8 Best Dove Hunting Chairs 2022 – Dove Hunting Made Easy

If you love hunting dove, getting the best dove hunting chair will be an easy decision for you to make. It’s never easy to stand all day while you can have it all in the simplest form with a comfortable chair. You can never underestimate the power of a comfortable chair for dove hunting.

The only challenge you can have is how you can get the right chair for your hunting quest. You can consider different chairs, but the bucket one is a perfect fit for duck hunting. 

Concerning this, we have the lists of the hunting chairs that you need to consider if you are seriously interested in getting one for yourself.  You can never get over the benefits of being comfortable with a seat while you get set for hunting action.

So, not to bother you with much talk, let’s check the lists of the hunting chairs you can consider for dove hunting.

Best dove hunting seat

best dove hunting chair

We have the list of some of the dove hunting seats that you should consider for hunting. 

1. Wise Outdoors Premium Dove-Sport Bucket Hunting Seat

Wise Outdoors Premium Dove Sport Bucket Hunting Seat

Wise Outdoors Premium Dove-Sport Bucket Hunting...
62 Reviews
Wise Outdoors Premium Dove-Sport Bucket Hunting...
  • Heavy Duty Plastic 5 gallon Bucket Rated...
  • Removable Insulated Foam Cooler
  • Tough Polyester Camo Fabric, 1" Thick...
  • Swivels 360 Degrees Without Noise

The Wise Outdoors Premium Dove-Sport Bucket Hunting Seat features a comfortable grip, swivel seat, and a bucket seat design for a great outdoor experience. 

Its construction boasts of a sturdy solid plastic base, and the hunting seat comes with a comfortable padded foam that can support up to 300 pounds. Also, its seat can hold you in a perfect sitting position to allow a full range of motion for your next bird hunt.

Every hunter should Look forward to the coming dove and waterfowl season with this Wise Outdoors bucket hunting seat. The durable, quick, and easy to assemble seat features a padded bucket crafted from sturdy materials for ultimate comfort. 

In addition, it comes with an insulated cooler, which helps preserve your dove before you get home. Also, the design helps to ensure you are comfortable and convenient for the duration you sit on the chair.


  • It is a 5-gallon capacity cooler seat
  • It comes with strong and durable plastic material
  • The seat is padded with foam to ensure you are comfortable 
  • It is easy to carry with the built-in handle


  • The removable Styrofoam is not easy to remove

2. Browning Camping Dove Shooter Hunting Chair

Browning Camping Dove Shooter Hunting Chair

Browning Camping Dove Shooter Hunting Chair, Mossy...
  • Powder-coated steel frame wrapped with...
  • Extra wide seat for maximum comfort
  • Built-in insulated cooler bag under...
  • Includes shoulder carry strap

With its stable tripod base, durable aluminum construction, and folding seat, the Browning Camping Dove Shooter Hunting Chair has all you need to turn any open space or campsite into your private shooting range. Its seat is fully adjustable to accommodate both adults and children for hours of comfortable shooting.

Also, this Browning Camping Dove Shooter Hammock Chair is not only comfortable for yourself but makes a great addition to any hunting trip. It can serve as a lightweight gun rest while you’re busy sighting in the scope of your favorite rifle. 

In addition, the dove Shooter Chair is a portable folding chair that can easily be set up and positioned for a quick shot. Its comfortable seat and backrest allow you to stay in position all day, giving you the perfect vantage point when hunting doves—the durable nylon fabric construction blends with its surroundings when in the field.

Furthermore, the dove hunting chair is made with a durable frame to support up to 450 lbs. it is Designed for comfortable sitting and mobility. Also, it features an attached game pouch, a water holder for quenching your appetite, cup holders to accommodate your favorite beverage.

In addition, it has a removable backrest cushion, padded seat cushion to ensure comfort, and nylon polyester fabric for extended use.


  • Its polyester powder-coated steel frame is sturdy enough to support up to 300 lb hunters.
  • It is foldable, which makes it easy to store when not in use
  • The color blends with the environment, which makes it a good hunting equipment 
  • It is convenient and comfortable to use for a longer period


  • It has no significant setback

3. Ameristep dove stool 

Ameristep Dove Stool

Ameristep Dove Stool, Realtree Xtra Green Camo
  • Folds down flat
  • Rated for 200 lbs.
  • Fits in most spring steel blind...

Whether you are new to bird hunting or have been at it for years, you know the value of being comfortable. The Ameristep Dove Stool is constructed with one-inch steel tubing to provide a stable platform for your hunting companion to help you spot birds.    

The Ameristep Stool is the perfect way to watch your next covey of doves or pigeons fly into your favorite roost. It is made from injection-molded polyethylene, and it has a lifetime warranty against breakage.

Also, the Ameristep Dove Stool has a durable two-leg design that provides a stable place to rest and a comfortable place to hunt. The dove stool’s wide base and extra-wide padded seat help you stay steady as you spot your prey from above, and the stool folds flat, so it can be easily transported from one hunting spot to another.

In addition, it can hold users that weigh up to 200 pounds. So, if your weight falls below that range, you are sure to enjoy every minute you have on the chair when hunting. 


