5 Best Ameristep Blinds for Hunting 2022 – Are they worth it?

The ameristep blinds are ideal for hunters and other outfield activities. They are convenient because you can set them up anywhere, and they fold flat to take backpacking. The blinds include:

  • A built-in tent floor
  • Attached window covers
  • Mesh curtain.
  • Heavyweight fabric that protects against weather
  • All-weather zippers
  • Full-length windows
  • Heavy-duty screen

Those are the make-up of most of the blinds from Ameristep, and they are just the best at ensuring you get the best hunting performance. Ameristep blinds make it possible to have more options and versatility for your hunting blind set-up.

They easily convert a tent into a camo blind, giving you added protection while allowing you to see all animals coming in close. Blinds can be placed in strategic locations and create virtual windows that will enable you to see what goes on around you with complete concealment.

Ameristep’s blinds have become the most popular for hunting. You can find them worldwide in hundreds of stores, and every year over 200 competitors are using them in the three significant shooting events.

The Ameristep Care Taker Kick Out Pop-Up Ground Blind is a great one to consider as it is rugged to last long with a cut-to-fit design that makes it easy to install. However, you can choose from several different camo blends and sizes and set them up in minutes.


Best ameristep ground blinds

ameristep blinds

1. Ameristep care taker ground blind

The Ameristep Care Taker Kick Out Pop-Up Ground Blind adds versatility for bow and gun hunters alike. This portable and easy to assemble blind is easy to set up within minutes. It features a built-in carry bag for transport and is perfect for both right and left-handed shooters.

When you need a quick, easy, and weather-resistant way to hunt, you can always rely on the Ameristep Care Taker Kick Out Pop-Up Ground Blind. This water-resistant ground blind features a clean design that keeps your target unaware of your presence.

Also, it has adjustable legs and door which allow you to position the blind in any terrain and face into the wind to provide superior concealment. It is an excellent alternative to the large, cumbersome tree stands on the market.

It’s lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry in the backpack or strapped to a small pack. The Kick-Out frame makes it simple to set up and take down as needed. Also, it sets up in just minutes without the need for any tools so you can spend your time hunting instead of wasting it on setting up your blind.

It is an ideal option for ground hunters. The blind boasts of waterproof and mildew resistant PVC-coated polyester fabric that helps resists wear and tear for seasons of use. The pop-up canopy sits at a 45-degree angle to block wind and weather, while the steel support bars on all four sides make it vital to resist wind.

The blind stands up against anything which allows you to hunt in harsh weather conditions. The blind features a heavy-duty Rain Defender roof made of 190D Oxford polyester fabric that can withstand the most challenging weather.


  • Integrated wheels for easy transport
  • It comfortably accommodates two hunters
  • Shadow guard coating
  • Quite hard to notice when used between bushes
  • Comfortable to handle and install


  • Not the best option to hunt in the rain

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2. Ameristep Doghouse Blind

The Ameristep Doghouse Blind is a lightweight and portable blind with flexible fabric walls. It comes with built-in ground stakes for increased stability when placed on an uneven surface. It is one of the best ameristep ground blinds that you will always be proud to have for hunting.

The Ameristep Doghouse blind to not only built to be solid but durable as well. It is highly durable with a weather-resistant polyethylene roof, walls, and floor. It is ideal for making your hunting experience a comfortable one with a view of your surroundings without being seen.

The front window provides an optimum view of the area you are hunting. The plug ‘n’ play design ensures that you get to your stand safe, dry, and undetected. Just unfold according to the manufacturer’s instructions and climb into position.

The ameristep doghouse ground blind is a two-person spacious ground blind with ample room for all your hunting needs. The dog house floor has 4 inches of insulation, providing plenty of warmth on those cold days.

Also, the zippered front door opens up to 75 degrees and has two windows made out of mesh and high-quality nylon, which allows for limited visibility both ways. It is made out of heavy-duty military-grade polyethylene plastic and comes with camouflage portable hardware snap stakes for ground use, 13 feet stake rope, and tie-down stakes snap.


