10 Best leafy suit for turkey hunting in 2022

leafy suit for turkey hunting

Do you need leafy suits for turkey hunting? While some claimed it has no impact on the hunting performance, some believe that it is essential because turkeys have great vision and can easily detect when something is odd. So, using a leafy suit will indeed align with the hunting environment and thus makes it quite hard for turkeys to detect that you are around.

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9 Best duck decoys for hunting in 2022

best duck decoys

If you are into duck hunting, you should know about the importance of using decoys. Most seasoned duck hunters do not play with the tool and that is the reason you should get the best duck decoys if you are serious about hunting ducks.

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How to wash scent lok clothes?

How to wash scent lok clothes

Scent Lok clothes are specifically made to hide the human scent. Hunters use the scent Lok, and they wear it during hunting to keep their prey from knowing they are nearby. Scent Lok comes in different sizes. It is available for women, children, and men. Scent Lok technology is available in pants, shirts, jackets, hats, and more. How to wash scent lok clothes is a different process from how we wash normal clothes.

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How long do deer live? – Find out deer lifespan

How long do deer live

Ever wondered how old a deer you were tailing is? Or maybe you’ve ever thought how old the deer that comes strolling in your backyard is? Maybe not, but at a point, someone somewhere would have wondered how long do deer live. In any case, just like with humans, the length of time deer live is impacted by their overall health, diet, genetics, and environment.

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