  • It is affordable 
  • Strong and durable to last longer
  • It is made from high-quality materials
  • Comfortable and convenient to sit for a longer period 
  • Foldable and easy to transport from one place to another


  • It has no space to hold water or other accessories

4. Hunters Specialties 100152 Dove Chair

Hunters Specialties 100152 Dove Chair W/Back -...
  • This Dove Stool from Hunter's...
  • The seat features a Realtree Xtra Green...
  • Came stool is constructed of durable...
  • Carry strap allow easy transport. 10" x...

The dove hunting experience begins with a good seat. A full-time dove hunter designed the dove chair to provide a lightweight and sturdy seating solution for all of your bird hunting needs. This collapsible dove hunting chair easily disassembles into four pieces that can be carried on your shoulder or in your trunk.

It is the only portable dove hunting chair on the market that is made from sturdy yet lightweight canvas. The chair provides a comfortable seat perfect for carrying all day on the field or in the blind, and its collapse-able design makes it easy to carry in.

Also, the dove hunting chair is perfect for hunters that sit and wait for the game to pass by. The chairs are designed with comfort in mind, and they will last season after season. 

In addition, the Hunter’s Specialties Game Chair is a functional and effective hunting seat for a variety of different hunting locations. It has a lightweight injection-molded polypropylene seat and a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame which makes it last longer. 


  • It is easy to install and use
  • Strong and durable since it is made from quality material
  • Lightweight and easy to move from one place to another


  • None

5. Guide Gear 360º Swivel Hunting Blind Chair

Huntrite 360º Swivel Hunting Blind Chair, 300 lbs...
  • SILENT 360º SWIVEL ACTION – A silent...
  • SUPPORTS UP TO 300 LBS – This...

The Guide Gear 360º Swivel Hunting Blind Chair is perfect for hunting deer, turkey, duck, or other game. The frame is constructed of powder-coated steel tubing for the ultimate rust resistance. With its design and construction, the chair offers comfort and convenience above all else.

Guide Gear 360º Swivel Hunting Blind Chair

The blind chair features a 360-degree swivel seat that rotates to allow you to pick out your target. It is made of durable polyester fabric and is easy to set up. The swivel seat allows you to rotate 360-degrees for complete scanning of the surrounding area. At the same time, its adjustable padded seat offers more comfort for longer sitting.

It supports 300 pounds weight, and it ensures you are comfortable all the time. It has straps for it to become easy for you to move around. It has all the support you need to become convenient and comfortable while you prepare to get into hunting.

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  • Fold it away when you’re packing up to get out of the field faster
  • The padded seat rotates for maximum visibility
  • The comfortable padded seat makes you convenient at all time


  • Not quite easy to fold and carry
  • You might need extra cushions to make it comfortable

6. Allen Company Camouflage Folding Hunting Stool

Allen Company Camouflage Folding Hunting Stool

The Allen Company Camouflage Folding Hunting Stool is ideal for the hunter on the go. It boasts polyester 600D fabric, and it can be easily folded and carried out into the field to set up quickly before the hunt. The lightweight stool is extra comfortable with its high-density seat and back support. 

Also, the portable folding hunting stool features a built-in beverage holder and a zippered accessory pocket on each side to keep personal items organized and close by. The ergonomic hunting stool was designed to provide hunters with comfortable seating in the field. 

In addition, it is built with a lightweight aluminum frame, and the stool features an innovative camouflage pattern that blends in with any environment. The oversized, padded seat is designed to be comfortable while remaining firm enough to support the hunter’s weight for extended periods of time.


  • The stool is lightweight and foldable, which makes it easy to move
  • The lightweight stool is extra comfortable with its high-density seat and back support
  • It is safe and very easy to use for anyone


  • The back support needs improvement

7. PORTAL Extra Large Quick Folding Tripod Stool

PORTAL Extra Large Quick Folding Tripod Stool with...
1,287 Reviews
PORTAL Extra Large Quick Folding Tripod Stool with...
  • ✔ EXTRA-WIDE DESIGN: Extra Large seat...
  • ✔ STURDY: Stable tripod design can...
  • ✔ SIZE: Set up dimensions: 19"(L) X...
  • ✔ PORTABLE: set up and fold up in...

Looking for a portable seat that is built for comfort? The quick-folding PORTAL Extra Large Quick Folding Tripod Stool provides you with an extra-large seat, making it perfect for relaxing at your favorite hunting spot. 

It has a vented seat and back, which make sitting on the stool for extended periods of time more comfortable. The extra-wide footrest at the base gives you a solid base to rest your feet. This sturdy stool features non-marring rubber tips on all legs to protect your floors and fishing deck surfaces.

Also, the chair is built with a welded steel frame hinge and a durable nylon fabric that can hold 250 pounds. It has a removable cushioned seat which is hand wash only, and features three unique folding legs for easy one-handed folding, unfolding, and carrying.