  • It is very easy to setup
  • The outer shell boasts of Durashell
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Perfect for hunting all season


  • Not an ideal option for hunting in the rain

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3. Ameristep Tent Chair Blind

Super-lightweight, portable, and convenient, it’s easy to see why the Ameristep Tent Chair Blind is a favorite of hunters from coast to coast. The Ameristep Tent Chair Blind design helps hunters to be comfortable while sitting or standing.

It is easy to use in any hunting environment for excellent concealment. It has an easy-to-clean vinyl floor and two front pockets for all your gear, with two screens, snap-on for additional weather protection. It’s constructed of 420-denier polyester fabric.

The center of this blind comes equipped with an adjustable chair, so you can relax in a comfortable and convenient position. Also, it includes all-terrain wheels and a multi-position ladder which makes the setup and takedown a breeze. Plus, the camo design helps to conceal you amongst your surroundings.

It comes in two options; while the first is only for one hunter, the second can accommodate two hunters. Also, it has a mesh roof and four windows that allow you to see in all directions. This blind helps eliminate unwanted odors and comes with a carrying case for easy transport.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Folds up quickly and quietly
  • Eliminate unwanted odors
  • Camo design helps to conceal you amongst your surroundings
  • Comfortable while sitting or standing


  • It has no significant setback

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4. Ameristep Element ground blind

Ameristep Element Hunting Blind 75"W x 67"H
  • NS3 carbon enhanced fabric. ShadowGuard...
  • Shoot through mesh windows with gun...
  • Brush loops for adding natural cover
  • Includes backpack, stakes, and tie-down...

The Ameristep Element Hunting Blind features high-density ribbed side panels made of thick PVC material to fight against weather conditions and provide 100 percent visibility from any angle. It has a large sidewall all around, which is gives this blind excellent stability.

Also, the tent has a padded floor mat that allows quiet movement inside the blind. This all-weather blind is built with a three-layered waterproof bottom and a vapor barrier to keep you dry and comfortable even in the worst weather conditions.

With its versatile design, the Ameristep Element Hunting Blind offers excellent value. This portable stand-alone blind is easy to assemble and take down in less than a minute. The tubing construction ensures stability, while mesh windows allow you to spot approaching game with ease.

The Ameristep Element with 75″ x 67″ dimensions is easy to set up by opening the bag and attaching the canopy frame. The Element comes in several camo patterns, and it includes a full rainfly with windows. When set up correctly, this habitat camo blind will contend with any other blind in the woods.

Also, the ameristep blinds includes a ground stakes kit that will help anchor your Element to the ground and allow for a more secure feeling while sitting or standing inside. When you are ready to move, the frame disassembles quickly and easily for compact storage.


  • Integrated roof vents provide high airflow
  • PVC tarp with polyester lining for added strength
  • Front window design that enhances your visibility
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Comfortable and convenient for hunting


  • It can be hard to install, and it takes time

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5. Ameristep Brickhouse ground blind

The Ameristep Silent Brickhouse Ground Blind offers the convenience of a two-sided, all-weather camouflage that lets you create the perfect environment to call your own. The Mossy Oak camo helps match your surroundings and ensures your target doesn’t notice your presence.

The compact design helps preserve shooting lanes, and at only 6 feet long, it easily fits into tight spots where other ground blinds can’t go. It is efficient hunting blind with a camouflage netting roof, and it can carry up to 4 people comfortably.

The Silent Brickhouse ground blind is the newest model from Ameristep and comes with features that you expect from a quality ground blind.

The blind features an adjustable ladder system for easy access, two windows on each side, an overhead window, an authentic bush pattern for a realistic look, a heat-treated full-body armoring system, built in-ground stakes, and plenty of shooting lanes.


  • All-weather camouflage design
  • Easy to install and use
  • Comfortable for more than one hunter
  • Provide great concealment
  • ShadowGuard coating to eliminate shadow
  • the outer shell boasts of Durashell
  • Lightweight and durable


  • The material is a bit shiny and gets dull with time.
  • Very hard to see through the shooting screen, and it constantly falls off

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All Ameristep blinds are tested and approved for the most demanding applications. They are the best to consider for hunting as they boast excellent quality materials with top-notch features that make them so hard to overlook.

Not only are they designed to keep you unnoticed by your target, but they also ensure you stay more relaxed and stable for the perfect hunting performance you ever desire.