10 Best earmuffs for shooting 2022

The perfect way you can get the proper protection to your inner ear during any shooting practice is to use any of the best earmuffs for shooting. You are doing more harm to yourself than good if you fail to use earmuffs whenever you engage in any shooting practice.

It is an indispensable device and not one you can choose to do without. You might not get to notice the effect of the gunshot sound on your hearing ability at the early stage, but it thus has its way of causing damages to your inner ear.

From several reviews and experiences, the Howard Leight by Honeywell Hearing Protector is the best earmuff you can consider for shooting because of the comfort and convenience it gives while covering the ear. With over 37000 ratings from users, you can tell it is one to invest your money.

However, there are more that can perform up to its standard out there in the market. We’ve made the collection for you below.

Best hearing protection for hunting

best shooting earmuffs

1. Howard Leight by Honeywell

Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound...
  • Built-in directional microphones amplify...
  • Actively listens and automatically shuts...
  • Features low profile earcups for firearm...
  • Includes AUX input and 3.5 mm connection...

The Howard Leight by Honeywell is specially designed for shooting. The earmuff helps block out all forms of hazardous sound, especially the one from your gun shot. It has an amplification that shuts off at 82dB, and it as well as a patented airflow control technology that dampens noise across all frequencies. 

The earmuff is a low-energy hearing protective device that uses 2 AAA batteries with 350 hours of battery life. With ultraslim earcups, padded cushion, and adjustable headband, the earmuff is comfortable and convenient to use.

It has adjustable settings, which you can use in getting a snug fit on your head. The earcups are specially made for firearm stick clearance, and it helps to ensure you do not have to go deaf after several shooting practices with your firearms. 

The folding design of the earmuff means you can easily fold to store and unfold to use. Furthermore, the use and the maintenance of the earmuff is easy to do, and it has the propensity to last longer. You must remove the AAA batteries after use to avoid any damages due to heat. 


  • It has headphone functionality
  • Convenient and comfortable to use
  • Effective at blocking out hazardous sounds
  • Adjustable headband for a secure fit
  • It is made from ABS plastic material which makes it solid, and it has different color options for you. 


  • You might feel less comfortable during the early stage of using it.

2. Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Smart Electronic Hearing Protector

Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Hearing Protection
  • NRR: 26 dB noise reduction rating
  • IDEAL FOR both indoor and outdoor...
  • BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY to stream music and...
  • DYNAMIC SUPPRESSION TIME measures the...

The Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Smart Electronic Hearing Protector will be an excellent addition to your hearing protection device. It comes in more than five styles available for you to choose the one that will suit you. It is pretty expensive but does that which it is designed for, ensuring your inner ear is safe whenever you shoot your firearm.

It is made of plastic and rubber material which makes it flexible. It has a great design, and one of them is the adjustable vented headband that helps ensure you are comfortable whenever you wear the earmuff. The earmuff runs on 2 AAA batteries which can last you for a more extended period.

It is easy to set up, and you mustn’t leave the battery intact after use. Also, you can sync it with your mobile device through Bluetooth connectivity, which means it serves more than just shutting out hazardous noise.

It can reduce noise within 26dB, which is considered a reasonable consideration for shotgun practice. So, with its design and features, it is ideal for outdoor and indoor shooters and hunters.


  • It is easy to setup
  • It is helpful for more than shutting out the noise
  • It is made of top-quality material
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor shooting practice


  • It has zero padding
  • The plastic part can easily get damaged

3. Act fire Ear Protection

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While some keep boasting of what they can’t deliver, the Act fire had to review some of the best earmuffs out there and work on making its earmuff better than others by working on their weakness, which makes the Act fire Ear Protection one to consider.

For beginners and intermediate hunters who love firearms as the best hunting equipment, shooting practice is one thing you can’t do away with because you need to be precise with your shot. The use of earmuff during training is essential.

The Act fire Ear Protection uses electronic compression noise reduction with a rating of 23dB, which is enough to ensure your inner ear is safe. The muff is appropriately sealed to ensure you don’t get affected by the noise from the gun shot. Offering what other high-end earmuffs can do is one reason to opt for the earmuff.

Without any form of doubt, the earmuff is excellent as it comes cheap with advanced earmuff features. It has adjustable settings, which makes it easy for you to adjust the amplification of the muff, and you’ve got the volume button to control the sound you hear.


