hard to cast.

The Magreel Braided Fishing Line is durable and abrasion-resistant. It is also stretchable which helps fishermen cast for longer distances.

It comes at a cheap price but gives you great quality. It is definitely an option worth considering!

5. Berkley Fireline Fishing Line – Strongest, Abrasion-Resistant Line

This is another innovative product from Berkley. Berkley’s FireLine Series offers some great and sturdy ties. This Superline takes the lead when it comes to innovation and toughness.

Berkley Fireline Fishing Line

It is made from Dyneema PE Fibers. This makes the line strong and resistant to corrosion. Its smooth handling makes it perfect for use with spinning reels. The line comes with a thin diameter which makes it less visible.

Furthermore, this line is not mono and not a braid. It is a fusion of the best features in one Superline. The fishing line offers high sensitivity and gives great knot strength.

The line can withstand any weather – be it cold water or harsh sunlight – it will remain in good condition for a long time.


It has the strength of mono and the invisibility of a braided line. It offers greater strength, durability, and abrasion resistance compared to similar lines.

Why We Like It

This line brings together the best features from different types of lines. Its thin diameter makes it easier to use with spinning reels – something most fishing lines fail to do.

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  • It is perfect to use with spinning reels.
  • Thermally-fused – it is the strongest and most abrasion-resistant.
  • It gives long and fast casts.
  • It can withstand cold water and harsh sunlight.
  • Its thin diameter offers low visibility.


  • It can be expensive for some people. However, the innovative features and strengths make it worth buying.

This Superline is highly rated and offers great strength. It is resistant against abrasion and gives smooth casting ability.

Its price is medium-high compared to other lines on this list. That being said, the fusion of the best features from mono and braided lines makes this fishing line worth the buy.

6. Sufix 832 Advanced Superline – Water Repellent Line for Good Fishing Experience

This braided line comes from the well-known fishing line makers – Sufix. It is one of the most innovative products among their braided lines.

Sufix 832 Advanced Superline

It is made with R8 Precision Braiding Technology that makes the line abrasion-resistant. The super-strong material used in the line makes it perfect for catching big fish.

This fishing line can cast for longer distances with great accuracy. It comes with a small diameter which makes it easy to knot.

Not to mention, it is highly sensitive and provides smooth casts. The line is made from Dyneema Fibers which makes it water repellent.

It is weaved in a tight pattern which gives it more tensile strength than other similar lines.


The line is water repellent which makes it more durable compared to other braided lines. It also offers greater tensile strength than lines in the same class.

Why We Like It

This line comes with a thin diameter but offers you great strength and abrasion resistance. It is also water repellent which makes it durable.

Plus, its innovative technology will give you smoother casts than other similar lines.

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  • The R8 Precision Braiding provides great abrasion resistance.
  • It has a thin diameter which makes it easier to knot.
  • It is water repellent, making it durable.
  • It gives great casting ability.


  • It is costlier than other similar products.

Sufix 832 Advanced Superline is small in diameter yet very strong. It offers the low stretch and is highly sensitive to even small movements.

It is a little pricey compared to other products in the same line but gives great quality.

7. Hercules Braided Fishing Line – A-Line with Smooth Casting

This fishing line is from Hercules. It is a well-known brand for top-quality lines. This line is braided and is one of the smoothest lines in this category.

Hercules Braided Fishing Line

The line is made from 8 strands forming a diamond weave structure. This gives the line a smooth and round finish which is perfect for casting on long distances. It is made from the strongest PE fiber which makes it durable.

Its thin diameter makes it easier to knot and gives you strong knots. Plus, you can get more of the line on the reel, so you will not need to change it frequently.

This line comes with low memory, zero stretch, and high sensitivity. This Hercules Braided Line gives you high quality at an affordable price.


This line gives smoother casts compared to other monolines. It also offers a lower stretch and higher sensitivity. Plus, it is more durable than other braided lines with similar features.

Why We Like It

The line is easy to handle which makes it perfect for both beginners and experienced fishermen. It will give you smooth casts and an increased reel capacity.

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  • It offers increased reel capacity.
  • It comes with low memory.
  • It is affordable and high-quality.
  • Its diamond weave structure gives smooth casts.


  • The color can fade quickly.
  • The wax coating can come off with increased use.

This Hercules Braided Line gives similar quality as other braided lines but at a much lower cost. Its strength, durability, and smoothness are at the same level as the expensive braided lines.

However, its color and wax can smear off in the long run. If you want a high-quality line at an affordable price, then this is a good choice for you.

8. Mason Big Cat Braided Line – A Low Visibility Line

This is another Big Cat Line on this list and it comes from the well-known name Mason. Mason produces quality lines that are suited for both fresh and saltwater fishing.[

This Big Cat Braided Line is made from Nylon and is suited for large and heavy catfish. The length of the line is perfect for longer casts.

Mason Big Cat Braided Line

You can fish in cold water with this line and it will not kink easily. The line is waterproof which protects it from mold.

This makes the line durable and it will give you a great fishing experience for longer periods.

This braided line comes in a tan color which changes based on the water. As such, it is perfect to catch even the sneakiest of catfish.

