9 Best Deer Hunting Tips for Beginners – With Gun

Are you a new hunter thinking of deer hunting? If your answer is yes! Then tell you that deer hunting is not as easy as you think. On the other hand one, how an expert hunter from many years they also know that it is really a difficult job. But if you get proper preparation for it, then you will be a very successful hunter in your life.

So, beginners and experts who are enthusiastic about new techniques and tips for deer hunting keep reading this article. We try to give you the 9 best deer hunting tips for beginners.

Deer hunting is all about patience. If you become frustrated by missing some target, then you will be failed. One how dedicated keep trying to get their proper target they will get sure success.

Many factors are involved with successful deer hunting. So, keep following the essential factors and make you detected for it then hope you will not be disappointed. Therefore, keep following the 9 tips for deer hunting and make yourself an expert and successful hunter. Read 9 essential deer hunting tips for the early season.

My 9 Easy Deer Hunting Tips for Beginners

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Select A Right Location for deer hunting

The first and vital tips for deer hunting are the location of deer. If you go hunting in a place without having any idea you may hardly find any deer that have been found there. This is such a stupid idea. Another thing keeps in mind is that you are not the only guy for hunting more hunters will be there to compete with you.

So, before going for deer hunting, you should choose a suitable spot where deer are available. Most of the hunters choose the public area for hunting. So, you also find a place where people certainly go. Moreover, you even choose some private land or spot where they allow you to practice hunting. Give enough time for selecting your hunting spot; this will help you a lot.

Hide your body fragrance

If you gather enough knowledge about deer hunting, then you know very well that deer have a strong sense of smell. They recognize your body scent and run away from you. Most of the hunters know it but did not so much conscious in the time of hunting preparation.

But it is crucial that you hide your human body fragrance. You will achieve it by using unscented soap and odor reduces detergents for your bath. You can use select over lock outfits for hunting. That helps to hide your smell. Moreover, you can cover your cloth with natural dirt, debris, mud that you can smell like natural elements.

Use Scent for deer attraction

This trick is very innovative for deer hunting. I think you will surprise to know those tips. Simply use perfume for attracting a deer in the way of you.

The scent made with natural elements most of them is made with real dear body secretion. That’s the main reason for attraction! When you use it during hunting deer smell their own scent and though there are some of their friends come towards them.

They could not recognize the fake smell. So, they without any doubt go towards you. Therefore, it is very easy to get a target for your hunting. There are many different scents available in the market, pick one of them for you, and go for a successful hunting session.

Do enough Survey

Before doing some activity, the Survey is an essential activity. For deer hunting, proper study about it is a must doing work. Especially for deer hunting, two types of scouting or Survey should be done, direct and indirect Surveys.

Indirect Survey- You should go to your selected hunting place and observe the whole area directly by yourself. By this observation, you can see the obstacle that will come during hunting and the suitable places where you stay for the target.

In indirect Survey- This type of Survey should do when your selected hunting area is far away from your home. You can do this Survey by searching on the internet. See your destination on Google Maps and see the predicted weather condition on your hunting day.

Know the perfect time/season

Knowledge of suitable time for hunting is essential for hunting. In the perfect season of hunting, you will get your target a very short period of time. If you go in the wrong season of deer hunting you have to spend a long time in the spot, but the ultimate result will be zero, and you will be frustrated.

Therefore, you should research the perfect time for deer hunting before going deer hunting. The best time for deer hunting is the starting period of the fall season and the late period of summer. Generally, hunters prefer the month of August and September.

In this period of time, you will find lots of deer in your hunting spot and the weather is also suitable for long day hunting.

Get a Hunting Blind

A hunting blind is an essential gear for deer hunting. It helps in increasing your chance of successful hunting. At present in the market, you will find different kinds of blinds. Among the hunter’s ground and tree stands, blinds are the most popular.

It will make your hunting comfortable. Some of the blinds are including with one or two chairs. So you can rest by sitting on it.

Use your stand properly

Another essential point is to set up your position in the hunting ground properly. Successful hunting mostly depends on it. So, before going hunting, you should practice standing set up at home. Proper instructions should follow to set your stand accurately.

Must carry Insect Repellent

In hunting preparation, there must be added first aid elements. With general first aid tools, you should bring insect repellent. In the forest there are a different kind of harmful insect would attack you. So, the necessary precautions should be taken.

Hunting Equipment

Last but not the list the essential point to be noted is that for hunting there is some necessary equipment that would be needed. So, do not forget to bring that equipment during your deer hunting. Equipment such as suitable crossbows, best hunting rifle, and hunting scope should be prepared early. Extra crossbows you can carry for more safety.


After reading this article, Now you know about deer hunting tips for beginners. Hunting is such an enjoyable outdoor activity if you do it with proper preparation.

It is definitely fruitful and joyous when you fulfill your target. Before we said that deer hunting is not an easy task, but if you gather all the necessary information and prepare yourself with all sorts of essential elements, we hope you will get your success in deer hunting. Enjoy your hunting!

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