  • Perfect tactical noise protector
  • Fully sealed to keep noise out
  • Sound amplification effects
  • Stereo sound
  • Ideal for many occasions aside from hunting
  • Noise reduction effect


  • None at the moment

4. Walker’s Razor Series Shooter Earmuffs

The slim design of the Walker’s Razor Series Shooter Earmuffs makes it hard for you not to notice if you are the type that doesn’t like sophisticated earmuff. It has a folding design which makes it very easy for you to fold and unfold. Your comfort is never sacrificed with the earmuff.

It has a padded headset that makes it comfortable and convenient for you to use for a more extended period. Shooting with the earmuff is fun as it makes it safe for you to shoot while protecting your ear so that you don’t end up having issues with your hearing ability.

Also, it operates on 2 AAA batteries, and the earmuff has noise reduction abilities of about 23dB, which makes it ideal for shooting practice for hunters. The earmuff has sound-activated protection over 89dB at 0.02 reaction time.

The ultra-thin rubberized cups easily fit into your ear to ensure you stay comfortable all through that you have the earmuff on your head. With over eight color options to choose from, you’ve got every right to select the one that you want.


  • Provides the proper protection for your ears
  • Comfortable for a more extended period, all thanks to the comfy cup
  • Compact folding design
  • Soft padded headset


  • We couldn’t get to find any downside of the earmuff for now.

5. Pro Ears – Pro Mag Gold

Pro Ears Pro Mag Gold, Electronic Hearing...
  • HEADPHONE JACK: ProForm Leather ear...

The Pro Ears is the only brand with earmuffs that have dual fully enclosed military-grade circuit boards with gold connectors. The earmuff gives you total control over the volume and your hearing capacity.

Its construction boasts of excellent engineering that helps with full-spectrum protecting your ear from high pitch sound. It helps in blocking out loud noise, which makes it a perfect choice for hunters. The convenience of having the earmuff on for a more extended period is a reason for consideration.

With a noise reduction rating of 30, the Profoam leather ear seals and padded viscoelastic foam makes it comfortable to use. Also, the headband is adjustable, and it makes it all easy for you to use for your comfort. Due to its design, the earmuff can be used for a wide range of applications apart from shooting.


  • Multi-purpose protection
  • It is comfortable and convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Effective at shutting out the noise
  • Five years warranty


  • It has no significant setback

6. 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector

3M WorkTunes Connect + Gel Cushion Hearing...
  • PREMIUM GEL CUSHIONS are super-soft and...
  • BLUETOOTH wireless technology lets you...
  • IDEAL FOR LAWN MOWING, construction,...
  • HIGH-FIDELITY SPEAKERS provide premium...

With the premium cushion gel, you can use the earmuff for a more extended period without feeling any sign of discomfort. The ear protective device is very comfortable and super soft for enhanced comfort with the help of the feature. 

It boasts of a flexible headband that makes it easy for you to adjust in a way that will conform to the shape of your head without any stress. It runs on a built-in battery which you can recharge, and it has a battery indicator to tell you the level of the charge left on the device. 

With a 23dB noise reduction rating, it is one you can consider for your shooting practice as you can always rely on its power and ability to help you keep your ears safe and secured from hazardous noise that could cause damages to your inner ear. 

Apart from using it as an earing protecting device, it also serves a different purpose as you can use it to receive calls through the integrated microphone. Also, due to the ability to shut off the sound, the device is perfect for other activities. 


  • Flexible headband
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • High-quality speaker for calls
  • You can make and receive calls


  • It doesn’t have radio functionality, but if you are buying for shooting sound protection, this isn’t a sort of setback for you.

7. AKT1 Sport Sound Amplification Earmuff

AKT1 Sport Sound Amplification Earmuff, Premium...
  • Premium COMFORT ear pro with hand-sewn...
  • 6x SOUND AMPLIFICATION, Fast Attack...
  • Includes: 2 AAA batteries & Carry bag...
  • Hand-stitched headband with mesh...

With this earmuff, you are getting yourself electronic hearing protection that you can rely on to keep your ear safe whenever you are practicing shooting. The earmuff does not give you a problem, especially with its operation. It has a simple design that makes it easy and safe to use.