  • Adjustable height accommodates users ranging from 5′ to 6’6″ tall
  • The stool is easy to assemble with no tools
  • The seat is highly comfortable and convenient to use for anyone


  • It has no significant setback

8. Wise Outdoors Big Boy Dove-Sport Bucket

Wise Outdoors Big Boy Dove-Sport Bucket Hunting...
  • Tough Polyester Camo Fabric, 2" Thick...
  • Heavy Duty Plastic 10 Gallon Bucket...
  • Removable Insulated Foam Cooler
  • Adjustable Shoulder Carry Strap System

The Wise Outdoors Big Boy Dove-Sport Bucket is perfect for both beginners and experts in the field. The large capacity of this dove hunting bucket holds approximately eight pigeons. The flexible dove trap grid makes loading birds easy while remaining strong enough to endure the challenge.

Also, the Dove-Sport Bucket has a minimalist modern design that’s lightweight and compact. The high-quality aluminum base sits low to the ground for stability and simplicity of set-up. It is also capable of supporting up to 400lbs, which makes it a great choice for dove hunting.


  • It is highly comfortable to use
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to carry from one place to another


  • It has no significant setback

best dove hunting chair

Is it right to choose the best dove bucket?

You can never be wrong about choosing the best product. You can only be wrong for choosing the wrong one. So I can reframe the question by saying, is dove bucket the right choice for you?

The decision towards that all depends on you and your hunting strength. Most dove hunters that prefer the bucket love it because of the platform to keep the dove in the bucket. 

So, if you don’t have a backpack for packing your doves after hunting, it is right for you to use the best dove bucket. However, if you have other means of packing your doves, then getting a chair without a bucket will be a good decision for you.

How to use the Dove hunting seat bucket?

The versatile dove hunting seat bucket makes it a great investment for any hunter that gets into dove hunting. The chair doesn’t require too much installation as most of them come fully installed.

You just need to get your seat bucket to your hunting site or field. Find a level ground that you can position it, and then you go on to sit on the chair. The only setback you could have is the cushioning, as some come less padded. 

So, to ensure you become comfortable if you will sit for a longer period, getting a cushion in the form of padded foam on the bucket will help the situation.

How good is getting Dove hunting chairs with wheels?

Let’s be truthful to ourselves. If you’ve stayed longer on the field shooting and picking doves around, you know how tired one is likely to become. 

It then becomes a burden after the whole adventure to carry a bucket filled with dove. Sometimes you can wish to have a magic wand to get you home in a twinkle of an eye. So, getting a dove hunting chair with wheels will make it all easier for you.

You just need to push the bucket or drag it along your path while you find your way out of the field. It sure eases you of the stress and burden of carrying a bucket after a hectic hunting activity.

Dove hunting chair with cooler

Icing is one of the ways to preserve things. So, most hunters today love to choose a dove hunting chair with a cooler because of the platform it gives with preserving the doves.

If you are going to stay longer in the field for more than a day, a cooler will be needful, and instead of getting a separate cooler, getting a dove chair with it will be a good and better investment for you.

Why Dove stool with a back is the best for you?

The key to becoming a successful dove hunter is patience and perseverance. Sometimes you have to wait for a longer period before the dove will come closer to your region. 

During this period of waiting, you just need to do all it takes to be comfortable and prepared. It is the reason one needs to consider a dove stool with a backrest. It thus gives you the platform to sit and stay convenient while you strategize on how to hunt down the doves. It is important if you have to consider your comfort over anything else.

How to get the right dove hunting chair? – Buyer’s guide

There are ways or things that you need to know when getting a dove stool, and we got all covered for you below. We know how sad it can be to make the wrong choice, and we are here to guide you through the list below.

How strong is the dove hunting chair?

It is so important that you get a chair that is very strong to support your weight. The design and the construction of the chair determine how strong it will be to support you.

It has to be made of strong materials for it to support your weight. If you are getting a dove chair of 250 pounds load capacity, you should be so sure your weight is not above that so that you don’t get it damaged. 

How comfortable is the dove bucket seat?

If you are getting a dove chair, it has to be one that is comfortable and convenient for you to sit in for a longer period. There are many factors that you need to consider in this section.

You need to check the padding or cushion and ensure it has enough foam to keep you comfortable. Your comfort is so important and essential to your performance which is the reason it is important to get a comfy seat. Another part of it is selecting one with a backrest so that you can be as comfortable as you want. 

How durable is the seat and frame material?

You have to move the seat from one place to another, and only a durable one can go through rigorous handling without getting damaged. So, it is important that you get one that is highly durable. 

Also, you need to check the material of the frame with the seat to ensure they can withstand UV rays or stand environment effects. 

Not all seat material is resistant to UV rays and water. So, do ensure you make your findings and get one with the capacity to withstand the environmental impact of any form. You need the seat material and the frame to be of good quality and those that can withstand environmental impact for the seat to last longer.

Should you consider the size and shape?

Well, it is an important one too to consider. You need to check the size and shape and ensure it is one that you can easily carry from one place to another.

Also, your storage space is a reason for you to check the size and shape. A small size chair will help if you have small space for storage.


If you are on the search for the best dove hunting chair, we have got you covered. On this page, we have the compilation of dove hunting seats that you can consider with information you need to know to make the right decision. Also, on this page we have posts on waders and gloves you can use for hunting doves.