Best Bench Block 2022 For Guns & Pistol – 5 High Quality Models That Will Save Your Day

Along with aptitude, a well-equipped kit is imperative for every metalsmith. To hit the hammer accurately and safely, having the best bench block is a must.

But why are bench blocks important? Well, as per the expert opinion, your metalsmith kit is incomplete without this tool. A bench block is primarily important while working with minute objects. It acts as a surface for hammering and helps to drill accurately as well.

Whether you are an ace or a novice, you will benefit from a bench block. Nonetheless, now comes the crucial part of making a choice. To make the process uncomplicated, our team has picked five bench blocks for you.

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Best Bench Block Reviews 2022

After extensive market research, our team has settled for these five bench blocks. And we have gone through a lot of them. However, not all of these will give you the best results. You need to pick one based on what is best for your kind of work.

Therefore, we have not stopped at the recommendation. Our team has worked hard to point out the fors and againsts of each gear. In addition, we have put some bits of advice on which will be good for whom.

1. Wheeler Universal Bench Block │ Sturdy

Key Features

  • Heavy duty
  • Great for small pistols
  • Budget-friendly
  • Compact built
Wheeler Universal Bench Block

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Are you having trouble finding a bench block suitable for small revolvers and handguns? If yes, you can have a look at the bench blocks from Wheeler Universal.

Working with handguns is demanding. Such guns have even petite parts. And locating these minute parts is difficult. But not with this bench block. With perfect alignment, you can have a look at every nook and corner of your gun.

The placement of the gun ensures that the minute parts can merge with the block holes. This way, the gun stays in place. And there are no chances of accidents while working with the hammer.

The Wheeler Universal is nothing of a fancy block. But it does its job seamlessly. This universal bench block will be most helpful for people using smaller pistols. In addition, it can be a great addition to the kit of any gunsmith.

Most liking Features

What we liked the most about this bench block is its built material. The quality of the material seems sturdy enough to deal with rough usage.

Probable Drawbacks

No user manual comes with this bench block. Wherefore, beginners may have a tough time figuring its use.

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2. W WIREGEAR Bench Block │ Affordable

Key Features

  • Impressive endurance
  • Multipurpose
  • Grip mat for stability
  • Economical
W WIREGEAR Bench Block

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With the substantial number of satisfactory feedbacks online, we were intrigued to try this bench block. And W WIREGEAR bench block didn’t leave us disappointed.

Most of the universal bench blocks work out in holding the gun. So we wanted to focus on its efficiency. For that, we wanted to test the endurance.

After a decent hammering, the block was still in its shape.

Therefore, you can consider it as the best wood for butcher block work bench for woodworks.

There is a gripping mat that comes along the block. It holds on to the surface efficiently and provides the block with stability. Furthermore, the closure will be a saver for anyone who keeps losing pins.

All in all, we found the W WIREGEAR bench block to be a promising one. If you are getting a bench block for the first time, you can’t go wrong with this.

Most liking Features

The functionality which W WIREGEAR bench block offers at such an affordable price point is praiseworthy. For the cost and facets, it’s a deal.

Probable Drawbacks

Without using a grip mat, the bench block might move and hitch a bit.

3.‎ Impresa Universal Bench Block │ Hard-wearing

Key Features

  • Rugged framework
  • Customizable
  • Fit for coarse works
  • Suitable for professional use
Impresa Universal Bench Block

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The name of the bench block says it all – “Impresa.” We were pretty overwhelmed with this bench block or some of its facets. What are they? Let’s find out!

What we found out of the ordinary about this block is its structure. Gritty finish, plain edges, and smooth bottom- all these features work well for someone who wants a flexible pattern.

However, you might need to make some adjustments to this universal bench block. Manufacturers have left scope for the user to customize the block. Some may like it, while others might not.

Is Inpersa the most efficient universal bench block? Well, there are a lot of other options available in the market. Nevertheless, for the cost and functionality, this can be a good one for rough usage. We believe this bench block will be more apt for professional use.

Most liking Features

Very few universal bench blocks in the market are fitted for hard-wearing usage. Impresa Universal Bench Block is one of them. Its hard-wearing nature allows you to do all the beating and hammering.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users may face difficulty in adjusting the gun.

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4. Beadaholique Bench Block │ Premium

Key Features

  • Deluxe finish
  • Suitable for intricate works
  • Great packaging
  • Smooth edges
Beadaholique Bench Block

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For those who were looking for metal or steel bench blocks, don’t be upset! We have few picks for you as well. Our first recommendation for the best bench block made of steel is from Beadaholique.

The glossy finish of the surface surely allured us to test the bench block. And we are glad we gave this a try. Although we assumed the gloss to fade away, it was still fine after several usages.