It has memory foam ear cushions that help to ensure you don’t have to complain about pain or any form of discomfort. The device runs on 2 AAA batteries, and it has a carry bag as extras for you to find it easy with moving the device from one place to another.

The device has six times sound amplification, and it has a 25dB noise reduction rating, which makes it safe for you to use in preventing heavy sound from getting a direct impact on your inner ear. It also features a hand-stitched headband with mesh cut-outs which makes it highly durable and comfortable to wear for a more extended period.


  • Mesh cut out a headband
  • Comfortable and safe to use
  • Highly breathable
  • Memory foam ear cushions
  • Good volume button


  • It has no significant setbac

8. YINSHOME Shooting Ear Protection Earmuffs

No products found.

With the YINSHOME Shooting Ear Protection Earmuffs, you can always enjoy maximum hearing protection whenever you get to engage in any shooting practice. The earmuff has five in one design, making it a versatile option for anyone looking for a way to invest wisely.

It has shooting ear muffs, gun safety glasses, safety earplugs, a soft-fiber pouch, and a portable hard case where you can easily transport your gadget from your home to the practice place. The headband design ensures that you have a snug fitment on your head.

The shooting ear protection earmuffs remain flexible over the years, and it has various sizes for kids and adults. It is your number one safety gear if you are a hunter and you do lots of shooting practice with your rifle or pistol. Also, it comes cheap and affordable.

With the added accessories which others lack, getting this device is such a good investment for you.


  • Unique design
  • Extra safety accessories
  • Convenient and comfortable to use
  • Lightweight
  • Available in adults and kids’ sizes


  • The noise rating isn’t revealed

9. XCEL 100 Digital Electronic Muff

WALKER'S XCEL Digital GWP-XSEM-BT Electronic Muff...
  • New Walker’s XCEL Muff Series also...
  • New ergonomic headband design for...
  • Hi Gain Omni Directional Mics with...
  • Controls moved to headband resulting in...

The XCEL 100 Digital Electronic Muff takes pride in offering the right level of protection you need to avoid hearing loss due to consistent shooting practice. It is your best companion to keep you safe as it has a superior ability to block out hazardous noise from your inner ear.

It comes with an excellent headband design, ear cups, and others which helps in helping to improve the NRR. With microphones, you can always be aware of the things that go on around you. You can control the earmuff for your comfort and convenience, all thanks to its design.

Also, it runs on two AAA batteries, but it is not appropriate for you to leave the battery intact after use. Some additional features such as the Hi-Gain Omni directional mics with active dynamic sound suppression with wind noise reduction make the device a good investment.


  • Wind noise reduction
  • Strong and durable
  • Dynamic sound suppression
  • Maximum comfort at all time
  • Comfy ear cups


  • The ear cup is too flexible and needs to be handled with care.

10. Beretta Low-profile Earmuffs for Hearing Protection

Beretta Low-profile Adjustable Standart Earmuffs...
  • SAFETY: Beretta Standard Earmuffs offer...
  • PROTECTION: The Beretta Standard...
  • LOW PROFILE: Features a low profile...
  • ADJUSTABLE HEADBAND: Designed with...

After several testing and observation, the Beretta Low-profile Earmuffs for Hearing Protection find its way into this list, and its features and performance justify the selection. It is a superior hearing protection device that is perfect for shooting or anywhere where you need to protect your ears from the noise.

For hunters that practice with firearms, the earmuff is the right choice for you. It offers protection on an average of 25dB with a frequency range of 13 to 32dB. Its adjustable headband and ear cups are secret to the perfect snug fit you can get with the device.

It is highly comfortable on the head even if you have to wear it for a more extended period. It is ever-safe and reliable hearing protection for you. Plus, it is not expensive, and it has a long lifespan.


  • Adjustable design
  • Perfect for shooting
  • Strong and durable
  • Comfortable and convenient to wear for a more extended period


  • The adjustment system relies on a metal-to-plastic contact that will surely eventually break

Guide to choosing the best shooting earmuffs

Best Shooting Ear Protection

If you are interested in getting an earmuff, I must tell you that you are doing the right thing. The cost of treating hearing loss is undoubtedly more than the price of some of the cheap earmuffs out there.

So, below are things that you need to consider with choosing your earmuff.

Choose your earmuff style

There are different earmuffs from several brands out there in the market. They are enough to get you thinking for hours or days on which one to choose. Well, the choice is left to you to make that decision.