The line gives a very low twist and knots easily. It is also resistant to corrosion from rocks and other sharp objects.


This braided line offers lower visibility compared to other colored lines. It gives great water and abrasion resistance. It also provides a lower twist than other braids.

Why We Like It

You can use this Big Cat Braided Line to catch even heavy and sneaky fish. It offers great strength and durability with lower visibility.

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  • It is resistant to mold and water-related wear and tear.
  • It offers low visibility by taking on the color of the water.
  • You can use this line in cold water also.
  • It is perfect for heavy catfish.


  • It is pricier than other lines with similar features.
  • It is not fluorescent.

Although more expensive than products in the same line, it offers lower visibility and high resistance to water. If strength is what you are looking for, then Mason Big Cat is the right one for you.

Some Additional Tips To Buy The Best Fishing Line For Catfish

We have reviewed some of the best fishing lines that you can use for catfishing. Here are some additional features to look for in fishing lines.

Fishing Line For Catfish

Types Of Lines

You need to look for these things specifically when buying a line for catfish:

  • The strength of the line and the power of the fish you want to catch.
  • The sensitivity of your line to help you keep track of any movement.
  • The drag of your fishing line.

Aside from these, each fisherman has their own preferences and needs for catfishing. Here are the most popular types of lines to help you choose:

Monofilament Line

Mono lines are the most common choice among fishermen. They are more affordable than other types of lines.

monofilament line gives you great strength to catch the most powerful of catfish. It is also resistant to abrasion from rocks and other sharp objects.

Such a line can cut through the water, given the thick diameter. Its flexibility and ease of handling make it perfect for beginners as well.

That being said, it also breaks more easily as compared to other lines. However, the diameter of the monofilament line is thicker than that of the braided line.

This gives you more drag while fishing. Plus, these lines are also known to have memory.

Braided Line

A braided fishing line takes the lead when it comes to easy drifting. They are thinner in diameter as compared to monolines.

This makes it easy for the lines to glide through the water. Braided lines also come with no memory and zero stretches, giving you perfect casting.

These lines are also less resistant to sharp objects and abrasion against rocks. In comparison, monofilament holds up to rock abrasion quite well.

Fluorocarbon Line

Fluorocarbon is rarely used as a leader material when catfishing. It is considered to be more strong and abrasion-resistant compared to other lines on the market.

However, it is not used widely in catfishing other than in leader making material. This is mainly due to the expensiveness of this line.

Line Colour

Line color is a very important feature for a great fishing experience. You can choose either bright colors or colors that match the surrounding.

Bright colors help the anglers to track their fishing line. It comes in handy especially at night time when there is low visibility. In the bright daylight, it can help you track your catches better.

Bright colors do not pose a problem for luring catfish, as they are usually found in muddy waters. The mud hides the brightness of the fishing line.

However, if you are fishing in clear waters, then a fishing line that changes color to match that of the water is your best bet.

Strength and Sensitivity

fishing line Strength and Sensitivity

The strength of the fishing line determines how large and heavy a catfish you can catch.

However, a thinner and lighter line makes luring the fish easier and more natural.

However, if you want to go for catfish that will put up a lot of fight, then a sturdier line should be your choice.

On the other hand, the sensitivity of a line refers to the detection of movement of your catch. If your line is highly sensitive, it can detect even the slightest of movement.

As such, if you want more control over your fishing line, then go for a line that offers more sensitivity.

The line to Use for Leaders

Mono or fluorocarbon is the best choice for leaders. Mono offers stretch which is good to absorb the shock from a powerful catch while braid doesn’t offer any stretch.

Mono is also easy to break when it gets stuck underwater or in wood. Although fluorocarbon is more abrasion resistant, mono is the preferred choice for leaders among the fishermen.

This is due to the hefty price of fluorocarbon and its heat sensitivity.

Best Fishing Line For Catfish (FAQs)

If you still have more questions, read our answers to these commonly asked questions. Hopefully, these will clear out any confusion.

 What Pound Line Should I Use for Catfish?

Answer – The strength of your line should increase as the size of the fish you want to catch increases. A fishing line of 12 to 15 lbs. is suitable for smaller catfish whereas for larger ones 30 lbs. is sufficient.

 Do I Need to Use a Leader?

Answer- A leader gives you extra protection against sharp objects underwater. It can also help you catch more fish by providing low visibility as compared to the mainline. Therefore, if you need to protect the line from powerful shocks, use a leader.

 What Is a Superline?

Answer- Superlines are made from gel-spun microfibers. These fibers make the Superline much stronger compared to other lines with a similar diameter. These lines offer zero stretch and high sensitivity.


You can choose any fishing line based on your preference – be it mono or braid. That being said, you need to take into account the size of the catfish you want to catch. You also need to keep in mind the location where you want to fish and the water flow in that location.

From this list, we recommend the KastKing Superpower Braided Line as the best fishing line for catfish. This line gives you the best strength and quality at an affordable price.

However, if you want to go for a line that will catch big and heavy catfish, then Mason Big Cat is our top pick. Happy fishing!