With a sturdy built, the Beadaholique bench block seems promising. If you take proper care, this will last you for years.

As Beadaholique is a silver bench block, it will not endure the heavy beating and hammering. This bench block powerlifting does not intend for such works.

Nonetheless, this bench block is apt for intricate metal works with gold, silver, and other coinage metal. Goldsmiths will find it ergonomic to use.

Most liking Features

Apart from the usage, Beadaholique did a commendable job in packaging. The company used a good quality oil to fill the package. The packaging works well to prevent rusting.

Probable Drawbacks

Using a heavy hammer over the block may create dents.

5. SE Bench Block │ Steel made

Key Features

  • Smooth surface
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Made with steel
  • Small cubic structure
SE Bench Block Steel made

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Not everyone likes to use a bulky steel bench block. Besides, the heavy ones are not appropriate for smaller kits. On that account, the SE bench block can be the way out.

The SE bench block’s structure is so petite that it fits in the palm. It provides enough space for work while being lightweight. One can easily carry it in their bags and take it out for work.

Although it can form scratches with repeated use, you can clean them with an abrasive sheet.

You can also have a look into the glue for cardboard to add to your kit. Besides scrapping, the paper can be of use for other varied purposes.

Compactness is the USP of the SE steel bench block. Its structure allows users to carry the block without any difficulty. A freelance worker or a novice with a small kit can get the most use out of this block.

Most liking Features

Manufacturers didn’t compromise on the pattern to make it lightweight. This steel block is compact yet gets the job done.

Probable Drawbacks

With contact with moisture, this bench block can form rust.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Bench Block 2022

W WIREGEAR Bench Block for pistol

We don’t buy bench blocks every day. While it is not that expensive, buying a quality product is way better than buying a mediocre bench block on a monthly basis.

Furthermore, a block is a core to any metalsmith’s kit. It is more like, “ The wand chooses the wizard.” Hence, it is better not to risk the entire tool kit with an average block.

After going through all the products, you already know what features make a bench block up to scratch. However, a bit of additional information never hurts!

On that account, we are mentioning the key features of a basic bench block. These features are to provide you a guideline. You can add n your preferences and find the best ar 15 bench block for yourself. For further information, you can check the recommendations for model paint for hand brushing as well.


Two types of bench blocks are commonly available in the market. Each of them has individual usage. Based on your need, you can buy any.

For gunsmithing and all the rugged works, there is the universal bench block. It is circular and has a casing to hold the gun in position. The pattern allows the block for heavy-duty works.

On the other hand, there is the steel bench block. These blocks are apt for intricate metal works like goldsmithing. They are delicate and cannot endure heavy hammering.


Getting the texture right is one of the most critical issues with a bench block. Let us explain the reason.

The coarse or gritty surface is the biggest enemy of coinage metals and minute parts of guns. Moreover, the grittiness can form scratches over the guns body. On the other hand, smooth blocks will not be stable while working.

Here is a solution to it. Get a smooth block and use a rubber mat below the block. From now on, no more jerking!


Most of the universal bench boxes are around the same price range. We always encourage spending money wisely. However, saving on some cents can end up in multiple dents on your bench block.

The key here is to create an equilibrium of utility and worth. Do a bit of market research and take the other facets into account.

If a bench block with all the key facets comes with a slightly higher price tag, it is worth the splurge. Again, you can find basic bench blocks at an affordable range. Whatever money you spend, ensure the utility. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t cost you a fortune.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the difference between a universal bench block and a steel bench block?

What makes these two kinds of bench blocks different is their usage.

The use of universal blocks is in gunsmithing and drilling works. On the other hand, steel bench blocks provide safety while working with small metal parts.

2. Are these blocks magnetic?


Bench blocks are either made with steel or thermoplastic. They don’t have a magnetic property.

3. Will these blocks slide while working?


Most of the bench blocks come with a non-slip mat. This mat allows you to have a grip on your work surface. If you place the mat beneath, the block won’t move all over.

4. Can I use the circular bench blocks for my guns?


You can use any universal bench blocks while working with your firearm. Nevertheless, all we can say is, help yourself with the best gunsmith bench block!

5. What should I do to prevent rusting in my steel blocks?

Most of the steel bench blocks are of stainless steel. They don’t form rust. However, you can immerse your bench block in oil and avoid contact with moisture.

Final Word

For precise metal works, there is no alternative to a bench block. We don’t exaggerate while saying, “This tool single-handedly can make or break your game.” Wherefore, you can’t risk your entire kit by buying an ill-fitted block.

With all the tips and tricks in hand, you are now ready to pick the best bench block for yourself. From now on, you will not need to worry about buying a bench block any soon.

Hit the hammer and get into work!

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