The most important part of it is choosing one that you will always love to use at all times. Things you need to consider are your comfort, convenience, and how easy it will be for you to wear for a more extended period without feeling any form of discomfort.

So, it would help if you considered that while making your decision. Choose the style, size, and color that suit you or the one that conforms perfectly with the shape of your head.

Common noise sources

Knowing the common noise sources will give you a clear idea of how you are damaging your ear. It is not known to many people, especially hunters, which is why most people don’t still see the need for earmuffs.

The stat below will let you know how you’ve been treating your inner ear.

Noise Source                     dB(A)                   Frequency

Electric hedge trimmer      90 dB                   Mid-High

Concrete mixer                  94 dB                       Low

Concrete breaker             102 dB                      Low

Punch press                     105 dB                        Mid-High

Jackhammer (pneumatic) 120 dB                  Mid-High

Shotgun                           158 dB                   Mid-High

Rifle (30 calibers)             169 dB                   Mid-High

With the stat above, shooting a shotgun or rifle without an earmuff is deadly for you. Sooner or later, you will likely have to deal with visiting the clinic often because of hearing loss issues.

So, if you are selecting an earmuff for shooting practice, you need to get one that matches or exceeds the dB range for the noise that comes with shooting the gun or rifle you have in your hand.

Get familiar with the earmuffs part.

  • Headband
  • Cushion
  • Earcup
  • Liner

Those are the parts of earmuff that you need to know, and they have their role in delivering the best performance. Here suggest you give attention to the cushion as it helps to determine how comfortable the earmuff will be on your head.

Best Shooting Ear Protection FAQ

What are the best ear muffs for shooting?

The YINSHOME Shooting Ear Protection Earmuffs is the best ear muffs for shooting. It comes with adults and kids’ options with additional gear such as shooting ear muffs, gun safety glasses, safety earplugs, soft-fiver pouch, and a portable hard case all in one package. Apart from that, it has a superior capacity in blocking out heavy noise from damaging your inner ear.

What hearing protection do professional shooters use?

Professional shooters have shown their unwavering support to Howard Leight by Honeywell electronic shooting earmuff. It is specially designed for firearms shooters by helping with reducing the noise with its superior 82dB noise reduction rating ability.

Can noise Cancelling headphones be used for shooting?

They are not designed to block out firearm sound. They are not ideal for intense high sound and can only be used for noise canceling and not for noise reduction. Using it will likely cause damages to your ear, thinking you are doing the right thing.

How many decibels should shooting ear protection have?

Whether you’ve got an earplug or earmuff, anyone with a noise reduction rating of 23dB and above is perfect for shooting.

Why is it essential to wear ear protection while shooting?

Shooting a firearm without earmuff as ear protection can cause immediate or permanent hearing loss, and it can even lead to loss of vision for some people.

Shooting firearms gives lots of loud noise that you can’t deal with once the gun is triggered. If you are exposed to noise over 85dB over some minutes, you are likely to damage your inner ear, and that will cause you to have difficulty hearing after that.

The best way to deal with not experiencing such is through ear protection whenever you are shooting.

What’s the main function of the earmuff?

The primary function of earmuffs Is to help you filter the level of noise that gets to your inner ear. It isn’t as though you will not hear the shot of your gun, but it will reduce the effect on your inner ear.

So earmuff is designed with features that help achieve that, and that is why it is a must-have tool for any hunter that uses firearms for hunting.

Are earmuffs bad for your ears?

No, earmuffs are not inadequate for protecting your ear. They do more good than bad in protecting you from losing your listening ability. Most hunters don’t use it and end up regretting their decision.

So, you are doing yourself better than hurt by using the earmuffs whenever you are shooting.

How do earmuffs work?

It doesn’t work like magic anyways. It has features that help to ensure it is effective and easy to use. You just need to put it in your head in a way you are sure it is covering your two ears, and then you are ready for your shooting practice.

At what decibel level must you wear ear protection?

According to the control of noise organization, the use of earmuffs is required whenever you are exposed to noise up to or above 85dB every day.

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More than one essential ear protection you can use for your shooting practice, but only the earmuff can help keep you safe and sound. It is the reason we have here for you the best earmuffs for shooting you can consider, and we also have some information you need to help you choose rightly. Not using earmuff for shooting will cause more harm to you than you can ever imagine.