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Best All Around Hunting Dogs – Your best hunting companion ever

The use of a dog for hunting is not a new tactic for hunters, as this has been in existence even before I was born. It was a privilege too to have a grandpa that was a hunter, and I met a few of the dogs, and I could say they are in all ways different from other dogs. So, with my experience over the years, I’ll share with you the list of the best all-around hunting dog you should consider for hunting.

There are many, but only a few understand their specialties, such as American foxhound, which is the best for fox and deer hunting, beagle for rabbit hunting, Labrador retriever for duck hunting, golden retriever for land bird hunting, a pointer for quail hunting, mountain cur for squirrel, Coonhound for raccoon, and Irish setter for small hunting games.

Top picks

1. Best fox and deer hunting dog – American Foxhound

2. Best rabbit hunting dog – Beagle

3. Best duck hunting dogs – Labrador Retrievers

4. Best land bird hunting dogs – Golden Retrievers

Let’s take a look at the dog breeds you can always rely on for the best hunting performance on your next hunting adventure.

Best Hunting Dog Breeds

1. Best fox and deer hunting dog – American Foxhound

American Foxhound

The American foxhound is specially bred for hunting. The dog is highly reliable with hunting and tracking, which is the reason it is chosen by most novice and seasoned hunters. The dog is one of the most hardworking canines, and it can match up to anything. Thanks to its athletic build-up.

It can successfully run deer and fox over with its strength,; energy, and stamina. It has a great sense of smell and can easily acclimatize to any hunting environment. You will always be marvelled by the rate of sprint and how meticulous it is with matching up with other animals.

It is the best companion for those who hunt deer or foxes.

2. Best rabbit hunting dog – Beagle


You will always find a beagle as your best companion whenever you go out hunting for a rabbit. It is best for rabbit hunting. The dog is great for picking up rabbit scents which are hard for a human to do. The dog has great smell sense, and it has speed and agility, which makes it withstand any hunting demand.

3. Best duck hunting dogs – Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers

The physical attributes of the dog make it fit for cold water retrieval of any animal. It is the reason they are the first to come to mind whenever you want to get involved in duck hunting. The breed of the dog makes it love any kind of water activity.

Apart from the fact they love to go into the water for retrieval of duck, they are very intelligent and smart. You don’t have to worry about the welfare of the dog whenever it gets into the water. The dog has a great warmth ability to keep them warm.

Apart from hunting, they are fun to play with.

4. Best land bird hunting dogs – Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers

The golden retriever breed is a friendly dog that is efficient with chasing land birds. It is the most popular breed of hunting dog in the United States. It is loyal, friendly and very easy to train. It is a companion pet that you will love to have around you.

The golden retrievers have great physical posture, and it makes use of its physicality to hunt down ducks or small birds. The smile on the face of the golden retriever, whenever it hunts down duck or bird, is enough to make the hunter satisfied and pleased with the dog.

One of the things you will love with the dog is that it can get you to the target without causing any damage to them.

5. Best squirrel hunting dogs – Mountain Cur

Mountain Cur

One of the animals that are very hard to hunt is a squirrel. They are cunny and smart and very difficult to trap even if you use some trap devices. So, if you want to find it easy with hunting squirrels, you should consider a mountain cur.

The breed is known to be used for protection, but since it has great smell sense, speed, and intelligence. It is always relied on for hunting squirrels with the help of its athletic enthusiasm.

6. Best wild boar hunting dogs – Bloodhound


If you want to get into boar hunting, you need a dog that has the power and strength to match up with whatever boar you are hunting has. The dog is unique and tough in its way and style of hunting. It has great investigative skills, which makes it great for tracking the scent of your target.

Somehow, due to its high smell sense, some law agencies make use of the dog to look for a missing person. The dog is ruthless in hunting, stubborn, and never likes to lose or miss out on any target.

7. Best upland birds hunting dog – Weimaraner


The only dog that has the ability to help you hunt upland birds, the Weimaraners, is the best to consider. It is known to be quick and calm, which makes it boasts of great hunting performance. The dog has a great athletic physical appearance, and it has unmatched intelligence and a great sense for hunting.

The dog is best for hunting quail, pheasant, and some other highland species. The dog looks very ferocious, which makes it hunting big games.

8. Best all-around hunting dogs – Brittany Dog

Brittany Dog

Brittany is the best hunting pet, and it has a physical appearance that makes it ruthless for hunting activities. The dog is loveable, adorable and its versatility with handling any hunting challenges makes it appealing for all kinds of hunting. The dog is ready to learn, easy to train, and obedient.

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If hunting is your hobby or you love it as a sport, you can consider the use of a dog for hunting. There are different kinds of dogs that you can consider for hunting different animals, and here we have the list of the Best all-around hunting dog that you can consider for a different target. We hope you find the information on this page interesting.